Entering the seventh floor of the demon refining tower, the pressure they face has increased in vain, which is different from the previous floors, which are mostly plain terrain. The seventh floor is dense jungle, and those powerful spirits hide in the forest, which has almost limited patience to wait for the most suitable time to launch an attack. On the first day of entering the seventh floor, they were ambushed by two waves of spirits.
Fortunately, the Wolf King’s participation has strengthened their ability to detect and cope with emergencies, so that they can avoid more dangers. It is difficult for practitioners in this jungle with huge energy to conduct effective investigations. Everyone is unfamiliar with this environment and those senior practitioners think that they can drill fewer forests than now. They are not familiar with the jungle life themselves, let alone find all kinds of crises in the jungle. Taking the spirit beast team has always been to let the beasts do such things. But Daqing is huge and it is also a jungle of aquatic animals and beasts. It is not familiar with it, and Xiaoyu’s jumping is by no means a detective.
The Wolf King is different from it. He is patient and familiar with the jungle. He knows all kinds of ambush and surprise tactics and tricks about the spirit beast. It’s better to do this. Although the Wolf King was defeated by Daqing, his own combat power is quite good, even if the seventh floor can be mixed up.
"I really don’t know how the predecessors ran to the first floor here. It’s really annoying." I’ve been very shy after getting along with you for so long, and now I can let it go. I gradually showed the lively and finals side of my little children, and after a big war, I repelled a wave of fangs monkeys. Everyone was panting and sat down to meditate and recover. The fighting in the jungle was too close, and danger could occur at any time.
"If those people fly directly by themselves, it will be no problem if they can hide," Nie Xin explained. "Our goal is too big. For powerful beasts, this is a lot of food. We can’t rush by speed and we are unfamiliar with the jungle environment, so there is no way to avoid them." Nie Xin said that it seems that there is a way to fight all the way. zhang yi Gun added with a wry smile that "I have read some notes of the previous predecessors’ experience." When the first floor tries to find a place to stay and find a place to stay, and then look around for spiritual beasts to practice, it is simply aimed at those who really want to rush to the top. This floor is a jungle, the ninth floor is a cave and canyon, the tenth floor is a wilderness Gobi, and the eleventh floor is a snowfield. According to the exploration of predecessors, it can be changed according to different situations. Now I don’t know what the situation is.
Zhang yi lost his knowledge and memorized the new style of a family, but he was so good that he suddenly added in confusion, "Haven’t you seen the records of the predecessors before? Isn’t this something for all sects? "
Mu rewelding was embarrassed and turned to look at Yu Tian. Yu Tian squinted and said, "Zhang Gong was born in Huainan. Is it that there are several big families in the spiritual world with strong strength? Is it that we are not comparable to this small sect? Tianfang has only been established for 400 years, including the two of us. This is the fourth time to participate in the demon refining tower trial. The manpower, financial resources and repairs of Tianfang can’t be compared with those of Zhang Gong, a representative of such a big family. He has been busy collecting all kinds of materials for other disciples and sisters in the sect. The most in-depth demon refining tower is already the two of us. We are really ashamed of the rookie of various families. We are from a small sect and have little knowledge. Please forgive Zhang Gong! "
When zhang yi turned red, he waved his hand and said, "Hehe, I really didn’t mean it."
Feather Tian eyebrows a lift didn’t take a reason he meant is Tang Xuefan pulled behind the feather Tian sleeve feather Tian just turned his head and nodded reluctantly.
Everyone is happy with the zhang yi wheel. This is a collision with the iron plate. The younger brother of the workshop is famous for his stubborn temper, and Yu Tian is the best in the workshop. Whether it is repair, skill or temper, they love to be sad. Although they are so stingy, they will not rest assured afterwards. This kind of interesting partner can not be found everywhere.
Zhang yi lost the arch and continued to express his apologies. Then he went on to say, "I’m afraid the last few floors are."
It’s difficult for a horse to compete with the predecessors in the following layers. After all, it’s not too hard for those seniors who entered the demon refining tower to repair. From this layer, the level of spirits and beasts is generally similar to that of monks in the foundation period. It may not be difficult to avoid them. After all, spirits and beasts have their own territories, and they don’t have much scope to pursue and play. It’s good that they rarely really want to hunt. It’s not too difficult to be fully prepared. But it’s not easy for a team like us, especially if we have to make a quick decision when we have to catch up. "
Mo Xiang ha ha smiled and said, "That’s natural, but it’s really exciting to think about getting through the devil tower layer by layer."
