Liang Yi naturally knows what the high-wind eagle wants when he laughs. "This golden whip magic weapon will be given to you after I find someone to sacrifice it again. You can’t take it now."
"Thank you, master." The high-wind carving was busy thanking me again and again, and took a glance at Long Er, but Long Er Gen didn’t even look at him. Now the mentality of competing for favor is getting stronger and stronger.
In this campaign, two or six wings dazzled ice silkworm to establish outstanding achievements, and two chills subdued the cold and mysterious sheep and beast that had advanced to the distracted stage. On the surface, it seems that these two dazzled feathers ice silkworm alone can be an enemy distracted master. In fact, Liang Yi knows more about this victory by luck. First, in this cold place, ice silkworm, the top strength of the original Yuanying in the middle stage, can play a role that is not as good as that of Yuanying in the later stage with the help of ice and cold force. In this cold world, the mysterious evasion technique can be played incisively and vividly.
On the other hand, the mysterious sheep and beast of ice, its magical power of adjusting the cold force, was intensely held by ice silkworm, and each piece of the body was a magic weapon, and the magic weapon of golden whip was good to others, but Liang Yi didn’t see it very well when he added the enemy. If it is taken seriously, it is still unknown who will be afraid of deer death.
Is to win this game Liang Yi didn’t have a fever.
"Bi Shu Daoyou don’t want to escape? Why haven’t you run yet? "Liang Yi, after handling the matter, coldly asked Bishu about the escape just now.
"It’s all my fault, master!" Bishuyuan’s embarrassed face was suddenly livid, and the other person rashly said that she was a little regretful.
"Are you wrong?" Liang Yi sneered, "There is a limit to my patience, but fortunately you didn’t back down. I don’t want to pursue it this time, but I don’t want it again."
"Is a know" Bi Shuxin feel glad unceasingly.
"I hope you remember that it’s best not to speak for yourself when you are against the enemy. There are some things you didn’t say," Liang Yi said coldly.
"Yes" Bishu smell speech was a self-effacing and that Shen Hao was also low-headed and didn’t know what was going on.
"Master, will it be a little bad for you to treat them like this?" Clever dragon son asked some worry.
"It’s nothing. It’s okay. After all, we’re not the same. Some rules can’t be broken."
After a lapse of one month, Liang Yi and others returned to the ice city again. However, to their surprise, the ice city suddenly became cold and cheerless, and the monks were everywhere in the original street. They didn’t know where to go, and occasionally they met one or hurried.
"This Taoist friend, please stay" feels strange, which makes Shen Hao forcibly stop a middle-aged man who is a clerk then.
"What can I do for several seniors?" The middle-aged man was a little anxious, but he couldn’t see that a few people in front of him had stopped repairing their endurance.
"I see everyone is in a hurry. I wonder what happened here?" Shen Hao smile asked.
"Oh," the middle-aged man took a strange look at Liang Yi and others and laughed. "How many seniors should have just come from other places?"
"Yes, we just came out of the ice sheet" Liang Yi nodded with a smile.
"That’s no wonder." The middle-aged man showed a picture of it. "It is said that the sudden appearance of golden light in Nandi half a month ago was exactly the same as that of auspicious golden light in heaven ten years ago, but the difference is that this time auspicious golden light seems to be the same for the big monk in the later period of Yuanying."
It turns out that after the so-called auspicious light reappeared, the Terran monks knew the benefits of auspicious golden light. Naturally, this time, the difference was that the monks who had been in contact with’ auspicious golden light’ disappeared, and even the big monks who took their chances in the later period of Yuanying were no exception. You should know that the second auspicious light was alive, but 70% of the monks who had been bathed in auspicious golden light were sent to the lich domain, and those big monks were not affected by auspicious golden light.
The disappearance of all Godsworn bathed in auspicious golden light naturally aroused some people’s vigilance, but at this moment, it happened that a few Godsworn who appeared out of nowhere came out to dispel doubts, saying that all Godsworn bathed in auspicious golden light had returned to the human world. With the help of these predecessors, plus these distracted predecessors, many younger generations were stranded in the lich domain, and their explanations were naturally recognized by most human Godsworn.
