Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Bells, drums, Zen, singing, singing, and singing.
Little phase liu didn’t expect Su Jing to take a step back instead of stepping forward.
Qi Donglai’s eyes naturally fell on phase liu and nodded slightly. "Su Jing from the mountain?"
Little phase liu, who heard the sound from Qidong, couldn’t say how much he hated him and couldn’t stand it. He looked at the cold road and said, "Come straight to the point."
"So it’s really something? Otherwise, how can you work away from the mountain? "Qi Donglai’s words are puzzling.
Phase liu Jr. didn’t care, ignored or concealed his disgust.
People all over the world hate Qi Donglai, who has long been used to it, and continue to say to Xiao phase liu, "Su Jing, please go back. Just think of it as a trip to the skyscraper temple for nothing. No one can enter if I can."
When Su Jingwen’s heart moved, he guessed that Tu was going to bring himself to the skyscraper temple, only to find that when he got to the place, he had no consciousness and had infiltrated into the seabed soil. It was clear whether the mud was mud or mud.
Little phase liu also looked around and asked Qi Donglai, "Where is the skyscraper temple?"
Unexpectedly, Qi Donglai shook his head. "I don’t know if it will appear naturally when it appears."
Phase liu asked again, "Why?" This question is the former Qi Donglai’s theory that "no one is allowed to enter the temple except me"
"I’ve been waiting here for 40 years on a first-come-first-served basis." Qiu Xu answered in a sweet voice and didn’t forget to send a smile to Xiao phase liu at the same time.
At that time, the monty patriarch told Qi Dong that it was a skyscraper, and there might be a slight loosening of the seal. He was asked to go to the West Sea to wait for Qi Dong to come to the place, but there was no news back to his master, and the master ordered another word.
For more than forty years, Qi Donglai waited for Su Jing and Xiao phase liu until today.
This is where the skyscraper fell into the sea. It’s imaginary, and the huge relic that sank on the seabed is not here. It’s not like this, let alone the ancient temple and the giant Buddha, but even the wooden fish can’t be seen.
"Forty years early," phase liu said flatly. "It’s because you’ve been wasting your time for forty years. I have nothing to do with this account."
Qi Donglai laughed more. "You don’t speak first, then you go there, and you don’t speak a winner or a loser? The law of the jungle … "Words didn’t say that finish suddenly this deep seabed gently to a Buddhist name.
Amitabha is clear in four words.
Qi Donglai immediately received Su Jing Xiao phase liu’s attention …
The three people’s spiritual awareness is great, and they are all around. They are both practitioners and monsters. The Buddha’s name has floated into their ears and soon dissipated and disappeared.
The Buddha’s name fell into the sea and returned to peace.
After a moment of silence, three drums sounded "dong, dong, dong"! The sound comes from all directions, but it falls directly into people’s minds and hearts without hearing it! It is a Buddhist who wakes up and drinks drums like a pledge and drinks a stick. He is awake and clear-minded.
When the drum goes out, the bell echoes again, melodious and bell-shaped, but it is qualitative. When it comes and is deep at the bottom of the sea, the three people really feel that a breeze fills the air around their bodies and blows through their clothes and bones, and it is cool and comfortable and sent straight to the depths of their souls! Unconsciously, the right way to repair the family, the southern wilderness Uber, and the monty brother all smiled with a really bright and refreshing smile!
The clock struck three breaths, and after that, the wooden fish took another breath, and some people sang sutras …
For example, at dusk, at the foot of the mountain, I heard the Buddhist homework in the mountainside temple singing Zen, but the world became quieter because of this sound.
Vaguely, far away, I can’t find it, so it’s true.
There are doubts and surprises, and there are three people with the same expressions.
It’s a surprise that it’s a strange omen to be surprised. If the skyscraper really has doubts about movement, where is the temple?
Zhong Qing, Qi Ming, Mu Yu, Zen singer, three people trapped in the temple.
Heart sink, qidong and complexion also with calm eyes cold looked at small phase liu "finally advised pavilion …"
Just say six words, and Qi Donglai will not be surprised!
Don’t say that two people across the street even Qi Donglai couldn’t hear his own voice. This warning comes again.
The bell, drum and Zen singing in your ears are melodious and ethereal, but you can’t talk loudly and you can’t even hear yourself speak?
After a pause, I suddenly realized that Qi Donglai’s heart was horrified, and the bell, drum and Zen were not loud. All wet!
The Buddhist bell and drum are deafening as if a dragon were tumbling and colliding in its ears; That Zen singing is fierce as if it were running towards Raven lamp and splitting my mind!
But before he didn’t realize it, before he ""was not loud. To put it another way, the bell, drum, meditation and singing had already shaken Kun, just like Hong Zhong Lu Ke didn’t realize it until he spoke.
This is neither dharma nor art, but a heavy "meaning" of Buddha. When the Buddha enters the WTO, it is nothing unusual for mortals to see that the Buddha is just ordinary and tall … Unless mortals can look down at themselves, they will suddenly realize that the Buddha is towering and far-reaching!
Buddha is not tall but man is small.
The bell and drum meditation is not loud, which is because the cochlea of the three practitioners under the sea is shallow!
The Buddha is satisfied with the abnormal sound, and it is not easy to see your nature!
Qi Donglai has never heard a word; Su Jing and Xiao phase liu saw each other’s mouths moving, but they didn’t see the moment and thought of the truth.
And the three people who heard the real sound changed their faces again. They were not facial expressions, not spirits, but really "colors". Qi Donglai’s forehead was as black as ink; Su Jing’s cheeks are as red as blood; Phase liu Jr.’ s face is too loud, and the bells and drums sing like a thump!
From the ear to the brain, from the brain to the heart, hammering the meridians again and again, stirring the Yuanji, everyone’s true yuan was agitated by loud noise, and the qi and blood surged and supported themselves for a while, but the louder the Buddha’s voice became, the worse the situation of the three people became, and the true yuan gradually became scattered and difficult to restrain!
If the yogi can see that this is a sign of average computer-virus, the three of them will still be hostile, or they will sit on the ground and tremble, sway, fight hard, straighten their hearts, and repair … What place will almost destroy Wang Yang’s Zen sound? If the "magic" itself is unstoppable, it can also escape.
The practice of three people is not the same, but the meditation of bells and drums hides the wisdom of "teaching students in accordance with their aptitude". After a short incense, the three people are almost on the verge of the limit at the same time, so this can no longer be sustained, and the horse will go crazy, and the Buddha sound will suddenly dissipate!
The bell, drum, Zen and singing have dispersed, but the depths of the sea have not been silent, and all kinds of strange noises have come.
Is it a bug stepping on a dead leaf?
Tick-tock, is the drizzle beating the banana leaves?
Does Sasha Vujacic have a silkworm baby greedy for mulberry leaves?
There are also streams flowing happily, birds crowing far away, the wind rolling through the forest, and even earthworms shuttling through the soil … All these small sounds gather together to sound a little messy, but if you feel physically and mentally, it is not difficult to detect the hidden rhythm in the abnormal sound.