Cheyenne sighed that she had caused too much karma, and once again confirmed that Mu Yunqing sent a security force. Cheyenne earnestly persuaded Bai Mengyan to go back and then went to bed.
Spend a safe night
Cheyenne entered the game during the day and took a group of people to brush thin silk to play vice. These people never said anything. From the eyes they longed for and worshipped, Cheyenne knew that Bai Mengyan had confirmed to them yesterday that Zunbao was owned by the Great Devil, and they were so obedient.
The harvest during the day was not bad. Cheyenne even got a forging drawing of equipment, which is one of the most valuable things at present.
When I entered the game again in the evening, Cheyenne couldn’t wait to be replaced by a master player, and it was less than two hours before the chain was left. After two hours, Cheyenne’s fabricated master player knelt down and licked me, and this person would no longer be there.
"President yesterday, you are not going to take me to see the forging master? Where are you? Let’s go now! I can’t wait! " Cheyenne said actively.
"Devil, don’t pretend. I already know it’s you!" Chen Young said coldly.
Xia Anxin was surprised but didn’t lose the Oscar for best male pig’s foot. "President, you sent the wrong message, didn’t you? I am not a big devil? "
"Still pack with me? I have heard your voice for a long time, and I have never exposed you, but I just want to benefit your great strength! " Chen Young arrogant laughed and said.
"Are you fucking deaf or blind? I’m not the big devil!" Cheyenne flustered call way
"Now everyone in the whole game doesn’t know that Zunbao is the big devil. Since the big devil has something to change into Zunbao, isn’t it normal for others to sneak into other guilds to spy on secrets?" Chen Young paid no attention to the god-level expert kneeling and licking me to explain that he was not as sure as he said. It must have been when he knew Zunbao was the incarnation of the Great Devil. Yesterday, when he saw the Great Devil openly teasing Bai Mengyan in the world notice, he held his breath. Now he spilled his anger on the suspected Great Devil.
Chen Young knelt down and licked my origin with suspicion. Now he would rather kill the wrong person than let go of his mind and decided not to believe in this coveted master.
"Nimei!" Cheyenne, seeing Yan Chen’s appearance, obviously won’t believe him any more, and there isn’t so much time for the chain. God-level master kneels and licks me to live.
Okay, this undercover is a complete failure! Summer in peace of mind silently thinking about a grind directly in the guild shouted, "What broke the guild president’s word is too disappointing comrades, I went to the pig quit guild and wanted to go with me to join the future pig quit guild! If you don’t want to go, meet again and we will be enemies! "
I just want to disgust you! Cheyenne withdrew from the morning alliance with such a flash of mind. This undercover operation left Chen Young frustrated and quickly appeased the guild members.
Chapter 9 It’s hard to hide it.
Cheyenne’s undercover operation was a complete failure, and he didn’t dig Ouye, which really made him feel quite stuffy.
Since I can’t dig up a forging master, I’ll cultivate one myself! Cheyenne gnashed her teeth and wanted to switch to the status of Zunbao with red high heels. She usually has more guild members and is very popular among ordinary members with sister attributes.
Cheyenne has said hello to red high heels and asked her to help pay attention to this Mulinsen and see if this person’s temper and personality are really suitable for the backbone to cultivate.
After listening to Cheyenne’s question about Mulinsen in red high heels, he thought for a moment and said, "This man has a rather dull temper. He never talks much in the team. I think he is not bad, but more specific. I’m afraid you need to judge for yourself. He should be in the guild’s exclusive creation room now. You can contact him."
"When my little girl grows up, she looks like a decent girl!" Cheyenne praised red high heels.
"I’m not a little girl!" Red high heels were very dissatisfied and shouted, "By the way, my brother asked me to ask you if you want to join the Zhantian Alliance."
"Who is your brother?" Cheyenne asked in surprise.
Red high-heeled shoes are angry. "You don’t care about me at all. I’m so disappointed!"
"I must be more concerned about you after I am wrong. Who is your brother?"
"Zhantian Alliance Tomahawk"
Cheyenne surprised really didn’t pretend to say "he is your brother? I thought he was your suitor! Is it really a brother? "
"Hum!" Red heels pouted when they said this.
Cheyenne guessed that the Red Heels Battle Alliance was unusual, but she didn’t expect Tomahawk to be her brother. Why didn’t she join the Battle Alliance and come to the Pig Ring Association?
"Since your brother is a Tomahawk, why don’t you stay in the Zhantian Alliance and join the Pig Ring Association?"
"You don’t doubt that I’m an undercover agent of Zhantian Alliance?" Red high heels asked.
Cheyenne laughed. "Little girl, your mind is too heavy. I didn’t mean that, and I’m afraid you won’t know if you want to be undercover!"
"Zhantian Alliance is too boring and boring. I came to Pig Ring Association because Zunbao invited me!" Red high heels said of course.
"Is your brother a soldier?" Cheyenne asked curiously that he really didn’t know anything about Zhantian Alliance in his previous life, but he had heard about their strict discipline.
Naughty red high-heeled shoes spat out their tongues and said, "I dare not say that. You’d better ask him yourself."
Cheyenne teased the little girl with red high heels again, and then she went to the pig ring guild to create a room. She got the entry code from Yan Pu and entered a guild exclusive.
The creation room is a guild-specific map, where all the life professions in the guild, such as forging, skill creation, enchanter, chef and so on, are recorded. Everyone can get a separate room in this creation, and they can try their own ideas freely.
Yan Pu knew that Cheyenne was coming to see Cheyenne, and when he came in, he called everyone else up and solemnly introduced Cheyenne to others. After seeing Zunbao, a famous figure, everyone seemed very excited.
Most of these people don’t have much talent in fighting, but it doesn’t prevent them from having a heart to respect the strong. After knowing that Zunbao is the Great Devil, many of them immediately became die-hard fans of the Great Devil.
Although the former demon king had a bad reputation, it was when other people were waiting for him. They were all very happy to have such a strong teammate.
Cheyenne took a group photo with everyone as kindly as a leader at the grass-roots level, and he noticed that there was a very indifferent guy sitting in the corner.
This man is Mulinsen.
Cheyenne was busy with other people’s social activities and asked them to go their separate ways. Then he stopped and was about to leave Mulinsen.
"Are you a forger?" Cheyenne cut to the chase and asked
Mulinsen nodded and didn’t speak.
"I’ve worked on that chain you forged, and the effect is not bad. Do you have any new ones?" Cheyenne asked
From forging, Mulinsen became interested in talking and said, "Lack of forging drawings."
Cheyenne doesn’t lack the experience of dealing with creative talents with strange personality. In his previous life, he joined a guild specializing in various technologies of games. There were some idealists who didn’t want to be tied down. This named guild gathered a large number of talents.
These people all yearn for freedom, and they are unwilling to join those big powers because they are bent on deciphering the problems in the game. Cheyenne has never wanted to win them over now.
In the past, the guild was still very famous. People here are interested in hobbies and never talk about other issues. Many guilds tried to sneak in and attract talents, but they failed.
This is a group of geeks whose roots are not attracted by matter.