You know, after most Terran monks entered the Lich domain, they never fought with each other, and they didn’t want to go back to the original clan. Adding auspicious golden light can help them break through their own bottlenecks. Naturally, such a great thing can’t be easily let go and get news. Demons and witches are unwilling to lag behind. They all gathered in the world towards the’ auspicious’ and finally even the Witch Temple, the Witch South Suzaku clan and the Lei Long clan came forward to call on their own people to send capable experts to accept the auspicious light baptism.
"That’s the thing. If several seniors are free, the younger generation will leave now. The younger generation will return to the human world as soon as possible to find my child. This time, I will be able to help my child advance to the foundation period as soon as possible." The middle-aged man was forced to wait.
"Well, you go." Liang Yi smiled and waved his hand, but his heart was rapidly calculating.
"This is both the fairy house and the auspicious golden light. What the hell is going on?"
There is a vast forest in the south of the Lich Domain. A golden hall shining with dazzling light is slowly cruising around this hall, which is more than ten miles in size of Fiona Fang and slowly drifting like a cloud. A bunch of dazzling golden light is wrapped around the hall, which is invisible to the naked eye.
At this time, the golden hall is already full of ghosts and wolves, and the thick smell of blood permeates every corner of the golden hall.
"Demons, you demons are old enough to treat you as a beast god, and you have made such a vicious plan to deal with the people." The golden tiger demon kept cursing when it was revealed.
"Don’t help, elder, please give me a break."
In the center of Golden Fairy Palace, more than 50 distracted masters gathered in a hall. Among them, there were not only monks in the terran distracted period, but also demon masters in the temple of the witch clan. But at the moment, they were all in a gloomy mood.
"Have all the friends’ news been sent out?" Saint Lin Qiangyu sat on the cloud bed with a questioning look at a few people sitting in the front row. In the front row, there were Terran Tin Yigang, the master of the Temple of Witch Chiyu Han, and a handsome woman in a lux robe with red exotic birds embroidered on her cuffs, and a middle-aged man with antlers.
"It’s all done according to the saint’s meaning." ChiYu cold tone is a little stiff, and the rest of the people’s faces are also not very good-looking.
"A few people don’t have to be like this," Lin Qiangyu said with a light smile. "The meaning of the world is to ensure that enough blood and soul can be refined. If you have close people, you can just order them to avoid it a little bit. If you have any close people, you can let them go if they are accidentally caught by this Jinling Temple."
"I’ve been ordered to go out by Suzaku’s younger brother, so I don’t have to worry about it." The delicate woman with Suzaku totem embroidered on her cuffs replied with her teeth.
"Well, that’s overrated." Lin Qiangyu’s face changed slightly and then a cool smile appeared.
Although the saint can be the identity of Lin Qiangyu, it is awkward. On the spot, it is a master of Suzaku clan, or a witch temple, a thunder dragon, and a suffocating force in the world. If Lin Qiangyu hangs a saint title, it will slightly subdue a few terran distracted monks, fearing that her situation will be even more embarrassing.
After all, this is a thankless job.
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter DiErLiuSan The Hunger now/who seeks who?
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter DiErLiuSan The Hunger now/who seeks who?
Liang Yi in the ice city heard this news, but there was some indecision. The fact is that Liang Yi was thinking about returning to the human world day and night. After all, there is still a white fox that needs to be rescued. There are still many obstacles there. Even the family’s revenge has not been reported today. Liang Yi did not understand the hidden mystery of the great disaster. Although he learned that the Wei family killed Liang Jia with a door, it was a batch of treasures, but what exactly was this treasure? Liang Yi never knew that it might have something to do with that Bilingtian.
Xiang Rui’s reappearance of things happened too suddenly and coincidentally, especially those distracted experts who appeared one after another, which made Liang Yi more alert.
Compared with Liang Yi’s suspicion of others, it is not, especially that Bi Shu and Shen Hao are already excited when they listen to this news. You know, Liang Yi once agreed with them to return to the human world or Liang Yi’s promotion to the distracted period will lift their ban. No one likes to be enslaved by others. They are the same, although they are not sure that Liang Yi will let them go, but after all, there is a thought.
"Master, shall we go and have a look?" Bishu carefully explored the way