"The horse is going to play the playoffs. Can you tell me what preparations you have made?" Tang Wenlong was too high and the scene was too noisy. Sister Miller was forced to talk to Tang Wenlong louder.
Tang Wenlong had a hard time understanding her question and shrugged her shoulders and replied, "It’s cool. You know, it’s my first time to participate in the playoffs. I’m a little nervous and uneasy. All I can do is to keep my concentration on the court and train hard to adjust my state, as the coach said."
"You have done very well this season and the regular season is coming to an end. Do you have anything to say to your fans and friends who support you?"
Tang Wenlong thought for a moment and said sincerely, "Thank you for helping my friends in every life journey, and for all the fans who silently supported me. It was the support of the fans that gave me the courage to continue walking when I was in the most difficult and depressed time. Thank you for your companionship and support. The future road will surely go together!"
Tang Wenlong’s deep and magnetic words were heard by every fan who supported him before he came out of the microphone, and some of them shed tears of excitement.
The next day, the media rushed to report that the 76ers swept the Knicks in the season, and that the two cities were so close, and now it was a bit difficult to kill two tigers.
ESPN criticized the Knicks’ defensive attitude, and some experts believed that Anthony and Little Skgen could not get along with each other to form a good chemical reaction.
But in fact, the Knicks can’t defend at all, even if their attitude follows, there is no egg.
And Tang Wenlong has been praised more and more. After a season of competition among the first rookie, he stands out.
Personal data can be compared with him. There is Clippers Griffin, who averaged 22 points and 12 rebounds per game. It looks like Tim Duncan’s rookie data. At the same time, he also violently dunked N times in the first rookie season. Compared with Tang Wenlong, although he is the champion of dunk contest, he has not had several standard dunks in a season.
However, compared with a team with a record of 76 people, the fifth clipper in the East-the third last in the West.
This is a serious injury. Even if the Los Angeles media is hard-spoken, it can’t afford to fight back in the face of such a comparison. Tang Wenlong is really awesome
In China, there are fans who support Tang Wenlong.
His performance in other seasons is better than Yao’s. His style of playing is also very ornamental, and the most important thing is that he is also very good-looking. His male fans and female fans are not there. A few male fans think that Tang Wenlong is very strong, averaging 241 points per game in CBA. I’m afraid he can average 4+ female fans think that Tang Wenlong is handsome and meets the criteria of mate selection, which is quite a national husband.
At most, one word on my lips is
"You cow what ah look at somebody else’s Tang Wenlong is not the same after 9? Are you taller than others? Are you more handsome than others? Are you richer than others? "
Tang Wenlong lay on the ground and became the representative of Gao Fushuai.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six The end of the regular season
The regular season of the 111 season finally came to an end in a vigorous way, and the Bulls’ 62 wins and 2 losses became the league NO1.
The most important thing is that the Bulls look like a single-core team with Ross’ courage. After them, the Spurs have GDP and the Heat have the new Big Three. Even the Lakers can’t say that Gasol won two championships at the moment and is not a star player.
All this is obviously more in line with American personal hero values. Ross’s popularity was high before.
In the final MVP award, Ross led James, Kobe Bryant and all the players in the league. Amazingly, he is not yet 23 years old this year. If he can be elected as the MVP in the regular season, it will set a new NBA record.
The Chicago media claimed that the Bulls had revived and Ross was their savior.
They are obviously ambitious and aim at the championship, but it has been a very brilliant and incredible season for 76ers fans. At the beginning of the season, no one would believe that 76ers would end up with the fifth place in the East, which has not been a good result since 23 seasons.
Tang Wenlong rookie’s unbelievable performance in the season has become the new darling of the city.
Spurs coach Popovich commented, "His composure on the court is very valuable. We can’t treat him as an ordinary rookie and see that his future is limitless."
Average 241 points, 47 rebounds, 36 assists, 13 steals and 6 blocked shots per game. Tang Wenlong’s overall shooting percentage is as high as 49%, the shooting percentage of three-pointers is 396% and the shooting percentage of free throws is 73%. The first season is close to the prehistory of a club.
Some media claimed that Tang Wenlong should be selected as the best player in the league, and he is also a famous superstar in the league with no loss of personal data.
The 76ers fans laughed. Tang Wenlong’s performance in the first season was not much different from that of Iverson at the beginning. His personal efficiency, real shooting percentage and contribution to the team were far higher than those in the 1996 season. Iverson was not disrespectful to idols, but it was difficult to love someone who made them feel happier.
All the achievements in the league are released. Timberwolves, Cavaliers and Raptors rank among the bottom three in the league. The probability of Timberwolves winning the top prize is as high as 25%
From high to low, the western powers are the Spurs, Lakers, Mavericks, Thunder, Nuggets, Pioneers, Hornets and Grizzlies.
