Ancient wasteland!
It is said that there are many descriptions of ancient wasteland in the history of the five ancient tribes, and the ancestors of the original nine ancient tribes all seem to have come from ancient wasteland.
At that time, including the territory of the Warring States period, it was collectively called the Eastern Spiritual World.
However, since then, the nine ancient tribes have always been shy about the ancient wasteland outside the Warring States period, as if there is something that makes the nine ancient tribes afraid.
This is also tens of thousands of years ago, the nine ancient tribes still chose to retreat to the imperial city and dared not expand their room.
You should know that the imperial city is big, but nine ancient tribes are entrenched here, plus three transcendental forces-Tianmu Wufu, Luoxian Pavilion and Dongling College.
The whole imperial city is actually more crowded.
At the moment, the other end of this bare land is in the opposite direction to the ancient wasteland, and the diameter is thousands of miles, and the northern and southern ends of the imperial city are intersected.
Scarlet fog rose from the bottom of the world.
Even Yuan Dan practitioners never dare to try to fly across Tianyuan easily. Usually, they would rather spend a certain amount of lingshi from the array.
This is really funny.
A vast expanse of land will require the northern and southern ends of the imperial city, which are thousands of miles apart, to set up several sending arrays at great cost.
Besides sending the Falun Gong, the only thing that connects the north and south ends of the Imperial City is the over the rainbow Handbridge, which is the three wonders of the Imperial City, towering and spectacular in the distance at the moment.
A huge arm, like the body of an ancient saint, fell into the sky.
Arms are thousands of miles long! Five fingers are thousands of feet! Standing empty like five huge blood peaks, even the shortest thumb peak rises into the clouds, rolling scarlet blood fog covers the giant peak.
According to this, the right arm of an ancient giant spirit god was cut off by Terran Zun millions of years ago, which just happened to fall into heaven.
Later, there were blood beasts coming out of Tianyuan and entering the blood peak of five fingers.
Every evening, the five giant peaks will rise with a blood fog, and the blood fog will connect together. The sunset glow is as red as blood, just like a bridge between heaven and earth!
The name’ over the rainbow Hand Bridge’ was also derived from this.
At this moment, the shortest thumb giant peak of a young man dressed in a black robe looked up at the five towering blood peaks in the distance, with a touch of purple and gold in his eyes.
"It is no wonder that such rich blood gas attracts so many people to experience …"
The young man wore a hat and was covered with a black robe to hide his figure, because the black-robed young man was carrying a huge sword with a strange and simple shape and domineering.
Yes, the black-robed youth is Meng Chen.
For the first time, Meng Chen felt that the effect was not bad.
At the moment, Meng Chen deliberately exudes a breath of "Blood Eating Tactics", and all of them are shrouded in a faint bloody breath, which makes people feel chilly at first sight.
"I heard that the five blood peaks and blood beasts haunt the most is the giant peak of the middle finger."
Meng Chen looked up with a hint of stubbornness and madness.
At sunset, Meng Chen finally came to the mountainside of the middle finger giant peak
This is a place where blood beasts frequently haunt. Generally, the four fighters in the gas environment will eventually choose to stop here.
But Meng Chen came all the way from the bottom of the mountain and met a total of 31 blood beasts. He only harvested 15 blood Dan.
In two horns blood beast is none.
"Didn’t you say … there are many bloody beasts here?"
Meng Chen wiped his forehead and sweated. When there was no fighting, his back teeth kept a weight of 10 thousand Jin. Meng Chen was constantly tempering and practicing.
"Boss … I saw a single fat goose!"
"Hum! Also, you said that it was the first time to come to Xuefeng and you didn’t know anything about this situation! "
"Hey, hey, why don’t we wait until after sunset?"
Meng Chen is following a group of people behind him at the moment.
There are five people in total, the first one is in the seventh place, and the rest are in the fourth place and the sixth place.
Walking through the thick jungle, Meng Chen’s eyes flashed and her mouth was covered with a sneer.
Those people behind him have been following him since he entered the giant peak, and it is for this reason that Meng Chen deliberately spent some time with his hands and feet when he encountered the three-corner blood beast before finally settling it.
If you don’t want to act, now Meng Chen’s face strength is equivalent to the blood beast in the top corner of the refining body, which can be killed instantly!
That a few people never imagined that Meng Chen was also in their mind when they coveted Meng Chen’s blood Dan.
"It’s … judging from their conversation, it seems that there is a reason why there are fewer blood beasts nowadays …"