Even if Ji Xiaotian already has a small amount of strength to absorb, a simple way is enough to let him die.
In the crisis, Xiaotian’s super brain once again helped him. At this time, he still has time to calculate what to do to benefit himself. More, he calculated that the result turned out to be to directly convey true power into the body and directly refine the body.
"It’s really painful for him, and he will never work so hard again!"
I can imagine how crazy this way is. When the dazzling light once again appeared on Ji Xiaotian’s body surface, the severe pain almost made him unconscious. But at this time, he could not be unconscious and had to bite his teeth to support him.
Consume your real strength crazily and temper your body well by the way. This is a good way for Ji Xiaotian’s super brain to analyze it. It not only improves his physical defense, but also makes him get a abnormal level of physical defense. The most important thing is that so many real strength are automatically supplemented by the surge of strength.
In this way, in the end, there is no loss of real strength, and the strength that can’t be absorbed in the body is also lost, which is tantamount to completely solving the biggest crisis of Ji Xiaotian. If it is not too painful for the body, Ji Xiaotian will be prepared to be so desperate.
After suffering so much pain, Ji Xiaotian really decided never to take such a top-notch approach again, because the pain was too unbearable, and the more acute he felt, the more painful he felt.
Finally, the last bit of power was consumed, and it was precisely the true yuan power that remained at the strongest time and was stronger than ever. Xiaotian Lixiao forced the cocoon to become weak and rushed to the middle.
"Dead man, you are dead!"
Before Ji Xiaotian spoke, he just rushed to Huyanlei’s side. He could not help cursing at the opposite Pope for a long time. He held his breath for too long. How could he be unhappy and excited to call names when he saw the Pope die?
Yes, it’s meaningless to curse until the Pope dies. It’s far less fun to scold a dead man than to scold a dying man like this now. Isn’t it true that the Pope’s face changed when he was scolded by Hu Yanlei?
"Light armor possessed!"
The Pope did not consider maintaining two things there, and directly ordered the light armor to fit himself. Only in this way can he withstand the attack that seems to be greatly increased in strength. Unfortunately, even if he wants to do so, he is absolutely not allowed to do so.
"Wait a minute!"
Ji Xiaotian had already seen the light armor suspended in it. Since David Beckham miraculously collected the light helmet, Ji Xiaotian has been paying attention to the other parts of the light armor. If he is willing to let the Pope take it away, he will point his hand and the light armor will be settled in the middle.
If you watch carefully, there is also an approximate transparent thread sent out at the same time. It is this transparent thread that the little genius can hold the armor of Zhongguang, even if it is as strong as the Pope, there is no way to summon it away.
There is no way to increase the skill sharply, not only to benefit Ji Xiaotian in terms of strength, but also to make him have a better way for the real power.
Chapter two hundred and nine The Pope "committed suicide"
Chapter two hundred and nine The Pope "committed suicide"
"Hey hey, it’s cheaper for you once!"
This is still a small day. His strength has risen too much too fast. He has not fully adapted to his current physical condition. Otherwise, the light armor will not only be fixed in the middle, but will not be able to move. I am afraid that the light armor will be directly taken away from the Pope. Where can the Pope touch it?
Ji Xiaotian sneered that once the light armor was confirmed, it wouldn’t let the Pope have a chance to wear it again. After the Pope watched the situation, he directly picked up the light armor and slammed it to the ground.
At the same time, Ji Xiaotian also drank a sentence, "Uncle David, you pack this thing and it will be yours in the future!"
Beckham woke up early, and the strength in his body inexplicably increased a lot. This time, he was ordered by Ji Xiaotian not to follow him at the bottom. Suddenly, Xiaotian shouted and then a black thing smashed up and hurriedly reached out and caught it.
When I received it, I saw that it was actually a set of light armor that was integrated with the light helmet. Beckham was so happy that he could hardly find it on the spot. The beaming appearance made everyone around him jealous.
However, Ji Xiaotian has always taken care of Beckham, and it has long been accustomed to others’ eyes. All the people are more happy for Beckham except for a little jealousy. What’s wrong with them? This is the Pope’s closet, and now it belongs to Beckham. How lucky is this?
"Ha ha, David, you have to take care of your eldest brother after you make a lot of money this time."
Patel always likes to compare with David Beckham, but his words are somewhat sour. Unfortunately, David Beckham is in excitement, where he feels the powerful power brought by light armor and ignores him when he feels it.
