In front of Naruto, a girl with green hair is talking to two people around her. "I’m so happy to meet all kinds of people when I come out this time. I told you, why do you always hide in the village? You still have to come out and get in touch with people to better show the meaning of life. People need to communicate. It’s no good to be ignorant like teachers."
One of them replied, "Fu, don’t forget how we can get down to business every time we come out this time. Adult Longying Shadow wants to establish an alliance with Muye Village, not to let you come out to play, but to let you learn more from us. After all, you have to inherit the position of Longying Village Shadow and don’t always think about playing. This is not the reason why you left the village."
Fu mouth suddenly du up way "how do you like the teacher stubborn I ignore you" say that finish fu blunt go out.
Long endure village two endure immediately shouted "hey fu, you wait for us." Say that finish two people nai chased.
Fu heard two people shouting behind him and ignored them. He continued to speed up and rushed forward to vent his depression.
Fu knows in her heart that she is a pillar of strength and an heir to the shadow of Long Ren Village, but Fu doesn’t like these things. She likes to live in detention and make new friends. She really wants to leave the village and travel everywhere, but she is responsible for letting her live her own life. She can also vent her dissatisfaction by losing her temper.
Fu rushed all the way forward and didn’t pay much attention to the road ahead because she could react to it. Suddenly, she felt that something in front suddenly blocked her way. She quickly looked up and looked forward. Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Fu. The speed of the two people was too fast, so they couldn’t avoid it. They suddenly bumped into each other.
Fu got up from the ground and held her forehead and shouted, "Ah, it hurts. That bastard suddenly appeared in front of me. Do you know that it hurts?"
Naruto didn’t feel anything. It was a little painful, but it wasn’t exaggerated. Naruto got up when he heard Fu’s words. "Hey, will you find out?" You hit me. I heard you coming. Now you still blame me for being absent-minded. Now the wicked complain first. "
At this time, two forbearers from Longren Village also rushed over to see the two people bump into each other, and suddenly they got up. One of them forbeared to ask, "Fu, are you all right? I told you not to rush at you, but you didn’t listen. Now, I’m sorry, little brother. She’s not in a good mood. Don’t take it amiss."
Naruto waved his hand and said, "I’m okay, but is she okay?"
Fu shook his head and said, "I’m fine. This little injury is nothing. My name is Fu. What’s your name?"
Naruto said after a slight pause, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki from Konoha Ninja Village. Nice to meet you."
Fu also laughed. "Me too. I’m from Longren Village. Nice to meet you."
Suddenly, Kyubi no Youko said in Naruto’s voice, "Naruto is our goal this time." Naruto was a little surprised. He didn’t expect to bump into someone casually. What a coincidence!
This is when Fu suddenly looked up at Naruto in surprise and said, "What a coincidence that you are Kyubi no Youko’s column force. I am seven-tailed column force."
Naruto smiled slightly after one leng. "Well, it’s quite clever to introduce me again-I’m Naruto Uzumaki from Kyubi no Youko."
Chapter four hundred and forty-seven Sent to Vulpix
Fu seems very happy that she has been asking Naruto everything, and she seems very interested in Naruto. In fact, it is understandable that Fu will be so excited. Although the villagers in Longren Village will not be isolated like the other five big countries, there are still many people who don’t like the people’s strength. It is also a small village. This small village has a people’s strength, which is very attractive to the high-level people in the village. Therefore, Fu has never been in contact with anyone since she was a child. What’s more, it is just like herself. bijuu has a people’s strength.
Fu Kaixin asked, "Na, Na Naruto, is every village particularly bad for people? Why don’t they make friends with me?"
Fu seems very simple, and Naruto especially likes it. It is very difficult for Fu to keep a pure heart, especially in such an environment.
Naruto laughed. "Yes, those villagers are afraid of people who are different from them. In fact, in their hearts, we can no longer be called people, but bijuu is wearing human skin. They are afraid that bijuu hates bijuu, but they are too weak to bully people. It is particularly unfortunate when people are still young. We can’t live a better life until we have enough strength to protect ourselves, but the shadow of childhood can’t run away."
Fu was a little sad and said, "You are right. When Naruto was a child, those children always bullied me and called me a monster. No one played with me. I always liked to go out of the village alone, so that I could know more people. These people would not hate me because I was a pillar force. I was not so lonely."
Naruto smiled and touched Fu’s head and said, "You are wrong. We are not alone. We and bijuu are our best friends. They will never betray our friends. You should get along well with your bijuu."
Fu smiled happily. "Well, Xiao Qi and I are very good friends."
Naruto smiled and nodded. "Oh, that’s good."
Fu You asked happily, "What does Naruto Kyubi no Youko look like? Is he particularly ferocious? I heard many people say that Kyubi no Youko is the most ferocious in bijuu. Is it true?"
Naruto laughed. "Do you want to see it yourself?"
Fu Kaixin asked, "Is it okay?"
Naruto laughed. "What’s the matter? Let’s touch our fists. Let’s integrate chakra so that we can enter the spirit of bijuu. You can see the Nine Lamas and I can see the Seven Tails."
Fu was excited to hear Naruto say that he could enter the spirit of bijuu and see Kyubi no Youko. "Really?"? That piece of "say that finish, she stretched out her little fist and looked at Naruto with excitement.
Naruto was very happy to see such a cheerful girl for the first time, so he also smiled and extended his fist, and the two fists collided together.
Bijuu Spirit Fu looked around in surprise and noticed the weight of seven tails behind him. She also noticed the weight of seven tails behind Naruto. Kyubi no Youko Fu was happy to see Kyubi no Youko and asked, "You are Kyubi no Youko. What’s your name? Oh, by the way, if you want to ask your family’s name, you have to declare your name first. Hello, my name is Fu. It’s a weight of seven tails. Nice to meet you. Wow, your hair is so soft and it feels so comfortable."
Nine lamas suddenly felt uncomfortable. It was the first time they met this uninvited acquaintance, Kyubi no Youko, who seemed very unaccustomed.
Kyubi no Youko recovered her paws and said, "Hello, my name is Nine Lamas."
Fu laughed. "Nine lamas? What a strange name, but the so-called name is just a code name. "
When Kyubi no Youko heard Fu’s full talk, it was suddenly a full face of black lines. In fact, Kyubi no Youko didn’t like his name very much. At that time, Ootutuki Hagoromo could accept it.
See Kyubi no Youko a face of embarrassment sample immediately laughed "how do I have a good personal strength?"
Kyubi no Youko suddenly said awkwardly, "It’s quite good, but I can’t stand it. Why don’t you have a seal? So you volunteered to be this little girl bijuu?"
Seven tails smiled again. "Well, I entered the Futi voluntarily, and you know that I don’t like being disturbed. When the village of Longren was built on my site, I made a deal with the shadow at that time. I entered the human body to make it a pillar of strength to protect the village, and they were fine. Just don’t bother me."
Kyubi no Youko said, "It’s your choice. If it were me, I wouldn’t be free. According to this novel method, you are a dead house and a generation of people stay at home."