Above a hundred feet high, the air is thin and the clouds are light. A man dressed in a red robe with flowers on his feet seems to have been waiting for a long time.
"You are late." Although this is said, there is not much dissatisfaction in the tone of Hua Wuye, but with a little self-satisfaction.
The rise of "kill. I killed the demons in Zihuan and Tianxiong. " Chen Shaobai face Se Tuo red, with a faint bouquet.
"Conveniently tu unique? This guy really kills xìng! "
Flower night silently shook his head. But it doesn’t show, his sleeve robe. A khaki Se sachet engraved with inscriptions emerges.
There are 64 inscriptions on the array, which belongs to the category of top-grade spiritual weapons.
This thing can neither be attacked nor defended, and it is not conducive to escape. However, most monks will buy one as long as they have spare lingshi.
Storage bag, compressed storage items, isolation and classification.
After all, it doesn’t involve the real laws of space, and it can only store things that are not easily broken and can withstand compression. xìng is very limited, and it can’t compare with the space of sumeru mustard seed with the small white fox’s purple pupil, so Chen Shaobai didn’t move to buy it.
"Look at my achievements in these two months."
With the slightly complacent tone of Flowers Without Night, materials stained with bloody magic gas emerged from the storage bag one by one, wrapped in fiery red magic power and suspended in the sky.
The region where the two people live has formed a dazzling evening glow, and Zi Xia bursts, which has aroused the attention of the residents of Muxi City.
In the spare time of the month, Ruixue meets Chixiao. In the eyes of mortals, if there is a catastrophe, there is a terrible person to be born.
"How about it?"
Looking at the grotesque, ferocious magic xìng’s existence, Chen Shaobai chuckled and touched the little white fox on his shoulder.
Purple se pupil slowly opened, light blue se light spot emerged in front of two people, and rapidly expanded into various parts of monster beast and demon body.
A dazzling array of items can almost hold an exhibition of evil materials.
Psst …
Hua Wu gasped at night, and looked at Chen Shaobai with a strange look: "I can understand that you can cut off these monsters, such as Ziyun Leopard, Chasing Lei Hu and Flying Shura, but … what’s with the wings made by the dark wing evil?"
He knows very well that even if you don’t calculate other valuable materials, the dark wing evil alone makes it fly, which is equivalent to the value of those materials he took out himself.
In the underground world, the Dark Wings are absolute aristocrats. Even the existence of juveniles can be compared with the monks who quench their breath only by their own strength. What’s more, Chen Shaobai took out the breath on the dark wings, which was sharper than his own.
Died in Chen Shaobai’s hands, is definitely quenching gas double youth dark wing evil make!
Hua Wuye was a little puzzled: "Generally speaking, the sunlight in the ground world will do great harm to the dark-winged evil spirits. Except for those young people who are jumpy and have no constraints from their elders, such young dark-winged evil spirits should not come up easily."
"You this pair of wings, is obviously just cut down less than half a month, qi and blood is still active not rot. What the hell is going on? "
"A few days ago, when Rizi passed by Tianxiong City, he happened to meet a young dark-winged evil who slaughtered the people. He was not weak in strength, and he was even more capable of running for his life. I chased him to the underground world and managed to trap him." Chen Shaobai’s narrative is simple and clear, directly omitting the battle and jumping to a critical stage.
Gao Mianchao was about to repeat himself, but he described it in extremely dry words: "The demon in his childhood was very scheming, and I didn’t know how to attract a stronger dark-winged demon. I killed the demon conveniently, but he escaped."
"Well, you won this bet."
Although the flowers hurt a little, he still promised to hand out a sapphire bottle. . . )

Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Qiu Wanfa
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Qiu Wanfa
Like being cut off a piece of meat by life, Hua Wuyou fumbled at the corner of her mouth: "A bottle of Tibetan gas, I have been busy for two months in vain."
Returning to Tibet, returning to Tibet by all means, being concise and seeking truth, contains the true feelings of the strong in the realm of "reaching truth", and is a panacea for those who quench their qi and are hard to find, and cannot be refined unless they are alchemists.
After checking it, I put it in my pocket. Chen Shaobai was a little drunk: "You added this bet yourself, and you are not as good as others. Naturally, you have to be willing to gamble and lose."
