The B-class mirage and the big red squares in the out-of-bounds Galaxy Adventure Zone have been transferred back to the public area step by step half a year ago. Now, the human culture is coming together from the state of Zhang Wuzhi to fight against the zerg army.
After Lin Qingya and Jill became out-of-bounds galactic focus, the Star Palace Guard, an adventure guild, stood out. Tian Yi led the Star Palace Guard in a continuous battle to kill those advanced zerg who infiltrated public areas.
These three people’s successive victories have made the world remember their names, but they also have another identity, that is, the inheritor of Xiao Hanhan gene.
Four of the seven successors have emerged on the star stage. Lin momo naturally counts. After all, the Tianzhu fleet has killed many odd-level star cruises, and no fleet can surpass it.
In addition to Linxi Suolin elegant Jill Tian Yi, the other three genetic inheritors are the sisterhood assisting the wise woman Bai Rosa Suoyun organization to secretly support Shui Changmu’s family to abandon a chess bug.
There is something special about these three genetic inheritors. Since Rosa is a wise man, she must be good at some fields. Maybe this female fame is higher than Lin Elegant without trace.
Is it bad to build a fleet by the water lock cloud organization? I’m afraid this little waiting time is a blockbuster.
The last genetic inheritor, Wood Bug, is the oldest and most mysterious guy. In the past hundred years, I don’t know how many people have been persecuted by Wood Bug, including Jun God bless, but Wood Bug is still alive and well, and even went to Hengbo Sixth Ancestor to ask for benefits.
Wood bug almost deducts evil to the limit. No one dares to defect from the wooden house by hook or by crook like him, and he is arrogant enough to offend all parties. Lin momo has done all kinds of bad things for more than a hundred years, but he has searched for this person several times but not to the purpose.
Being alive is an achievement. What’s worse, many forces shout, beat, shout and kill wood bugs that have lived for a hundred years. It’s not too much to say that they are a demon king who inherits the Xiao cold gene.
So what did Lin momo do in the past six months? Where is the Tianzhu fleet? Speaking of which, we have to have a red storm. It is not easy for families who have accumulated for many years to digest this huge resource.
The Blood Reward did go to the material transfer, but it was not as simple as buying resources. Lin momo quietly transferred some fleets to the second galaxy and the third galaxy.
In addition, Lin momo also injected a huge sum of money into the secret account of Charlie’s grandfather and grandson on the earth to establish a small foundation.
The funds will be put into the accounts of Charlie’s father and grandson in batches. Lin momo needs to establish a private financial body. This foundation is separated from Klinsmann and Tuhuanxing Enterprise Group to operate the fleet alone, and there is not much connection.
Lin momo has crystal refining materials at hand, and the transfer can be done at one time. Roderick is very fond of spending money, and it seems that no amount of crystal refining can satisfy that unfathomable appetite.
The red storm left a huge amount of resources, but for the interception of 15 star cruise ships and a large number of advanced containers, ten ships of the Tianzhu fleet were not loaded with capacity roots.
Fifteen star cruises were handed over to some crew members and sent to the third galaxy in several echelons. It was impossible for Lin momo to put eggs in the same basket, so the time for transporting resources did not come to these fifteen star cruises.
Even if a lot of resources are transferred out and the Tenchu fleet will certainly consume a batch of advanced resources, the amount of various materials at hand is still extremely amazing. Take critical vanadium as an example, there are actually 200 tons. I really don’t know where the red storm got so many titanium crystals. The associated ore is Phantom of the Opera, and there are not many critical vanadium.
Mujia’s source is very accurate. The blood reward number did go to the tenth military region. Lin Sisuo now values the critical vanadium of intelligent robots and trades with the military region in exchange for the effectiveness of more than 100 intelligent robots.
Xiao Qiang, Xiao Fei, Xiao Yang, three robots recovered by intercepting resources. They made a choice, that is, they led more than 100 robots who joined the fleet to work for different star cruises. They were unwilling to accept the offer.
With the rapid strength of Phantom of the Opera, Xiao Qiang and Gao Xiao, the intelligent robots are usually stronger.
Lin momo and Xiao Qiang talked for a night and then made Xiao Fei lead fifteen robots to be stationed in the Black Rose. Xiao Yang led fifteen robots to be stationed in the Feiyu, while Xiao Qiang led fifteen robots to remain in the Phantom of the Opera.
More than 70 intelligent robots have expanded to other ships, and I believe that the Tianzhu fleet is rich in resources. These intelligent robots will soon enter the road of transformation and will be the immortal cornerstone of the fleet.
The second red storm peak master suppressed the Phantom of the Opera, which made Lin momo realize the lack of combat power. Fortunately, more masters were transferred during the red storm method, otherwise the Tianzhu fleet would be mired in mud.