Xia Zhiyuan said hesitantly, "So we have to give full play to our combat power, and everyone’s cooperation is still short. There are more or less shortcomings in this respect. This battle against the enemy wolves was effective at that time, but it would be disastrous to fight while marching."
Nie Xin hesitated for a moment, and suddenly took out the gold bell of the trader and gave it to Mu rewelding and said, "Take this. I’m too rough to play this thing. It should be more helpful for us to come to your hand."
Mu rewelding leng said, "Really give it to me? Nie Xin wondered, "Is there anything wrong?"
Mu Su turned his head and looked at Yu Tian and then at Man and said, "I’m afraid it’s not appropriate, right?"
Tendril gave Nie Xin a hard twist and then said to Yu Tian, "It’s okay. Take it first. This guy doesn’t know those strange rules."
Rules? Nie Xin is confused about "what rules?"
"Magic weapons have always been in the hands of the practitioners, except for special occasions and occasions, parents and children of Master’s disciples generally have a magic weapon. Even giving a magic weapon is not just anything. Giving a magic weapon to men and women of the right age is generally a promise." Man said flatly.
Nie Xin froze and said awkwardly, "You know that’s not what I meant.
Tendril laughed out and said, "Of course I know." She turned to Mu rewelding and said, "You take it first. Now the situation is complicated. You can play the biggest role in this thing in your hand. We’ll talk about it after we leave the demon refining tower."
Although it was a joke, Nie Xin also enlightened everyone’s thinking. Now everyone has formed a close-knit small group. Resource allocation is naturally the most effective. zhang yi Gun and Nie Xin took out a large number of prepared elixirs and distributed them to everyone in case of personal accidents. The largest amount of elixirs or Zhongyutian let her give full play to their effectiveness
All kinds of materials can be used to lay out the array, but no one else in Xia Zhiyuan’s team has the ability to lay out the array immediately. With the material, Xia Zhiyuan has made several arrays in a hurry. This disposable array is not powerful but convenient to lay out. With this array, it can almost instantly form the array in the center of the whole team to protect the most vulnerable people in the team. Xia Zhiyuan’s system also consumes a lot of effort.
Thanks to some middle and high-level lingshi Xia Zhiyuan has to display another skill, and he almost never had a chance to make it. The Samsung array is the highest achievement of Tianxing Temple. But its biggest feature is simplicity. Tianxing Temple has simplified a large number of arrays into the most basic three points through long-term research, and formed various arrays through the arrangement and combination of three points in different forms. However, the layout of these three points is very particular about different properties, lingshi, different techniques and different arrangement forms, which may determine the success or failure of the array. It is inevitable that the power of the simplified array will be discounted, but the rapid deployment of the array will enable Xia Zhiyuan to have a super ability to decide the war situation, which also requires him to judge extremely well
"Without experience, you will have experience," said Nie Xin, who was uneasy about Xia Zhiyuan.
Geng Xiu said simply, "We have to play a few hard games all the way. It’s better to practice our hands on the seventh and second floors than to be unable to cope with those worse guys on the last floors."
Nie Xin smiled and said, "We need to practice how to deal with the more powerful guys. We can combine everyone’s energy with less and double our combat power."
They passed through the seventh floor for seven days, and they had to go through two or three battles almost every day. Every day when they stopped for a rest, they would discuss the gains and losses of the day, and an invincible team of practitioners gradually took shape.
【 Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Fear of growth 】
In the seventh floor of Jiaqing, after proper experience, we have to test the results. It is known that the first floor of Yinggu terrain is small in terms of danger, which is the highest spirit beast lurking in the cave in the whole demon refining tower. It is impossible to prevent it. On the seventh floor, they also complained that it is easy to attract enemies when the team is big, but even if it is United and tacit, such as Nie Xin, their team is glad that there are companions who can help them defend the side and rear, and some people are ready to support themselves at any time. Although they should be careful to prevent themselves from being responsible for the direction, they will not stretch their strings too tightly.
