Investigate the reason. Or because Xiao asked to take the Sea Temple with him, if those materials are used again in the future. It will definitely bring great trouble to the world god alliance.
Being able to attract so many people, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing have a sense of fulfillment after getting used to it.
Because the world god alliance is not just a handful of Asian gods in the celestial world, when they attract a part of Asian gods in the world god alliance, then there are fewer and fewer Asian gods that can be deployed by Ziyó u. And their clique can be more than Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing, and there are other J and jīng English who have been armed! Those people can take the opportunity to challenge the world god alliance!
However, due to the restriction of the Northern Wilderness, Emperor Xuanyuan could not specifically return to the celestial world to slay Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing. In fact, in Xuanyuan Emperor’s realm, every time the boundary is broken, it will make a lot of noise, and it is not so easy.
The barrier between worlds is like a fishing net. Asian gods are small fish and can easily get through the net, but the gods are big fish, so it is even more difficult to get through the net.
In this way, half a year passed in a blink of an eye, and Xiao asked about life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit or nothing happened. However, their escape career was finally about to change!
On this day, Xiao Wen opened his eyes again from meditation and said to Nan Yunqing seriously, "Miss Nan, I found an excellent evasive technique in Zhenhai Jing."
"This escape technique is called dragon escape. As long as I learn it, I can have the escape speed of the Asian God realm."
Nan Yunqing couldn’t help but be silent, because this fact is too heavy!
Since this year and a half, since she saw that the world god alliance wanted to kill Xiao Wen more, she has always felt that it is a waste that two people are still together. This can’t be blamed on her. She has made great efforts, and when she looks at this problem, she can see the gains and losses better.
In Nan Yunqing’s view, Xiao Wen’s self-protection ability is actually very strong. There are thousands of miles of barren ancient seas in Fiona Fang that can prevent people from teleporting, and there are water barriers, a means of defense against fate. He is still wearing a set of Poseidon armor with strong defense. It can be said that it is actually very difficult for one or two Asian gods to kill him.
What Xiao Wen lacks is just an evasive technique that can compete with Yashen.
With an excellent escape technique, Xiao Wen can act on his own, and Nan Yunqing, the strongest force in this "alliance rebellion", can also be liberated and do more damage to the world god alliance.
Because Xiao Wen didn’t have such an escape technique, Nan Yunqing had to stay with Xiao Wen all the time and fly with Xiao Wen.
This more than a year’s time, Nan Yunqing has been asking Xiao Wen to look for clever evasion in Zhenhai Jing, and now he has finally found it!
As for learning to be separated from Nan Yunqing after the operation, Xiao Wen is not reluctant to part with it. On the contrary, he really wants to be separated from Nan Yunqing.
And the reason is actually a little hard to say, that is, he can’t stand being taken care of by Nan Yunqing all the time …
He is a big man at least, and he has the power of a saint realm. He has been taken care of by a woman he loves, which is really a bit unpleasant.
He wants to be independent, or even if he is with Nan Yunqing, everyone is equal in strength. If she can help him, he can help her.
This separation is exactly a matter of killing several birds with one stone.
After separation, he will definitely try his best to improve his strength. When he meets Nan Yunqing next time, he may not need her to take care of him.
Next, just wait for him to fix the dragon!
There is a prerequisite for us to master this technique, that is, to master a large number of wild and ancient seas!
The trick of this escape technique is to condense a large number of wild ancient seas into hoses, and then stimulate them with special methods, and deposit part of the performer’s soul power in the hoses to achieve fast and flexible results.
This is completely the magical power of a desolate ancient sea clan, which is quite mysterious and has a very high threshold. It is said that human beings are not qualified to learn at all. However, Xiao asked about the inheritance of the temple of the sea, which is another matter.
On the first day of practicing the dragon escape, he felt that he could not only learn, but also learn very well!
Thankfully, when Emperor Xuanyuan sealed in the heart of the sea, Xiao asked to wear Poseidon’s armor in advance, and those wild ancient seas were all within Poseidon’s armor.
However, now the silver shell has only a thin layer left, and it won’t be long before it disappears completely.