Most people who cultivate immortals are arrogant and pay great attention to face. Although they lost for a while, Hua Wuyou still stuck his neck and pretended to be disdainful: "The skills are not as good as people?" I’m a student of one of the five true stories, and I even have the possibility of making it into a refined array and entering the core. You’re a mere sword … eh? "
Halfway through the conversation, he found himself unable to go on. Feeling Chen Shaobai’s unusual mana fluctuation, I stared at him like a ghost without a night, and my throat went up and down for half a day, but I couldn’t speak.
People are still that person, but both the realm and the strength are not what they used to be.
Chen Shaobai’s breath clearly shows that he is now a monk in the realm of quenching gas and double channeling.
But it’s only been just over two months. Is it reasonable? Is it possible!
"Is it because I am presbyopic?"
Hua Wuye felt that her brain couldn’t turn around. She observed it again and again and finally confirmed it. If you don’t still have a little clarity, you will almost have a relapse. Jealousy arose.
"You … you broke through?"
Chen Shaobai didn’t hide his breath, spent no night to clearly perceive his present state, but reason made him have a little doubt and wanted to hear the "truth" from the client’s mouth.
Which know, Chen Shaobai just nodded gently, looked at him with a little ponder, also don’t make any explanation.
The two men looked at each other. Small eyes at each other, silence half ring, spend no night just like an epiphany shook his head. Throw your thoughts out of your mind and say, "I’m sorry, I was too obsessed before."
Which practitioner didn’t? There are no opportunities that you don’t want to talk about? Mutual respect for secrets is an established rule, and it is taboo to ask others secrets. After the reaction, Hua Wuye also consciously did something wrong.
"Nothing." Chen Shaobai smiled and shook his head.
After talking a few words about the exorcism situation on the road again and exchanging some cultivation experience, Chen Shaobai said: "These days, the breath of gas quenching experts frequently appears in Fengzhou, and ten people who are Haotianmen are coming soon. Let’s go ahead and get ready."
"It should be so."
From qingxuanmen to haotianmen. It’s hard to imagine the distance during the period. Even a master of quenching gas realm will spend three or five years trying to move on without a good means of transportation. Spend no night thinking that there is no chance to go to Haotianmen. Then Yu Xun offered a gift to sell his personal feelings before the dream glass fairy officially became a teacher.
He is by no means the only one who holds such thoughts.
An invisible torrent has involved the Shang kingdom, and the dark cháo is surging, and the talented men and heroes are fighting with each other like fish and shrimp. No one knows whether they will be satisfied with eating. Or suddenly jump out of a big dragon and swallow them all.
Both of them are masters of the psychic realm, and Feng Xu defends the wind. Soon, he came to the purpose.
This place is adjacent to the Autumn Fantasy Village. Xiantao bears fruit, bamboo is cultivated and clouds are flowing, Yao grass is blooming, and pines and cypresses are long.
I have made up my mind to make friends, so I will not be stingy with my praise and praise: "In Zongmen, I only heard that Shang is a small border country, but I didn’t expect such a beautiful place. No wonder I can give birth to such an outstanding person as Teacher Chen."
After all, after returning to Zongmen, due to the factional position, it was hard for him to find an opportunity to communicate with Chen Shaobai, so he deliberately struck while the iron was hot and tried to make the relationship between the two more secure.
Many friends and many roads, not only spend no night thinking like this, but also Chen Shaobai. The road ahead is still long, and the world is unpredictable, and no one can estimate it.
"This place is barren and barren, and it’s hard to get into the eyes of senior martial brother. I don’t know what happened, so it can produce such a change."
Chen Shaobai’s eyes are full of doubts. When he was hunting in previous years, he often wandered in this mountain, with everything in his heart. If there is such a beautiful place in heaven and earth, he will be impressed.
However, in fact, there is no relevant existence in his memory.
"Have friends come from afar, joy? Taoist friends of Qing Xuanmen are here. Why don’t you sit down and get together? It’s a pity that I came in a hurry, and I only prepared some rough melons and bad fruits, and I’m afraid it’s hard to get into your eyes. "
While they were thinking, the male xìng’s voice came not far away.
"Master!" Chen Shaobai and spend no night glances, slightly jǐng if.
Looking down the sound source, I saw a well-dressed man standing among the flowers. At first glance, he only felt like a mortal childe with a little valor, not like a practitioner.
But how can two potential psychic realms be human without being discovered?
"It turned out to be Brother Qiu." Hua Wuye seemed relieved. He smiled and exchanged pleasantries with each other.