When they entered the first floor, the first enemy they met was four Rock Python and Rock Python, whose skin was harder than the rock, and the color of the pattern was almost the same. It was almost impossible to find cold-blooded animals such as snakes, whose bodies were hot and fluctuating, but they were detected by the weak leisure method. However, four Rock Python were sent as soon as they entered the alert range of a small team like them.
watch from a height or distance
Although the Wolf King doesn’t like the cave terrain, it doesn’t prevent him from showing a very high level of investigation. His ability to only investigate is definitely overqualified, but it is a very efficient arrangement in this team. Although the Wolf King is not familiar with communicating with people, it is more than enough to pass on the number, location and types of enemies through a walkie-talkie. Nie Xin is ready to teach him Morse code when the Wolf King is familiar with the communication methods of more people.
The walkie-talkie that claims to be able to talk at a distance of one kilometer can only guarantee five kilometers of communication in the complex environment on the first floor, but it is also very enough. After discovering Rock Python, Nie Xin, Qing Xiu, Zhang Yifeng and Mo Xiang climbed up. Nie Xin and Geng Xiu attacked a Rock Python zhang yi wheel and Mo Xiang one by one, and one was casually attacked by four people, and then immediately dodged. Three of the four Rock Python were immediately hit hard. Only the Rock Python insisted on not giving up, but it was still sacrificed by Tang Xuefan.
Although there are five people who have made moves successively, it embodies the strength and wisdom of all departments compared with short and continuous attacks. Thanks to the blessing of medicine and music, several people who have made moves can raise their combat power to the peak in a short time. When they make moves, their power is 20% to 30% greater than usual. Even if their level is up, it is important. A few of them can also bring this line of effectiveness to the limit, let alone 20% to 30%.
Without the protection and assistance of a few people in the rear, the first few people absolutely devoted themselves to deliver a fatal blow. Without careful investigation and mastery of the surrounding enemy situation, they would never dare to spend their mental strength for a while. In case of an enemy attack, that’s a terrible thing. They made this deployment almost without thinking about it. Without hesitation, it was a tacit understanding honed in repeated battles and reviews. Everyone worked hard to give play to their strongest side. After the battle, they discussed various methods and skills with each other, and their ability was stronger when they removed themselves. Their ability was also growing.
She has done a lot of research on this magic weapon after it was handed over to Mu-rewelding. She soon surpassed Nie Xin’s extensive way of making Mu-rewelding research, which can be called spirit. Jin-ling can emit different tones through different ways of excitation, which makes Jin-ling ring tone become a complex melody. Nie Xin was able to make Jin-ling ring deter the enemy, but in Mu-rewelding’s hands, she was able to make Jin-ling ring become unreal. The confusing effect is exerted to the fullest. Although it is good, after all, it is not a multi-level magic weapon. It is just right to make it up. If she rises to some level, it may be a little insufficient. However, it has become the most remarkable strength among several people. Her original ape bone flute is really too weak
Nie Xin’s ability is relatively comprehensive, and all aspects have a certain level, but none of them are top-notch sword tactic. After the breakthrough, sword tactic has become his strongest link, but there are still some shortcomings in other aspects, such as spells. Nie Xin learned a lot of array knowledge from Tianxing Temple, but it made him learn from Bao Nie Xin’s knowledge of Tianxing Temple array and the array knowledge he got from Penglai. Combining his original array knowledge, he can realize that array is also composed of different elements. In the subtle links, those characters, runes and spells are the same, but the elements of the array are much more complicated. Nie Xin looked at hundreds of arrays back and forth before he found some regular arrays. He said that Xun Shan was different in shape. "How many years have passed since the development and change, a relatively fixed set of guesses has been formed." The experience of studying spells before is much faster than at the beginning. Nie Xin is growing up every night. His mind is full of sets of runes, so that he can sum up a whole set of distance.
Nie Xin’s rapid growth made the two brothers Xia Zhiqiu and Xia Zhiyuan stunned. Others didn’t learn the array method. They didn’t know how difficult it was, but they knew that the knowledge of array method even the spiritual world belonged to high-end goods. There were a lot of practitioners in heaven, but it was rare to be called array method masters. It really needed too much knowledge and a thorough and detailed understanding of the basic theory of practice. Otherwise, the hanging river abode of fairies and immortals would not have stopped everyone because of the fall of an elder in Kunlun, and eventually Niansheng could make a move.