In that case, then … Play along!
I’ve seen Yosuke Sunrise’s frame-up and I can avoid it.
But May made a decision instantly. This woman is still her aunt by rights!
But it depends. She doesn’t seem to know what happened in Qing!
Such a black-hearted child who wants to frame her has no conscience!
Then this time, she will let her know what it means to choose her own way and walk on her knees!
After this idea settled, it was motionless in May, and Zhao precious little tattoo pressed straight at her!
However, in May, the Grinch won’t really let Yuki succeed.
Cherish Zhao Wen fell to the ground for a moment, and she quietly cohesive force held the moment when her plate was about to be pinned down by cherish Zhao Wen.
And as zhao precious little article more and more dignified exclaimed neat black also happened to catch up and saw this scene …
"Little princess!"
This is the fourth watch. Today, the chapter is updated. Four-six-nine is unconscious in May!
"Little princess!"
Qi Hei is harsh and splitting, watching May be overwhelmed by Zhao Xiwen!
For a moment, he felt that he was going to stop breathing!
It’s over!
If something happens to the little princess, will he have the face to see grandpa? !
Don’t say it’s great grandfather. If the dust king comes back, he may shave his head directly to see him!
"Little princess!"
Qi black exclaimed again and flashed to Zhao precious little Wen in the blink of an eye. At this time, he couldn’t wait to directly pull Zhao precious little Wen up!
Similarly, after Zhao Xiwen fell to the ground, she turned pale!
I didn’t have time to realize anything. I just felt a little weird and embarrassed, so I rolled aside. Although the posture was funny and embarrassed, I could see that she was really anxious!
"Little princess, little princess, are you all right!"
Zhao precious little Wen did not consider herself falling to the ground. She leaned forward and saw that May was covered by her long skirt. At this time, May was lying on the ground with her eyes closed and her face turned white!
And there is no angry appearance to let Zhao precious little breath!
Hold May’s arm carefully as if afraid of hurting her again!
"Small infanta small infanta …"
Zhao precious little Wen Yin has already started to cry, with a full face of anxiety, kneeling beside May!
At that time, there were already a lot of imperial secretaries and menservants around the large Toffee Hall, watching quietly!
Even the dark willow of Youxi’s personal maid-in-waiting looks very ugly at this time!
If the little princess really had an accident in the Toffee Hall in May, it would be hard to explain it there!
"oh, my god! Sister Xiwen, how can you be so careless! Come on, go to cure too much! "
The thief shouted to catch the thief. This is the portrayal of Youxi!
She knows why all this happened, but in one sentence, she blamed all the problems on Zhao Xi’s tattoo!
Gu Zhao, however, cherishes Wen Zheng’s worries and anxieties, calling for her to be as uncomfortable as a sore throat when she hears the words of You Xi in May. Looking up at You Xi, she looks at her with a face of self-denial and her heart is even more mixed!
She was also born in the halls, and she was used to fighting!
Today, she finally lost herself in the hands of the toffee!
She doesn’t blame or resent that she can’t catch her heart and doesn’t want to make a pretence with these women in the deep palace!
But no matter how they treat her, they will hurt a child!
In May, the little princess was still so young that she just took precautions against falling on her. If something really happened to this child, she would never feel at ease!
"Little princess!"
At that time, squatting in front of May, his black eyes flashed sharply, holding his sword and holding it tightly!
He gently called May, and his cheeks became more and more dignified because of May’s anger!
"Qi black what are you doing still leng? If something happens to the little princess, you’re the only one asking! "
On the sunrise at this time is still pretending to command the neat black!
However, ever since he was a child, he has followed Tai Qi Hei in his heart, and he has never put Guan Xi in his eyes!
At first, I heard You Xi yelling at him. His eyes were black and cold, and his eyes were sharp. His face was cold and his tone was cold. "Taifei, the little princess is in trouble with you today. Even if I have to be the only one, it’s not your turn to speak!"
"Qi black you …"
In the face of Huang Yin-li, first of all, the dark guard Qi Heiyou the sunrise is acceptable to him!
But out of neat black warning on the sunrise don’t sneer at a way "neat black you must have just come to see very clearly!
What will happen to this girl? You have to look carefully. It was Sister Xiwen who accidentally fell down while walking, and then she was crushed!
It’s really a nice toffee palace, but who is the person who hurt this little girl? Everyone is watching with so many eyes! "
On the sunrise, she shrugged her shoulders and looked around the whole toffee palace at the same time, and all the imperial maids and maids bowed their heads in her sight.
While koo was implicated, Zhao Xiwen became a target at this time!
Almost everyone blamed her for being unconscious in May!
It’s hard to say, Zhao Xiwen, where is there time to care about other people’s opinions and ideas at this time!
On the occasion of the dispute between You Xi and Qi Hei, Zhao Xibi carefully lifted May’s small plate from the ground.
Cautious actions revealed her panic and distress until May was held in her arms. After that, Zhao Xiwen looked at her with a look in her face and said, "Toffee, it was really my fault today!
But the people who caused all this believe that you know very well! Of course, if you want to ask too much, the princess will tell you the truth!
Sister Taifei has hurt this child. Now take her to apologize to sister Taifei. Help yourself! "
Zhao precious little words turn round and then walk angrily gesture didn’t give on the sunrise to refute the opportunity!
Finally, in the past few years, the little abacus of the sunrise has been calculated to her head!
Today, if she didn’t get up late and come to pay her respects to Youxi alone, these things might not have happened!
Youxi, you are good!