Then listen to the road flyover miserably hum syren cold ling sneer at a way "such as? But? " As you say, the green gas will be collected back.’ Come on!’ A road flyover fell on the platform to see his whole body flesh. lodicule squeezed and crushed his broken limbs and bones, and all of them were broken into a pool of mutilated bodies. The blood fell to the ground in a mess. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, such as chapters, more support bubbles.
Volume 45 Outer Mountain Chapter four hundred and forty-seven Elaborate on the original
Road flyover splashes flesh and blood and splashes the mirror-like white jade platform with dirty blood and chop suey all over the floor. The situation is very terrible. When the witch Han Ling heckled for the second time, the road flyover just said, "Do you want my dragon ball?" I know that I will die today, and I have realized by myself that the Immortal Law prohibition is integrated with my body. At this time, my whole body is rotten, and you have taken it out.
But if you promise not to hurt me, I’ll point to the place to lift the ban and give it away, okay? For old times’ sake, why don’t you give me a chance to live? "
Before he could finish, the enchantress Han Lan yelled at her naked body like a shrew. "I knew you were deceitful. You are forbidden by me at this time. If you are forced to give it, it will be hard to get rid of it. I hate that you have to suck your god. You said that you are pitiful because you want me to have a good chance to escape. It’s just a dream to see you. Don’t you say when I can’t take it?"
The Taoist priest seemed to be in a terrible hurry to scold the witch, and Han Ling ignored him. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it at the top of his head. Everyone was angry and resentful when they saw it, but they were afraid to say more. At this time, I listened to the station and then listened to the National People’s Congress. "Know the demon! You were pawned. "
Passing 18-wheeler, just after the demon girl’s cold hand hit the Taoist head, she suddenly saw a blood flame flying from the Taoist body, and immediately wrapped the demon girl’s cold arm, and then the whole body with the Taoist body was burned clean by the blood flame and turned into a red flame, wrapped in a ruler, and Zi Long flew away faster than it was.
Witch cold ling roars to see that her right arm has been burned, and some people just now have broken flesh and blood, but they have lost it. Witch cold ling seems to know that she doesn’t gnash her teeth but her body doesn’t move. At this time, she sees the blue light flashing several times at the entrance of the main hall and then appears in a Zi Long. It seems to be unwilling to give up and hit the outside world, but it is still blocked by blue light.
The syren Han Ling sneered in Taiwan, "Can you deal with the ancient fairy ban here? Bite one’s teeth! Even if I am so high-skilled, I can control the whole light environment when I am imprisoned by this central platform, but I can’t leave this platform for half a step. Although there is no door in this hall, I can’t just get in and out of your high collar without my consent. "
That Zi Long seems to have heard the witch’s cold words, stormed and yelled for a while, but he was always blocked by that fleeting blue light. He couldn’t help but regret hovering in the middle for a week and then fell to the ground and turned into a teenager. They walked beside those people who just came in, and they stood side by side with the same sad face as everyone else.
Song Chang Gung and others can see that this young child is the Taoist priest Yuan Shen condenses Yuan Ying. That Zi Long just now should be his Taoist priest’s portrait. Seeing this young child’s beautiful appearance is different from that of the Taoist priest just now. If you suddenly see him, you will never believe what a monster he is.
At this time, the syren Han Ling suddenly went to the stage and leaned over and looked at all the people in Taiwan. She gave a smirking look and moved with her body. A pair of fat people trembled and swayed, which was very striking. They all looked at her opposite, especially at the Zi Long children. They stood up and walked back to the center of Taiwan with a sneer.
Then, when I opened my mouth, I was instantly covered by a strong green gas. I couldn’t see anything from the outside, that is, I was imprisoned in the five-color smoke haze of the witch cold. Four brothers, Qi Jinchan, Shi Sheng and Zhen Jia, could see clearly by themselves, but although they couldn’t see through the green fog, they also knew that the green fog was transformed by the witch cold and Dan gas. The previous prohibitions were different.
Following the green gas of the terrace, as it instantly appears, the terrace is restored to its original state, while the witch Han Ling is still as glamorous as when she first saw it, but her broken hand has been restored to its original state, and the jade platform is still crystal clear. Don’t say that the flesh and blood of the residual body have disappeared, but there is not even any blood left.
