Gotze didn’t give him a chance to put the football in and shoot decisively!
Palin blocked the near corner football but hit a far corner!
The football passed Palin, who was moving near the corner. Palin tried to change her direction and center of gravity to jump at the ball, but she was too slow to reach anything.
The football darted past his fingertips and went straight to the back corner.
All Palin can do is watch the football fly by, hit the far post and bounce into the goal!
“2! ! Unbelievable! 2! Lazio led Juventus by two goals in just ten minutes away from home! Is this really at Juventus home? "
The commentator raised such a question, which was also the question of many people who watched the game.
Is this really Juventus’ home?
You know, Juventus did well at home.
They have been unbeaten at home for 20 consecutive times!
Last season, they beat Lazio, their biggest enemy, at home.
This home performance will naturally make the media and fans full of confidence in Juventus.
Only then will many people think that Lazio will lose to Juventus again on the road.
Who would have thought that the game was less than ten minutes? Lazio had already led by two goals …
Is this really Juventus’ home?
Some reporters in the media gallery grabbed their hair and looked a little crazy-they were just journalists who were talking about Lazio. Ten minutes ago, they had no doubt that Juventus beat Lazio at home.
But now they are all crazy and scratching their hair as if they are doing it now.
Lazio scored two goals in less than ten minutes because they thought there was no hope!
This is a great game!
Will Juventus be able to pull it back?
Many people are skeptical about this.
"Lazio are two goals ahead of Juventus in the away game! What a surprise! What is even more incredible is that this game has only lasted for less than ten minutes! "
Scoring in the cheers of the commentator, Gotze opened his arms, and running all the way returned to Lazio I, O, O, and embraced Chang Sheng!
He dedicated the goal to the boss and the victory of the game to the boss.
He has never been away from this team since he was brought to Lazio from Dortmund by Changsheng when he was 16 years old. It has been 13 years now.
Apart from Handanovic and Cesc Passareira, he is the longest player in Lazio.
At the age of 29, he is now the second captain of Lazio.
In thirteen years, he has experienced successive victories with Lazio, and he has also suffered two consecutive years, and no champion has reached a low point.
But in any case, he is the top three players in the world. Relying on Lazio, a mature tactical body, mario gotze is at the forefront of contemporary players in Europe, and his technical statistics reflect this.
He has also been tempted a lot in this issue. After all, it would be incredible if a player like him was not interested in him by other teams.
There have been many news of his transfer, but he has never left Lazio.
Or he has never been away from his boss.
At the beginning, he was willing to come to Lazio because of his admiration for winning. Even if there was no professional contract to sign, he said that he would not leave Lazio as long as the boss was in Lazio.
However, last season’s winning streak will leave Lazio, and mario gotze, a player who is in his prime, will also be very eye-catching
Gezer’s celebration expressed his feelings for the boss.
Some media have been speculating about which team wins and loses in the season, and Gotze is likely to be in which team.
Although Lazio may not be willing to let go of their frontcourt core, it will not be difficult for Lazio to leave, not to mention that they can earn a lot of money for it.