"Stay at the peak of pick Jin Xian mid-term for more than two months? More than two months with us? " XinYou could hardly believe her ears.
"With us, you don’t want to be exposed and practice secretly. How much time do you have alone?"
"It didn’t take long, but I actually found opportunities to practice for several hours during the time when I killed the flying dragon and intercepted Chang Ying’s former team and found the support soldier."
"A few hours …"
Yu Xueying’s eyes flashed completely, smiled wryly and shook his head. "Maybe I should take back the immortal statue, which can achieve that sentence very well. Obviously, it is a terrible thing for him to stay on a bottleneck for a few days, but for any of us, it is luck or genius to break through the bottleneck of the pick of the golden fairy in a few years. "
More than two months, and it is almost no practice time for more than two months. His tone obviously feels too long, so how fast is his promotion?
Anyway, many secrets were known by several companions, and these details were not concealed, but the consequence of making them public was that six people stared at him like monsters.
"If you can grow to the realm of immortals, it will be a nightmare for the whole celestial world!"
"It’s a hundred times scarier than Junlong’s taboo!"
"We stayed together for so long that we didn’t reveal our identity until we were in a desperate situation. This aspect is more terrible than your cultivation and potential!"
"Am I as exaggerated as you say?"
Chen cold turned supercilious look, eyes turned to those who pick Jin Xian, not frowned: "Murphy … to clean all the memories of twenty million people? Although they don’t know much, they also saw what just happened. As long as they leave here, they will definitely spread it. "
Look between full of disdain sneer, YuYun maple hum a track: "them? It’s just a bunch of useless waste. Since I promised, I won’t let your identity be exposed. Who has time to clean their memories? "
A little while later, millions of fierce beasts were killed, and more than 20 million Luo Jinxian, who lost very little, flew respectfully to Yu Qifeng like a moon.
"What’s the plan next?" Yu Yufeng asked.
"Get the ice beads to save people first, and I haven’t thought about the others yet." Chen Han has nothing to hide from his partners who have experienced the test of life and death.
"I’m with you."
"and me!"
"and me!"
All six people made the same choice, and I don’t know whether it was discussed long ago or a temporary decision.
Chen Hanku smiled and looked at the six people with a firm expression and shook his head. "Ladies and gentlemen, apart from Xin You, I believe you all have a good background, right? You are with me, not only it is easy for me to be exposed, but more importantly, what will happen if the forces behind you know? "
"Yunyi, the fifth sect under the celestial pole gate, is the grandson of the elder of Changsheng Pavilion!" YunYi toward Chen cold stretched out his right hand to sign up.
"Ningling, the fifth largest sect under the celestial gate, the great-granddaughter of Pope Changshengge!" Ningling’s smile is very sly.
"You …"
Now even the others were startled, and Yu Qifeng exclaimed, "You are from the same sect? Why … why can’t you see it at all, and act like a stranger? "
Yun Yi shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes: "At first, you didn’t say that you were the grandson of the Pope in the Ming Emperor’s Temple, except for being a second ancestor, did you?"
In a word, Yu Yunfeng was speechless, and Yu Xueying said faintly: "Yu Xueying, the closed disciple of the Emperor Lingyu, the Pope of Ziluo Palace."
"I am dizzy … you …"
Yu Qifeng pointed at her mouth and twitched. After a long time, she cried, "Oh, my God! What kind of hero am I trying to be to give you an absolute defense ban! She … It turns out that you are the favorite little disciple of Lingyu’s predecessors, and you are the most hidden among us. Don’t tell me that you don’t have any treasure on you, and you don’t take it out at all! "
There are three super powers that Chen Han has come into contact with, namely, the Ming Emperor’s Hall, the Xuanling Shengge and the Dome Yuzong, which are all in the middle of the celestial world.
There are more than 300 super powers in the whole celestial world, and their ranking is probably between 100 and 200.
In fact, from dozens to nearly 200 in the past, the power gap was not very big, and then there were those super powers that were relatively small and shallow. Up, the real behemoths are the top ten superpowers, and each chassis is at least ten times that of the Ming Emperor’s Hall.
Ziluo Palace.
The celestial world ranks more than twenty super powers, and its territory and power are more than five times that of the Ming Emperor’s Hall. The biggest feature of this sect is that it only recruits female disciples.
Any disciple who enters the Ziluo Palace must be a virgin, and he shall not marry from now on. Therefore, the inheritance of Ziluo Palace is not hereditary. After all, all sects can’t get married and are not allowed to have children. Where can the descendants inherit the position of Pope?
Although it is not the hereditary system of lineal relatives, the heirs are all selected from the disciples handed down by the Pope. There are thirteen disciples handed down by the Pope in Ziluogong, each of whom is a wizard with excellent qualifications. In the future, one of them will become the Pope, and the other twelve will become the elders of the clan. In short, as long as they become the personal disciples of the Pope, they can be the elders second only to the Pope at worst.
To put it bluntly, he has a grandfather and a father above him, and it is still early for him to become pope.
Besides, it’s not certain whether my grandfather and father will have other children, and the possibility of his successor being superior is far from as high as expected. Yu Xueying’s chance of becoming a pope is one in thirteen. Even if she is not a pope, she is an elder. As an influential elder of Ziluo Palace, she is even no less than the Pope of Ming Dynasty.