Look straight into such a pair of eyes.
Nine you suddenly feel fear.
As if what I was afraid of in my heart was caught by this eye and dug up.
soon afterwards
Those two eyes suddenly shone from the inside out.
Strong and dazzling, like the sun!
They melt the sun straight!
Two suns shine directly on Jiuyou.
Nine deep and remote issued a painful call for his body to melt, and the dark atmosphere entangled with’ quality’ gradually faded away.
Suddenly, a three-dimensional symbol broke away from Jiuyou.
Tianyang waved to the symbol.
The’ quality’ flew to Tianyang and threw it into his chest.
Tianyang immediately knew what he had gained.
He harvested a’ quality’ degeneration in the control of Jiu You!
Nine you roar loud.
His body suddenly swelled into a black hole and turned into a real’ abyss’
One engulfed two suns and swallowed those’ eyes’ derived from’ nightmare’.
At the same time, those weird arms will be swallowed up together.
When you shrink sharply again and condense out the nine-secluded figure again,
Those effects that were bad for him disappeared.
It seems that Tianyang’s abilities have fallen into the abyss and disappeared.
Nine you don’t seem to have changed much, but the breath is obviously falling, and even those eyes embedded in the shadow have decreased a lot.
One third of the original quantity.
"I admit …"
"You make me feel threatened."
"I never thought I would be cornered by a mere human being."
"But have you ever thought that it is not necessarily a rational thing to push a god into a corner?"
Nine-you vibrating air makes a sound.
Tianyang goat’s skull mask makes a dull sound "for example?"
"For example, I will show you what Shenwei is."
"What is God’s wrath!"
Nine you ha ha laughed, and his figure faded and lost its texture, and he felt a sense of collapse.
His clothes disappeared and he became a pure shadow.
And this shadow seems to connect with another world.
Jiuyou sports world
The figure of Jiuyou keeps expanding, and it still maintains a humanoid outline, but it looks like a humanoid black hole.
This creates a huge gravitational pull to pull the car wreckage floating around the airflow and twist and break the street lamps one by one.
A moment later, even the outer walls of the surrounding buildings were separated and flew to Jiuyou.
Fly to the abyss
The sun suddenly turned white.
That’s nine deep and remote’ true attitude’!
Can put everything into the abyss!
He has always believed that if there is no recycling of those who have sublimated their ranks, God will be able to restore to the level of "true God posture."
But now he knows that he is wrong.
Even if there is no recycling, it can be started if they are cornered.
Of course, Tianyang believes that Jiuyou must pay some price in this way.
It may be a very tragic price.
But whatever the cost, you have to live to see the result.
There are no other two ultimate blockade nine deep and remote.
Tianyang doesn’t know if he can carry it.
You have to carry it!
But also must kill nine deep and remote here.
We can’t avoid this battle.
Otherwise, Jiuyou may swallow the whole crevice, and then it will be different, and finally I don’t know what kind of chain reaction will happen.
Tianyang makes the’ distance control’ make the gravity of the nine shadows temporarily unable to produce for themselves, and then the shadows raise their long knives.
Meteorological release
Golden universe!
He wants the top celestial phenomena at the divine level to suppress the nine places.
Suppress god!
Chapter 1617 for
Being cornered, Jiuyou rose to his position at any cost, thus reluctantly opening the "true god posture"
Not only does it consume a lot to start the "true god posture" when you don’t recycle enough people who have been sublimated.
And it will cause inevitable trauma to the’ quality’
Because this is a direct extraction of concepts, strength, knowledge and other things from the’ quality’
So as to meet that condition required by the open posture.
If I hadn’t been forced to resist
Jiuyou doesn’t want to do this either.
The fact that even if one or two’ abyss’ high-order sublimators are recovered,
It’s enough for the nine deep and remote envoys to make a "true attitude".
Unfortunately, after his recovery, he didn’t come back to the rank sublimator.
Was pulled into the old universe by Tianyang.
The degree of fit between each deity and human beings due to the difference of’ quality’
Determines the number of human beings who have created rank sublimation.
Abyss’ case
This rank is very low in conformity with human beings.