Patel rolled his eyes and couldn’t help but rush to try to slap Beckham and wake him up. I don’t know if my hand has really reached out from Beckham’s shoulder. There is still a lot of distance. A dazzling white light broke out from the light armor and directly blew Patel out.
"Ha ha-"
Everyone laughed more and more curious about Beckham’s body armor.
Everyone’s mood has relaxed a lot unconsciously, but it’s a frown. Although the Pope has lost his light armor, it’s not easy to destroy such an old guy.
In fact, there is nothing new about the Pope’s tactics, that is, relying on the strength of light to talk about what kind of attack method Xiaotian takes. The Pope always keeps releasing light shields. Anyway, if a huge light shield is not made, a bunch of incalculable small light shields will be made.
No matter which one is, it is impossible to break through it in a short time. With this, the Pope can change his position again. After he changed his place, it is impossible for him to kill the Pope even if he breaks all the light shields.
Now, Xiaotian is nothing. Huyanlei and Wu Gui have joined forces to win the Pope’s roots. You know, the former Pope still has light armor to help them. It is not easy for them to support the two scattered immortals until now
Xiao Tian understands that he has worked hard here for half a day, and neither of them has come to help. The idea must be that two people consume too much. On the other hand, these two people also know the characteristics of the Pope and are quietly waiting for opportunities.
Wu Gui’s waiting for the two of them is definitely the kind of fatal blow. Xiaotian’s heart suddenly lights up, and a new idea also appears in his mind.
"Elder Wu Huyan, you two, please prepare to deliver the fastest and strongest blow. I’m going to trap the Pope!"
Quietly at Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei, he did not hesitate to calculate in his mind. He wanted to calculate the position where the Pope might evade and the way he could trap the Pope so that he could not move, and see which one was the most effective.
There is no doubt that the longer the Pope is trapped, the more unprotected he has been. Even if the Pope is twice as powerful as Hu Yanlei, he will not be able to hold on and retreat 10 thousand steps. Even if there is some protection, he may not be unable to kill the Pope.
There is a premise in this, that it is really possible to trap the Pope in a small day, and the longer the bondage is, the better. The most important thing is to make him have no ability to act. This is the most favorable situation.
Although these things seem like a lot of things, in fact, it takes only a few seconds for the super brain to calculate. He still maintains a stormy offensive against the Pope, who let him just replenish too much power and have to vent.
If the pope knows that he is still distracted by other things, otherwise the offensive will be even sharper. It is estimated that even the pope will be so scared that he will spit out all the water. After all, such a thing is unimaginable
"That should be enough."
Ji Xiaotian secretly muttered, another fierce offensive was sent out, which forced the Pope to continue to send out a light shield desperately. After that, Ji Xiaotian finally came up with his own unique idea, and one silk thread followed him to extend outward.
That’s right, it’s the silk thread. These silk threads are obviously inspired by the dead Philo. He had that experience when manipulating the light helmet, and Ji Xiaotian got one out when he broke out of the cocoon. Now there are more of them. This is not a problem in Ji Xiaotian’s place.
Therefore, Ji Xiaotian did not hesitate to choose this scheme. Philo got the thread through the light helmet, which is different from Ji Xiaotian’s. What he got was something with real power, so he did not worry about being controlled by the Pope in turn without light power.
Among them, the glue-permeable silk thread reached a certain level and surrounded the Pope like a Okumo net. The Pope also relied on several light shields to carry the crazy attack of Ji Xiaotian, so Xiaotian moved.
"Gan Kun is extremely sleepy!"
Mouth gently read the typical mantra of Laoshan Sect, and the strongest gold power among the five elements was counted. Xiaotian relied on the silk thread to send it out like a golden net, which tightly trapped the Pope in the middle. Just relaxed, he hasn’t come to catch his breath. The Pope is stupid.
In fact, it’s not just stupid. It should be said that the Pope has been completely captured by the country. Although the Pope’s strength seems to be very strong, he has been able to carry it until now, but he has never had a chance to catch his breath. In fact, the Pope has almost reached a spent force and does not have much strength to stay.
Now the whole person is trapped by these sudden golden threads. The Pope finally knows that he is not far from the end, and his brain is still very awake, but his body can’t move. It is very painful to suspect this.