First, I met the legendary killer Leitian in the underground palace, but I didn’t know what was wrong with Leitian’s brain. I gave myself a magic weapon of fairy level, "Ding Haizhu", not to mention a roll of gobbledygook. Where can there be such a good thing in the world!
To save the soul of Qin Shihuang, you have to help him resurrect the soul to get the map of mountains and rivers, a reason to lie to children. Can you say that you are really an inexperienced child?
However, the fairy in the book also said that the map of mountains and rivers was indeed the ultimate magic weapon for the first emperor to win politics, and only he knew the whereabouts of this magic weapon. That is to say, the old guy Qin Shihuang must be saved, but he can’t be completely saved-at least he can’t be saved until he gets the map of mountains and rivers.
"Who? !” Han Yang instinctively felt an uncomfortable feeling of being peeked at secretly.
Another guy who can see through the fairy’s "invisibility curse" in the book and can even avoid my angry contact … Han Yang made a judgment in his mind in an instant: this is a master who is absolutely not to be taunted now!
Just as Han Yang was preparing to run for the strong first, an illusory voice came out: "Who is the winner of the first emperor?"
Shit, Qin Shihuang! Er, no, it’s the soul of Qin Shihuang … Han Yang’s heart was shocked and relieved at the same time.
No wonder his anger can’t feel his existence. It turned out that the noumenon was sealed, but in this case, he can still see himself under the invisibility spell. It seems that Qin Shihuang himself is an old pervert with strength.

Chapter 47 The Soul of the First Emperor (below)
"The younger generation Han Yang met his predecessors." Han Yang’s heart already has a dispute. Now he puts on a bright smile and strides forward.
"Han Yang, the younger generation, met Monta, the predecessor of Bai Qi, and valued giving me the fairy’ Ding Haizhu’. I wonder if there is any place where I can help my predecessors?" Every sentence of Han Yang’s remarks is true, but every sentence is hypocritical. His purpose is only the picture of mountains and rivers. As for Qin Shihuang, please help him according to the situation.
Qin Shihuang’s soul stared at Han Yang for three seconds before nodding: "There is indeed a breath of leitian. It seems that he has got out of trouble … I am confused and mistakenly believe the slanderers of Xu Fu’s traitor, so that Leitian has been trapped for thousands of years …"
Han Yang sneer at the heart since ancient times emperors are ruthless. The reason why Qin Shihuang didn’t speak leitian was that God knows if it was all because he listened to Xu Fu’s slanders.
Now, of course, Qin Shihuang’s remarks do account for a lot of regrets, but in order to gain Han Yang’s feelings, they still account for the majority.
Han Yang certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to expose Qin Shihuang’s nonsense. Now both of them are calculating each other for their own purposes.
"Although Han Yang, the predecessor of the first emperor, was humble, he was deeply trusted by his predecessors in Leitian. Will he do his best to help his predecessors know what Han can do?"
Qin Shihuang showed a kind smile and praised him: "I believe that those who can get leitian’s attention must be extraordinary." However, if you want to break the seal of my innate array, your current strength is indeed much worse. "
Han Yang was so funny that he pretended to hurry along with the meaning of Qin Shihuang: "The younger generation heard that there is another way to help the older generation get rid of this array besides breaking the congenital array. Is it true or not?"
Qin Shihuang nodded and said, "Yes, as long as there is a magic weapon that can connect Yin and Yang, I can leave this damn twelve-capital Tianmen array through this magic weapon!"
"Unicom yin and yang?" Han Yang pretended to be puzzled, followed by an suddenly enlightened expression and carefully asked, "I don’t know if Fu Longding counts?"
"What Fulongding? Is it the magic weapon of the Bodhi Taoist in Fangcun Mountain? " Qin Shihuang was surprised and looked at Han Yang with a beaming face. "Does the younger brother know the Bodhi Taoist?"
Han Yang nodded and shook his head. "The younger generation doesn’t know any Bodhi Taoist, but Fu Longding is now a gift from an old-timer I met before."
"Fu Longding is on you?" Qin Shihuang showed an incredible expression.
"Not bad." While speaking, Han Yang has offered the Fulongding from his own sumeru mustard seed space.
As soon as Qin Shihuang saw Fulongding shining with bright green light, he suddenly revealed an irresistible ecstasy: "Fulongding is indeed Fulongding!"
