However, everyone was shocked, and the sage fell only to the purple.
Suddenly, three bloody road flyovers rushed out of the virtual fragmentation.
Three Taoist priests appeared and several people exclaimed, "Taiqing Saint, Qing Saint, Jade Qing Saint!"
Interception here is even more unbearable to howl "Master!"
Sanqing looked at each other and wiped the blood, watching this desolate northern Luzhou gradually destroy the universe.
The old road said, "That monster is so strong that this purple gas foundation sacrifices itself to make a person holy and then sacrifices Heaven. Styx is even more an idiot to kill the evidence. Purple gas killed the hidden treasure with the help of Styx, making Styx holy and sacrificing Heaven. Now it’s eating faster!"
Tongtian sage said, "Not only that, but Nuwa’s younger sister has been hit hard just now. If it hadn’t been for the Imperial Heaven, she would have died."
Yuan Tianzun said, "It’s hard to be approved and cited now!"
"Boom …"
The three men said, but it rained blood again.
A blood-stained monk flew in the air. "Ah … Brother …"
The monk is suspicious that he can breath air conditioning.
This is a sign of the dead just now.
At that time the atmosphere was dignified.
"Tear …"
Virtual torn slowly out of a road flyover.
The man wore a gray cassock and showed a disgusting face.
With a little bit of flesh and blood spinning, the face turned into an eye and slowly gave a hideous smile. "Hey, hey, hey, you are all going to die!"
Chapter 671 Then lead heaven
"Ha ha ha ….."
The sky roared with faint laughter.
Hung-jun stared at the whole universe, turned his hands into heaven, and said deeply, "You are all going to die!" "
At that moment, the whole universe changed color, and the sky shook and the earth roared, accompanied by blood and rain, and several people had a feeling of wanting to escape from here.
Unfortunately, these people know that there is no way out, and the whole universe has been shattered unless they escape from the world of the universe or enter chaos.
At the moment, some people shouted, "Now there is no way back. Let’s fight to the death, even if we die, it will make Hong Jun sad!"
"It’s true that although we people are weak, we are ants in their eyes, but we are also bloody!"
"Fight with Hung-chun!"
The blood rain is getting worse, but these people kill Xiang Hongjun with vast breath.
Sanqing glanced at each other and sighed, "I don’t know if it is really so destroyed after this big robbery."
Tongtian didn’t yell, "No … it won’t destroy us and this card!"
Yuan Tianzun’s eyes narrowed slightly and he snorted. "Hum … you said that guy from Yutian!"
Tongtian nodded but also knew that Yuan Tianzun was angry with Imperial Heaven.
Old sigh "that’s all … don’t be angry at this time. If Heaven can solve this crisis, what can we say about hating him?"
"Boom …"
When Sanqing talked about it, he saw the golden light shining into a meteor and disappearing.
The violent wind in heaven and earth suddenly fell, and the vast blood and rain sighed, "I must be dead!" "
But see the distance must be covered in blood with a roar "roar … hung-chun, you kill my brother, even if I die, it won’t make you feel better! Explosive … "
It’s a slap in the face of the golden body to be covered in blood.
"Boom …"
The golden light exploded directly in front of Hongjun. This is a saint’s self-explosion and a saint’s self-explosion.
It’s a pity that in this explosion, some tentacles came out of Hung-chun slowly.
"Hum ….." Hung-jun said with a cold hum, "You ants dare to resist!"
Slipping instantly, Hongjun stepped forward and killed people with a virtual gaze.
Hongjun’s wanton killing seems to slaughter the whole universe.
Sanqing glances can also be nai.
Suddenly, the time flies, only to see the bloody sword light fight.
"The zither …"
This sword light directly falls to Hongjun, and the killing breath instantly makes Hongjun feel the vast aura with a wave of his hand, and directly turns into a strong wind and falls to the firm but gentle.
"Boom …"
The roar only saw that Hongjun was intact and stared at the bearer but said, "Imperial Heaven!"
The bearer is the imperial heaven.
Imperial heaven looked at Hongjun with steady breath and cold eyes as if looking at an ordinary person.
Sanqing stared at Yutian in the distance but felt a little extraordinary.
Imperial heaven looked at the vicissitudes of life tunnel "the whole flood is about to be destroyed. Do you really want to slaughter the whole flood?"
"Yes ….. this vast expanse depends on the seat to support them. These people extract the aura from me and extract the avenue, but in the end they will destroy me. It is better for me to destroy it myself!" Hung-chun roared, but looked at the crazy heaven, and it was the roar of heaven.
The Imperial Heaven sneers with a touch of disdain. "Let it be … you actually want to slaughter all the wilderness. It depends on whether you have this thing. There are only a few steps left in our chess game. I hope you can win!"
"Ha ha … do you have any cards? Then take it out! " Hongjun’s laughter is even more rampant.
Yutian turned and stared at Sanqing. "You three pumped out HarmonyOS purple gas and want to fall into the mixed sky now?"
Tongtian said, "Yes, HarmonyOS Purple Gas is a holy weapon, but it is also a limiting weapon!"
The Imperial Heaven stared at the three men and immediately looked at the sky. A blue painting halberd appeared and fell directly to the land of Luzhou in the north.
Yutian stared at Hongjun with his hands on his back. "The emperor played chess first!"
Words fall on the ground and the painting halberd directly swallows the wandering purple gas, which instantly becomes bigger and continues to grow.
Sanqing looked at each other endlessly and said, "This is Tongtian Jianmu!"
Tongtian is a wave of his hand, but he sees that Qing Ping Jian rushes out of a purple gas and rushes directly to Tongtian Jianmu.
Yuan Buddha hesitated, but seeing that Tongtian believed so much, Imperial Heaven also pumped out the purple gas and injected it into Tongtian Jianmu.
It’s always the same, although strange, but I believe in the sky.
Imperial Heaven stares at Hongjun Hongjun with no intention. "This HarmonyOS purple gas is just a special Lingbao refined by Heaven. This thing can certainly enhance the innate Lingbao, but so can you enhance the construction of trees in the sky!"
"Oh … really?" Yutian said that he pointed at Tongtian Jianmu and said, "Tongtian Jianmu links Heaven!"
The words fall and the sky rotates, and a faint one appears.
Tongtian Jianmu devours purple gas and will hit this.
Hung-jun stared at the horror. "This is heaven. How did you do it?"
Sanqing was also a shock, but Tongtian Jianmu rushed directly into Heaven, and then the chains of Heaven had entered Tongtian Jianmu.
The celestial gaze also shocked many great powers. "Now, let us enter the mixed state!"
Suddenly, the chains of heaven rushed out of the vast chains along the tongtian building wood. Today, these powerful bodies
These are in line with their avenue to continue to rise to their realm.
Hung-jun stared at this scene and roared, "No … this heaven is a seat. How dare you swallow it?"? No … "
It’s true that this heaven is swallowed up by Hongjun, but it’s better to link it with the help of Tongtian Jianmu. The supernatural power of heaven will attract these heaven into many powerful nutrients through HarmonyOS Ziqi.
"Boom …"
Zhenyuan took the lead in entering the mixed yuan territory.