With the progress of Hualong dun, Xiao Wen is more and more excited, and he can’t help saying, it’s almost time for me to set off a romantic relationship! ! (To be continued. )

Chapter five hundred and fifteen Nine kills
Is it possible to make a storm in the world by relying on a superb escape technique?
Of course not!
However, if a person who has mastered an excellent evasive technique still has good fighting power, or even carries something that everyone can’t ignore, that’s all right.
Xiao Wen meets such conditions!
In terms of combat power, he has Poseidon Armor, Divine Water Barrier, three six-layer fairies, and Fire Fairy Pupil, which is not inferior to the sub-God realm to attack the avatar. On "can’t be ignored", he carries the Sea Temple, all materials can be used casually, and he can also induce labor and quench Jinxianhua liquid indefinitely …
It’s really just an escape technique for Xiao to ask questions.
The effect of speeding up is no longer significant when the flashing rainbow is in a higher level of monk’s realm. Since he was promoted to the realm of fairy king, Xiao Wen has no obvious advantage in speed. He thought that this situation could last forever. After all, it is the most normal phenomenon that monks of the same order are not much different in all aspects. The appearance of Hualong dun made Xiao Wen see hope again. ..
Unconsciously, he has actually mastered this evasion. However, he has never used it in public. This will be his secret weapon, and he has already decided not to use it until he has achieved great success. And it was the time when he and Nan Yunqing separated from each other when he repaired it to Dacheng’s Ri.
He has all the knowledge of Zhenhai Jing in his mind, and there is a huge amount of wild sea interest outside for him to collect and experiment. His progress is really quite fast.
With the gradual mastery of Hualong dun, he was even more amazed at the strangeness of this dun technique. That is really completely out of the scope of the magical power of contemporary immortals, and there is not a lot of desolate sea interest. Without extraordinary soul power, it is impossible to cultivate this kind of evasion.
And the power of this dragon dun is absolutely worthy of its ultra-high threshold!
Finally. Xiao Wen Hua Long Dun is infinitely close to Dacheng and can almost implement their plan. To our delight, the shell outside in the heart of the sea has finally disappeared completely.
On this day, Nan Yunqing flew on the sea with Xiao Wen and had already left the pursuer out of sight. The two finally discussed their plans.
They are extremely fast, even if they use protective measures. I can still feel the wet and cool sea breeze of cháo. The blue water is constantly left behind by them, but there is a broader blue Se in front, on this vast and boundless sea. When flying at super high speed, my mood has also become a lot more relaxed.
"Miss Nan, are you sure you want to get a real attack?" Xiao asked doubtfully.
"Not so, how can you fool them? Even if only one person sees the flaw. Subsequent plans cannot be implemented. " Nan Yunqing tunnel seriously.
"What if you are really seriously injured?"
"I have a sense of proportion."
"All right, then." Xiao asked only way.
"It was you. I haven’t seen you fully display the dragon escape. Are you sure that the speed of escape can be increased to the fastest Asian God? "
"I now this realm, will probably be slower than the fastest Asian god. However, my body has been improved by in the heart of the sea, and I am not afraid of them. I am definitely more persistent than them. "
"What about before they run out of power?"
"No problem, the dragon dun is not only fast. The response is also very sensitive. "
Nan Yunqing still has some confidence in Xiao Wen, and he knows that Xiao Wen will never be big at this juncture. So, this plan was finalized.
The world god alliance has deployed a large number of Asian gods to attack and block, and there is no long-term safe place for Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing.
Three days later, they were attacked again, and this time it seemed more unlucky than before, but they gradually fell into the encirclement of those pursuers.
Obviously, the two men still wanted to break through, but if they want to rush out, they still have to fight with the Asian gods of the World God League.
Finally, the battle began!
Seeing Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing have already burst into the crowd, but I don’t know if the Asian God of the World God Alliance attacked too hard, or if Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing made a mistake in their cooperation, they were shocked!
The battle at the sub-God level, when two people are separated, it is ten miles away!
Xiao asked, after all, the state is not enough. Under the siege of several Asian gods in the world, he is in a tight position in an instant, and it is dangerous! Now the target that the Lord of the World God wants to kill is him!
Nan Yunqing rushed to Xiao Wen without hesitation, trying to save Xiao Wen.