"Hanyang Xiaoyou didn’t expect you to be so blessed that you can win the favor of Bodhi Taoist. The future will be limitless." Qin Shihuang’s address to Han Yang instantly became "Little Friend" Fu Longding, which is a magic weapon that can help him get rid of the array of the Twelve Doors of Heaven!
In order to leave this seal, Qin Shihuang has waited for more than 2,000 years to miss this time, and God knows how many 130 years it will take!
Han Yang and Qin Shihuang’s faces showed a happy smile at the same time, but only they knew the meaning of their smiles.
"Senior junior now is not enough to wield the power of this Fulongding …" Han Yang hesitated.
Qin Shihuang nodded and naturally saw that Han Yang was now at the bottleneck stage in the later period of practicing Qi. This kind of cultivation was tantamount to dreaming of Fu Longding, the treasure that wanted to drive the Bodhi Taoist.
But if it’s just to help yourself out, it should be easy. Besides, now is the time when the seal of the Twelve Doors Tianmen Large Array is the weakest. As long as you struggle to consume some yuan gods, you can certainly get rid of this damn seal!
Thought of this, the smile on Qin Shihuang’s face became more cheerful: "Little friend, don’t worry, I have my own way. I will thank you for your help this time. I will definitely repay my little friend when I return to the flesh."
"The seniors are serious!" Han Yang hurriedly revealed an expression of apprehension but couldn’t help laughing in my heart.
Qin Shihuang’s soul breathed a long sigh of relief and then read a long and strange spell.
"Hanyang Xiaoyou, when you see a yellow dragon rising from my body for a while, you will sacrifice the Fulongding and forcibly take me in and become it." Qin Shihuang said with a serious face.
"The seniors are relieved that the younger generation understands." Han Yang also said somberly that success or failure depends on it.
Qin Shihuang stopped talking and quietly closed his eyes. As time went by, a powerful momentum suddenly rose to the sky. Then Han Yang saw a yellow dragon separated from Qin Shihuang’s soul. At this moment, Han Yang sealed his hands and shouted: "Open!"
The green light on Fulongding instantly soared by three points, and a solid green light was emitted from Fulongding, which was different from the previous use of Fulongding. This green light was condensed several times and was semi-materialized.
The green light instantly wrapped around Qin Shihuang’s soul, which was different from the past. This time, Han Yang felt a strong sense of bondage. Qin Shihuang’s soul was indeed imprisoned by a powerful seal.
"Boom!" Han Yang once again printed 18 kinds of handprints, and finally tied it with lotus seal, which stabilized Fulongding and pulled Qin Shihuang’s soul to Fulongding bit by bit.
"Heaven and earth promise to do the Dharma!" By this time, Han Yang can no longer consider what a square inch mountain is not a square inch mountain. The ability of demons in the body has also reached its peak. All the reiki accumulated in the underground palace has been manipulated, and the "Ding Haizhu" that Leitian gave to Han Yang has also been influenced by demons to produce extremely dazzling white light.
As a whistle sounded, the soul of Qin Shihuang was finally taken in by Fu Longding along with the Huanglong.
"Hey hey, you’re done. I’m exhausted …" Seeing the success, Han Yang slumped on the ground, panting, and his body seemed to collapse.
At the moment when Han Yang sat down, a strong murderous look came at Han Yang in the ear.
"Fight!" Han Yang instinctively drank out that piece of "dou" token in Han Yang’s arms and instantly turned into nothingness.
With the disappearance of the "Dou" token, an odd array centered on Han Yang was instantly blessed in this space.
"Using the word" dou "array seems to have met the main murderous opponent …" It is hundreds to thousands of small! The fairy in the book who said that he was eating melon seeds suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth to follow his hands to form a series of dazzling French seals.
With the formation of these French-Indian "Dou", which wrapped Han Yang, some subtle changes have taken place, but Han Yang, which has been exhausted, has no present.
Four men wrapped in black cloth instantly appeared, and the source of murderous look that almost killed Han Yang just now was a flying knife shining with deep and remote blue light.
"This boy has just received the soul of Qin Shihuang, and it seems that he came for the map of mountains and rivers!"
"This array is weird. Be careful."
"It’s a good thing this kid can’t fix it, otherwise that Fulongding alone will kill our brother thousands of times."

Chapter 48 Yaochi Fairy (on)
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"Now is not the time to talk nonsense and kill people!" With the voice of the man whose face was covered with a black cloth, the four men made the sharpest offensive against this sudden array.
Han Yang, who is in the eye of the array, entered a short period of concentration at the moment because of excessive consumption.