It takes a lot of time to cultivate human brother Wu, and loyalty is more noteworthy. It is not as safe as intelligent robots. After all, it is not a problem to have Xiao Qiang’s three high-end robots in the intelligent robots.
Don’t forget Lin momo’s unique blessing of mechanical humanity. Intelligent robots will fall into a state of mild disorder in front of him, which can usually be regarded as awe when implanting core chips.
What really bothers Lin momo in the past six months is God bless you. If you hadn’t found a large number of Jin Lanhua and his rare plants from the war, it would have worked wonders to stabilize the injury. God bless you might have died long ago.
Odin has a lot of feelings for Jun God Blessing, and Jun God Blessing is to save Odin from such a heavy blow. The elf girl begged Lin momo to save her uncle.
Lin momo carefully considered the treatment plan. During the treatment, it was found that the brain of Jun God Blessed was more active than that of the half-worm. This seems to be a precursor to memory recovery, but Athena should be consulted when it comes to half-worm.
Athena is very interested in the state of God bless you. In the past six months, God bless you, and the injury has eased slightly. Lin momo finally caught some keys and realized the rules of human transformation into half-worm and worm.
The Tianzhu fleet can’t hide, but the blood reward number is very active. Lin momo has been to many places on the blood reward number and changed his identity and contacted many people. The sphere of influence of the Shengzong Jury gradually became clear.
Volume 14 eventful! Elite Chapter 2 Qiyun
St Martin’s Cathedral is the oldest building on the borer, and it is also the place where Wan Li, which is not far from religion, comes for pilgrimage.
In the morning, when the dew bends and the grass bends, the square in front of St. Martin’s Cathedral is full of all kinds of people. Humans can always feel a lot of emotions, loneliness, irritability, conversion of the soul and self-hypnosis
Religion can help people find a sense of belonging, which is the road to ease their hearts. It must be said that St. Martin’s Cathedral has made outstanding contributions to alerting the world for 3 thousand years, and the crime rate in the surrounding star fields is not high
There are also several foreigners in the pilgrimage team. People of other nationalities also need to seek spiritual comfort, and St. Martin’s Cathedral has a class that does not look down on foreigners and even helps them more.
The borer star is located in the edge of the first galaxy. With the development of the first galaxy accelerating, even the resource star on the edge of the star has become the first choice for immigrants. It is better to settle here than to go to the third galaxy.
Of course, the closer we get to the edge of the Milky Way, the longer the stars are, and the weirder the creatures derived from planets with atmospheres are.
When I first heard the name "borer star", I knew that this planet is not simple. Borer, also known as Noctuidae, is a kind of harmful insect.
For thousands of years, borers have been hidden in grain and spread to many places with human spacecraft. It is not a strange news that many earth times creatures have mutants.
The origin of the name of the borer star is not because of the pests on the earth, but because it is a moth with gray wings, which looks a bit like a borer for a long time.
Grey-winged moths attack human immigrants. After all, indigenous people don’t like to see outsiders, and the moth-winged moths are numerous. The spawning authorities in the depths of gullies failed to exterminate them several times.
Another thing in St. Martin’s Cathedral is that priests trained by the school of mindfulness often help local residents clean up borers.
Although the priests can’t guarantee that the borers will be cleaned up, they can always help the residents to tide over the difficulties. The protection of the sacred energy of the ecological park is often reserved for the borer immigrants to continue to live.
St. Martin’s Cathedral is a great boon to the residents of the borer star. In addition, the surrounding star fields promote the original sin theory and the redemption theory, and many believers hope to repay these kindness.
For thousands of years, St. Martin’s Cathedral has been looking at the nearby star fields in full swing, and after many investigations by Lin Sisuo, this St. Martin’s Cathedral is the core temple of the Pontifical Jury.
The sinking blade has lost two pieces of sinking debris, and it is said that there is a strong force to suppress the debris, or these two pieces were seriously damaged in the past, and even a little energy can not be recovered until today.
Besides the fallen debris, there should be an ancient elf sacrifice tower.
The ancient elves and the modern elves are two different things. Humans discovered the remains of the ancient elves long ago and genetically modified themselves, so that the elves were born.
Looking for the ancient elf to sacrifice to the tower is an unplanned thing. Lin momo needs to sink the debris together to reverse the cell energy and force out the toxicity of the catalytic agent, thus getting rid of the fate.
This St. Martin’s Cathedral must have many secrets, but what Lin momo is looking for is the debris of destruction. The information given by the sixth ancestor of Constant Wave may not be accurate, so he has to take a risk and test it out.
At this moment, the believers pay homage to the church’s positive warning, and then they leave the square in an orderly way. Many people take the spaceship to the bollworm star to see the magnificent figure of the church and its unique vicissitudes.