The succubus is cold and soft as jade, and the beautiful eyes of the jade couch on the golden bed are limited. Chun Qing naturally reveals that she is flirting with her eyes, and everyone seems to know that today’s situation is particularly dangerous. Look uneasy one by one, but when she listens to her charming call, although her face is miserable, there are already two people who can’t resist calling to pretend to be happy.
They saw the witch cold ling don’t talk, take off your clothes, two men and one woman, two shots before and after the attack, flood and drought, two ways in and out of the meat in a flat circle, and the two men with the witch cold ling’s heavy breathing are extremely heavy, but this time the end is extremely fast.
A total of less than a quarter of an hour to both of them are dying, and it is obvious that their capability is too low.
With a wave of his hand, Han Ling, an unbearable witch, followed her as far as throwing a ball, and called two sets of struggling people, and one of them flew away with low capability and weak will.
Then intercourse soon was dumped in a coma and then summoned again. The scenes of going to six people in succession were roughly the same, but it took more than an hour in total. During this period, when the first pair of two people went to the ground, the Zi Long turned into a child who had come to Jijinchan, who was imprisoned in the middle by colorful smoke haze.
After he took a complicated look at the four people, he said, "Although I am not human, I have never killed human beings, but I am more yearning for human beings. I have calculated that a succubus nemesis has recently come to destroy her. I think it is you."
Qi Jinchan’s clothes and Shi Sheng’s clothes emit faint green light to prevent the five-color smoke haze from invading outside. These clothes were used for defense and protection when Emei sent the government. Shi Sheng’s suit was made by Qi Jinchan grinding his mother’s wonderful wife, which can resist the five-color smoke haze, but it can also protect them for a while.
Hear the Zi Long into a fairy tale JiJinChan laughed, "you’re welcome. It’s just a coincidence that we came here to talk about nemesis. What do you think you are wrong? Look at our mess now, you will know that the root can’t stand the somebody else. How can you kill it just like this? Is there any way you can help us out? If you have this kindness, you will be rewarded. "
The Zi Long into TongWenWen frown way "no! I realized from the ancient fairy ruins here that the deduction algorithm should be correct. Recently, all the conditions match, and you are the only one. I figured out that you should have restraint, cold treasures. Why aren’t you with you? Although you can’t get it, you can be a magic weapon!
In your body, this five-color smoke haze is actually the witch cold, a Dan Dan gas. If it invades a little, it will immediately entangle into the Yuan God, and then it will involuntarily produce lust. When she calls, she will be unable to resist the temptation to have sex with her and then be swallowed up by her. Fortunately, when your posture and clothes are very good, but they can’t resist for long, you should still find a way. "
JiJinChan four people a listen to the five-color smoke haze so horrible all hurriedly operation capability to start other defense magic weapon is very afraid of the smoke intrusion and then JiJinChan wry smile way "we want to restrain this monster but didn’t know each other’s origin before gave the magic weapon to several other people away, otherwise how can you be captured by her?
Now, don’t say that a few of us have parted ways, even if they come here, it’s no use that the blue light at the door can’t enter, and this monster has already appeared. We just don’t see enough in front of it without our skill. What is the origin of this monster? Is there no other way to deal with it? "
That Zi Long turned into a child can’t help but shake his head. "It was a lot of trouble, but you are worried that the blue light at the door should not be blocked from entering. If it is used outside the temple, it is the same. It’s a pity that they are not here. It’s normal for this monster to come here and you didn’t know it? Then I’ll talk to you sometimes.
This witch is entrenched in the light field. Many years ago, the ancient monster was confined in the middle of the lake in front of the temple by the secret method of ancient immortals. Later, there was a big battle here, and everything changed dramatically. The whole light field has changed from the original cave to the blessed land, and many prohibitions have been weakened or lost.
Although this place is no longer a cave, the roots of the cave were still there at the beginning, which was the mountain at our feet. It was said that it came not from this world, but from other worlds that ancient immortals heard what it was. The world is mysterious and unpredictable, and it has been attached to the ends of the earth to support a special small world called’ the mountain beyond the sky’
The aura of the sacred mountain is endless, and it can also absorb the aura outside and transform the aura of the stars through the array set up by the ancient immortals. Now, although it has lost the protection of the cave, there are still yuan poles, light, swire, fire, ice and cold outside, which are beyond the reach of ordinary immortals. Besides, there was no such divine peak in the cave, and you also saw the jade peaks when you came. "
When he said this, a few people were called by the witch cold ling to wait for this intercourse to be completed. The witch listened to the boy and sneered at the history here. "Say it, say it clearly, you will be whiter if you die. Ha ha ha ha, that is, if you know it, what about it? In the end, I want to be happy with my mother! I like chicken best! " to be continued
Volume 45 Outer Mountain Chapter four hundred and forty Reveal your true colors
A child can’t help but look weird after listening to it. He watched Taiwan for a while. At this time, he went to new intercourse. The child’s face suddenly became ugly. It took him a while to calm down and turn around and stop standing in the stands. He looked back at the outside of the temple and smiled strangely at Qi Jinchan. Obviously, he also knew that there were people outside the temple.