The most ironic thing is that Anthony Nuggets’ rise in the second half of the mid-season was actually overtaking many strong teams in the western region to reach the fifth place, so Anthony became more solid and came out with a "cancer". The fans thought that he was not worthy of the name, but his personal data was beautiful, but he led the team to victory.
From high to low, the eastern powers are Bulls, Heat, Magic, Celtics, 76ers, Hawks, Knicks and Pacers.
After a verbal battle with Magic for more than half a month, it turned out to be the first round against Celtic, and Tang Wenlong was speechless.
Boston North Shore Garden Arena
On the green court, the training players are sweating and sitting on the bench beside the rest field. There are many trainers and workers. Head coach Rivers and his teaching assistants are holding tactical boards and constantly communicating with each other.
"Hey, Kevin, our head coach also has a headache."
Ray Allen screwed the lid of the kettle and drank saliva.
Gatt looked at the head coach and turned his head back. "Yeah, if I were the head coach, I would be anxious, too."
Ray Allen nodded. "Paul is not old. He is 34 years old this year." He meant that Ray Allen, the oldest of Pierce’s three people, was born in 75, Gatt 76 Pierce 77.
"I wanted to avoid the 76ers, but I was overtaken by magic. I’m afraid it’s really tough to fight with those young people."
Gatt sneered at the passing of youth and his eyes became extremely deep.
"There is really nothing to do with young people in a few years, but now they are still not enough to see the eagle as their opponent because of their high understanding and certainty. Although it is a little troublesome to deal with the 76 ers, it is also good."
Rondo picked up the basketball and practiced dribbling back and running. The No.9 jersey floated in the wind while running.
Ray Allen nodded with a smile on his face. "The playoffs and the regular season are very different. The 76ers count Iguodala. There are not many players who have played in the playoffs, and their experience is a lot worse than ours."
Gatt looked at Rondo as agile as a fox, but said nothing in silence.
"Still thinking about Rajon’s shooting?" Ray Allen knew what the old chap was thinking when he saw Gatt’s expression.
The Wolf King’s eyes flashed with a sharp tone, and he hated iron for not turning into steel. "Rajan’s growth speed is too slow and there are problems with her growth trajectory."
"He has a big palm, but he can’t find the right point every time when he takes a jump shot, and an excellent perimeter player, even an NBA fringe figure, will have his own shooting feeling and rhythm." Ray Allen, the best shooter in NBA history, knew Rondo’s disease at a glance.
Gatt can’t figure out why Rondo’s jump shot hasn’t made any progress for several seasons. When he first entered the Celtics, he was an unattractive and promising little brother who would become Kidd, but now it seems that he has gradually become a needle for other teams to break through a series of shortcomings.
"But his defense has improved a lot, and now your defense is a lot easier!" Ray Allen said with a smile
Gatt’s face finally showed a smile. "We have been emphasizing defense for several seasons. Our defense is made from bones. It is not only his personal efforts but also the help of the whole atmosphere."
"The 76ers like to play pick-and-roll and Tang Wenlong’s breakthrough is mostly from the flank. Whenever he steps out of the attack with his right foot first, 63% will step back and jump shot, but it will end."
"But what?" Gatt listened with relish. It’s rare to see an old buddy study a player so seriously.
Ray Allen made a look of dumbfounding. "But when Tang Wenlong broke through, the frequency of random changes was very high. The reason why he chose to step back was that most people would be deceived by one of his fake moves of worshipping Buddha, and the hit rate of the jump shot after pulling back was even equal to that of my shot."
Gart gave Ray Allen a blank look and thought, This is not the same as not saying anything!
Chengwa Qiaoweiya Center Arena
Tang Wenlong finished the latest side after the season.
"Lying in the trough is awesome!" Workers made all the data into a form and handed it to Tang Wenlong Nuo Sioni, who couldn’t wait to take the lead in reaching out and taking the form.
"Barefoot six feet inches (2m 3), wingspan seven feet two inches (2m 19), standing at a height of 2m 76, weighing 21 pounds (about 99 kilograms), bouncing in place 3 inches (96 centimeters), stepping with both feet, jumping 44 inches (111 centimeters), and jumping up to 46 inches (117 centimeters)!"
"Lying in the trough!" At the end of the day, NoSioni almost shouted out this side data. Then he turned his head and looked at Tang Wenlong with a look at alien creatures. "Brother, are you still human?"
Tang Wenlong was embarrassed by him, and the other 76ers were attracted to him and reached for the form "Andres, I’m in a little good shape today."
"Don’t move!" Tang Wenlong’s hand was knocked off by NoSioni.