In the past thousand years, there have been three disasters on the borer star. The borer eggs were blown by the solar wind and quickly hatched. The grey-winged moths attacked human beings. The members of St. Martin’s Cathedral were dispatched to reduce the losses.
How can such a positive image not be supported by believers?
Lin momo felt worried before testing St. Martin’s Cathedral. The star field and bollworm star near the St. Zong’s jury really have a great believer base. Once attacked, I’m afraid it will attract a series of negative reactions.
Moreover, it is impossible for the local media to discredit St. Martin’s Cathedral. No wonder the Pontifical Jury is not afraid of foreign forces attacking the Temple because it may break its teeth if it doesn’t take a bite.
Since the local media and the internet, Farrinsisso, have spent a lot of money to buy off the underworld forces, this is also an attempt. If the conflict can make public security better without losing a merit, you can’t launch a missile attack on St. Martin’s Cathedral, can you? Regardless of whether this church has energy defense, it is not good to hurt the koo.
Every immigrant star with a certain degree of development will set up a network charm, and many clues will be found in the complicated network information. Most of the gangsters actually rule St. Martin’s Cathedral to make a living.
It’s better to buy mafia forces from outside. This bollworm star is simply a restricted area of the Holy Jury. Lin Sisuo dare not park his fleet nearby. He is disguised as a secret activity.
During the contact with Lin momo’s underworld forces, it was found that the parish of the Pontifical Jury was not monolithic, and many gangsters were dissatisfied with the rule of churches everywhere.
Brother Mafia has his own theory. They believe that the form of donation is legalized. To say that the largest underworld organization in the galactic fringe star field is the Holy Jury.
However, it is also a great thing to make the world willing to pay for donations. However, the Pontifical Jury needs a lot of money every year, and it seems that it is not enough to rely on donations and do some illegal activities behind the scenes.
It is a fatal blow to jump out and expose the inadequacy of the Pontifical Jury. Believers may even think that someone is bad for the church and have strong doubts about the truth revealed.
Ok! If it weren’t for Lin momo’s acceptance of five mafia bosses, the parish of St. Zong’s Jury would have been unable to move, and the Tianzhu fleet would have been hidden for half a year, but more than half of them would have wandered around to organize new societies.
There must be a new force to enter the bollworm star and stir up disputes at the same time. It is precisely to realize that it is not a day’s work to be unfavorable to the Pontifical Jury, especially St. Martin’s Cathedral. Momo Lin is lurking and waiting for the opportunity to come.
This time, naturally, we can’t just wait, we have to fight for it by ourselves. The establishment of Qiyun Club is an opportunity for Lin momo to create, and it will also be the behind-the-scenes person who will disturb the borer star.
Qiyunxing Five figures on the top floor of a skyscraper stand respectfully on the roof, no matter how "bold" the wind on the top floor is, these five figures can’t even breathe for a moment for fear that their heads will move from their necks for a moment.
Today, five mafia bosses are going to meet their mysterious boss. This mysterious boss looks less than forty years old, but his methods are extremely vicious. Although he has only seen three sides before, he impressed them deeply.
These five mafia bosses are all deputies of their own organizations, and another eldest brother pressured the mysterious eldest brother to appear a few months ago and kill all their eldest brothers without leaving any trace afterwards. In a short time, he arranged an illusion for the three-pole wise man to see and had to shake his head to give an unexpected conclusion.
This is the first time I met the mysterious boss, and all five of them became full members and took over their respective societies. Then the mysterious instructions came together to integrate the Qiyunxing underworld organization.
Qiyun Society was scattered at the beginning of its establishment. At this time, many people in charge of Tangkou were attacked by biting. When cleaning machinery or suspended cars were infected with viruses, many important guys died inexplicably.
The external oppression of the community has forced it to form a group, which has a tendency for the communities under the jurisdiction of the Holy Jury to compete against each other.
At that time, the five big bosses thought that the casualties of Qiyun Society were caused by the holy jury, and some clues obtained by those bastards and wise men also pointed to the priest. They had to think so.
The second time I saw the mysterious boss, the truth came out. It turned out that the boss felt that Qiyun Club was too messy to show his skill and enhance the cohesion of Qiyun Club. However, it was daunting to understate and clean it.
Let the five bosses feel at ease. This mysterious boss is secretly manipulating and forcibly kneading the five of them together, but he has no mind to manage the club. No matter what the other party’s purpose is, this is their chance.
After the mysterious boss announced the truth that the club had been purged, he instructed the five of them to take over a batch of materials. When they saw the container, even if the five underworld bosses were well informed, they could not help but become extremely excited.
Sixteen times the front ten boxes of the container are filled with blue gold utensils and precious metal ornaments, while the back six boxes are filled with weapons such as laser swords and chain light armour.