Then he went on to say, "The geology here is like crystal jade, and there are many kinds of Qi trees, Qiong flowers, elixirs and herbs everywhere. Many island creatures and marine fishes are brought from heaven or other worlds, and they are rich and poor. I am one of them.
Over the years, we are gradually able to fly and change, and gradually have some spiritual wisdom and magical powers to come here to be isolated from the world. Although we can’t go out, outsiders can’t easily get in, but the strong and weak are the laws of life. It is normal to fight and kill. It used to be managed by ancient immortals, and everyone was raised and killed by ancient immortals.
However, since the disappearance of the abandoned ancient immortals here after the war, there has been no management since then. Fortunately, when the ban on this sacred mountain was gradually loosened ten thousand years ago, many earth life and Archaean aliens were born one after another in this sacred mountain, but the number of these earth life is only a few dozen.
And their bodies are special. It seems that they are forbidden by the ancient immortals. They can’t leave this mountain. Although their temperament is not good, they occasionally fight, but everyone can still practice with peace of mind and strive for the ability to leave here as soon as possible. Nearly thousands of years ago, this witch was the last to break the ban. Speaking of it, she is not as good as other life leaders of the earth, but she is strange and sinister.
At first, she seduced and teased other lives, which made other lives compete for her favor, and gradually caused chaos. Because one of her Dan was specialized in its lust condensation, it was very effective for other lives, and she was the only female here to mate, which was the continuation and enjoyment of life. No matter how powerful it was, life was also like this, and everyone rushed to please her.
This enchantress is very clever. She tries to make up for the other side when she is sexually promiscuous with those tough people. Because she takes less, the other side doesn’t care. Later, when she sees that the other side doesn’t like it, she shows a pitiful look, saying that she is afraid of being bullied, trying to charm and gain sympathy, and then taking advantage of it.
At that time, there were quite a few local goblins who had been in possession of magical powers for tens of thousands of years. At last, the strongest goblins were in her seduction room. First, the weaker ones were captured, and then one by one, they were taken away by the witch, and Yuanyang made food in her mouth, and Yuanshen Jingxue was eaten by her.
At last, her strength gradually became the strongest one here, and then she planned to devour other powerful lives, more than a dozen earth lives, and finally she swallowed them all up, leaving her only one here. Originally, she was also a head, a body and four feet, but after swallowing and absorbing too much, she became six heads, nine bodies and forty feet.
However, her skill has gone from the initial tens of thousands of years to the strongest one here in millions of years. Of course, she is the only one left in the end, and she has eaten everything else.
Later, when she felt lonely, she struggled to break the ban of the ancient fairy central hall and didn’t know how to start the center to control the jade platform. Although she controlled the whole light environment with this jade platform and gathered the whole light environment all the year round, Fiona Fang Wan Li had a climate of strange creatures and then kept them in captivity. She swallowed up her lust, but she was also imprisoned in that jade platform and could not leave half a step.
In recent hundreds of years, this witch has devoured more and more creatures, and her magical powers and skills have become greater and greater, and her appetite has become more prosperous. At the same time, because no one can control her, she has become more and more sexually delusional and killed.
Although it’s a blessing to come here, it’s impassable to be separated from the outside because of the magnetic pole’s light, swiftness, fire, ice and cold. However, because the powerful life here is getting less and less, the weak ones left are not worth swallowing, so we will regularly weaken the power of the magnetic pole’s light, swiftness, fire, ice and cold outside and let people in.
At the same time, in order to publicize here and let outsiders know the advanced people here, she not only let them take precious medicine, but also released many people from here to collect elixirs and throw them into the ground to scatter more and more fairy tales, of which I don’t know how many have died, and the witch girl usually knows that Yuanyang has not lost ground and can still live temporarily after intercourse.
These people are temporarily going to the nearby pavilions in the fairy mountain built by ancient immortals, and most of them are trapped for death. After intercourse with low skill, they will be swallowed up. Because of this light, the whole Fiona Fang and Wan Li are under her control, and there is a very strict ancient fairy ban and law defense.
With a lot of forbidden defenses, it can be said that it is impregnable.
Those who have been captured by her have been caught in her unique lewd poison. Hugh said that even if we can get away with it, we will immediately be poisoned when the time comes. At the same time, the syren will inevitably send someone out to suck the other party’s Yuan God to Jieru, which will make the other party even hope to be a ghost.
Moreover, this witch has some strange characteristics. Generally, she must eat meat and drink blood after indulging. She must lie drunk for a while after each blood-sucking. Later, what she eats is like human blood. She lies drunk for a longer time. Now there are four people in Taiwan. She will fall asleep after eating. Is there any way to think quickly? Otherwise, we won’t have a chance when she wakes up.
The longer this witch has intercourse, the weaker her spirit will become. In the last stage, she has been completely immersed in lewd pleasure. She can’t hear what we say, and no one can hurt her with the protection of the jade platform in the center. She can enjoy it to the fullest. Now it’s almost the same as the time. But have you decided what to do? "
As he spoke, he looked around and counted the number of people at the same time. The last words were actually said to the outside of the temple. Obviously, it was not foolish to let outsiders hear him. Just now, the witch girl spoke with a cold expression and Qi Jinchan knew that there were people lurking outside the temple. Those people should be able to produce some variables, right?
After listening to this Zi Long Yuan God change boy, it is natural for everyone to understand the situation here. It turns out that this woman is a group of evil spirits, and it is by no means a good acquaintance. It is said that she is an earth monster with a height of 100 feet, a good head and a good head, and she is proficient in the change of Xuangong, which can transport the pole light of Taiyin Yuan and the cold of life.
Just now, everyone saw that this female looks beautiful, and there is no trace of evil spirit leaking. What do you think is not like a monster who was confused by her? Qi Jinchan jumped out even more foolishly. In fact, it was not just Qi Jinchan who was annoyed outside the temple. Qi Qi and Bai Qi and Bu Tiantong were also dying. If Song Changgeng had not stopped them, the three of them would have jumped out.
Song Chang-geng was so terrified of this witch that he was a fairy who didn’t even know when the other party was casting spells. Qi Jinchan and others were not aware of the lack of capability, and even he almost rushed in. Fortunately, others were good at his capability and qualitative, and they knew in advance that the other party was a monster before they restrained themselves.
When everyone was thinking about it, it seemed that it was the last time for the witch to have sex. After this incident, she was not invited to go, but was hugged by two men naked and lying on the couch. The three bodies were still connected, and various colors or white juices slowly oozed from their intercourse parts.
The first two people to go to Taiwan woke up first and seemed to know that they were going to fall into the jaws of death. The two struggled to get up and were enjoying the lingering aftertaste in the hands of the witch, but they just fled the light and the witch flew up, and her mouth was instantly covered with green air again. Then the witch suddenly showed her true colors.
I saw two of her nine bodies, each with four or five strange claws, hugging two naked men tightly. The men were still swallowing in their bodies, but they were lying down. Several others had been sucked to their mouths by the wishful strange head, listening to a piece of infiltration, sucking and chewing, and eating all the meat and bones.
After the two people were fascinated by the evil method, they hugged the monster, and the bust was still lingering. Somehow, the two wishful monsters angered the monster, and they went up to stretch their maws and took a ride. They immediately woke up these two guys with severe pain, and they were not weak, but they still could not escape.
These two people are also Taoist priests who have been practicing immortality in seclusion in Antarctic islands for many years. Recently, about a dozen fellow practitioners came here in the hope of stealing the local elixir Xiancao, but they were captured by the enchantress Han Ling, and now they have been tragically killed. At this time, they were fascinated by evil methods and cuddled with a ferocious and ugly monster, which actually killed the fairy beauty while she was having fun.
Although the green fog in Taiwan is not very thick, I can’t see it clearly. Everyone is busy with luck, and all kinds of tricks are used to produce wisdom and eyes. Only when you look intently can you know that this witch is a very strange monster.
Seeing that her body is like a snail, she has six, nine and four full heads. One head and body are particularly large. Six heads and necks are all special, almost as long as her body, and there are more feet. A flat mouth is like a blood basin, but her teeth are not fangs. It seems that her teeth are the same as those of herbivores. Song Changgeng can’t help but exclaim, "Dinosaur?" to be continued