Look at this mass of black hurricane to roll up to Qing Ye’s eyes and eyes, and his fists are flashing, and his arms and veins are soaring. After his arms and sleeves burst, he slammed into the black hurricane and saw two huge golden fists hitting the black hurricane and shaking around.
However, compared with the black palm, the hurricane formed by this lazy head still makes the black gas condense. Don’t talk about the monty idea. After Qing Ye scattered the black hurricane, his mind was a chaotic world, and the feng shui wind rolled back to melt the collision strength easily.
Colorful magic tiger saw that he was hit by Qing Ye, and then he stared at the tiger’s eyes, and then his four claws clung to the ground. At this time, he had come out of his dream. For the time being, his dream lover had noticed the strangeness around him, but what puzzled him was that he had just been lying in the Death Canyon, dreaming a beautiful dream, but why did he suddenly change to another one?
It must be this hateful human being. It’s thinking to itself.
"Little lazy cat, you still have to be our familiar. You have to resist and suffer from the flesh." Qing Ye looked at the lazy tiger and said that he didn’t care about its attack.
However, the posture of the first cat now is definitely the most standard way to start and run when sprinting. Qing Ye thought that it is conceivable that the lazy cat will be as fast as it is when waiting.
Indeed as expected, the colorful magic tiger seemed to verify Ye Qing’s idea to cull Qing Ye again, leaving a faint shadow across the sky. Qing Ye had already prepared the colorful magic tiger to control the wind sword, and when the front paws issued a blue sword, it was clear that Pangu Zhong was offering a huge bell shock to the sound wave to directly disperse the sword.
Then Qing Ye fists directly to the colorful magic tiger in front of two talons a dull meat strike Qing Ye feel this lazy tiger to two claws as strong as fine steel shock himself back dozens of meters, but the lazy virtual was also shocked to fly back and fall to the ground like a fall from the one hundred floor with a snort.
Leaves clear up the five elements of true yuan to the hands and feel pain in both hands.
Looking at the lazy tiger Qing Ye dark sigh, it seems that their physical strength is still not enough and still needs to be strengthened. Although the colorful magic tiger just directly hit the lazy tiger, it didn’t take advantage, but it was still too bad. Even Pangu’s strength before recovery can directly smash a mountain.
The body of Warcraft has always been strong and colorful. The magic tiger didn’t think that he was shocked by a small human, but he roared and ran again.
See this lazy tiger culled again. Qing Ye is no longer polite. A thought of chaos, white air flow, rolling and tumbling, feng shui and fire jumped up to the colorful magic tiger.
Feeling the power of geomantic fire, the colorful magic tiger was scared to fly backwards to avoid it.
It seems that this lazy tiger is quite quick to react. Qing Ye thought to himself, and then he manipulated the chaotic world to feng shui and fire and rolled it to the magic tiger. He was so scared that the whip was no longer hard, and the joint body was reduced a lot, and the colorful magic tiger moved more quickly to avoid a phantom.
See colorful magic tiger can actually shrink the body a lot of Qing Ye is not zheng to know when uniting the sanctuary of warcraft can control the body bigger and smaller at will, but in the sight of this colorful magic tiger or nine levels of high order, isn’t this lazy tiger a variation? Qing Ye guessed.
Because of some variations, Warcraft often has some special skills.
In fact, Qing Ye’s conjecture is that some variation has taken place in this colorful magic tiger to have this kind of physical change
But it can’t be as big and small as Warcraft, and there is a limit to getting smaller, which can eventually shrink the body by about half.
Slowly, Qing Ye also discovered the secret. After discovering the secret of the magic tiger, Qing Ye stepped up the collection of this magic tiger.
Colorful magic tiger flies fast, but how can it be chased by Qing Ye in a chaotic world and finally surrounded by geomantic fire? First, the Dreadwind wind blows the colorful magic tiger to rot, then it is congenital drowning, then the gods fire, and finally the innate earth spirit covers it directly.
When the colorful magic tiger was dying and broke the innate soil spirit and drilled out of the ground, it was already a sick cat.
Qing Ye looked at the colorful magic tiger and didn’t want it. He didn’t want to be in this chaotic world. The lazy tiger wouldn’t die even if he had a breath.
However, this disease Molly was really tenacious and struggled to get up several times, but eventually he lay down. Finally, the colorful magic tiger had to send a look for mercy to Qing Ye.
It doesn’t want to die yet, no matter how unfilial it is, although it has been lying on each other several times with the silver dragon that excited it in the dream, it was in the dream.
Wait until this lazy radiant with tiger tears Qing Ye know about it, and then simply said "? Little lazy cat, can you wish me a magic pet? "
The colorful magic tiger rushed: lit the tiger’s head.
See Qing Ye mind a read to feng shui fire surges to colorful magic tiger package up scared the head of the magic tiger Qing Ye want it life can’t help but show desperate eyes to a tiger tiger tears flooded out.
But it’s not right. After the colorful magic tiger closed his eyes for a while, instead of pain, he was uncomfortable and his body injury was recovering at an alarming rate.
What is this? When the colorful magic tiger opens its eyes, it will see that the injury has not only healed, but also has a faint golden light.
In the chaotic world, Qing Ye is in control of everything. Fengshui fire can hurt people and save people. However, after the colorful magic tiger is treated, Qing Ye finds that this colorful magic tiger will break through the sanctuary.
See colorful magic tiger up when the body sends out a black fog wrapped around these black fog huffing and puffing and shrinking constantly. Finally, when the black fog clears, the earth-shattering roars make Qing Ye unable to cover his ears. This lazy cat finally broke through the sanctuary.
I came to Qing Ye to collect the colorful magic tiger, and then the gods helped it to remove the impurities of the magic crystal and make it break through the holy area. Unexpectedly, the first world war just made it break through, but it’s all right. If Qing Ye’s gods helped it rise, it would be impossible for the colorful magic tiger to break through the beast again. Then Qing Ye would have a way to help it break through the beast.
Seeing this lazy cat break through the sanctuary in Qing Ye, it will regain its infidelity, and then it will be directly branded on the colorful magic tiger and crystal.
When Qing Ye branded the gods on the magic tiger crystal, the idea that the colorful magic tiger came to retaliate against Qing Ye disappeared. Since then, the first sanctuary familiar in Qing Ye has been born, and there will be a second head and a third head.
If there will be a group of Warcraft Mountain Sanqu Warcraft, it seems that the army of Warcraft in Sanqu is also wrong, Qing Ye thought
"Lazy cat, you come here." Qing Ye collected his mind and said to colorful magic tiger.
"The name master is so ugly. Can you change it?" Colorful magic tiger wings at this time to more black than before, and the edge of the wings grow a blade like things much stronger than before, but at this time it is depressed with a huge tiger walked beside Qing Ye, don’t see the sanctuary magic tiger down a peg or two.
Hear colorful magic escaping Qing Ye zheng but immediately relieved in the dragon continent of warcraft to the sanctuary and delicious to talk.
"Lazy cat doesn’t listen? Then change it. "Qing Ye laughed.
The colorful magic tiger couldn’t help but look up, and the tiger’s eyes were glowing, and the tiger’s head was straight. "Good, good."
"Since the lazy cat doesn’t listen well, call it a sick cat." Qing Ye dialect made the colorful magic tiger, which had just advanced to the sanctuary of Warcraft, stumble and just raised its head to be miserable. "Call it a lazy cat."
Qing Ye was satisfied with the tunnel "it’s good that you like it", and then he accepted the chaotic world, put the colorful magic tiger into the wishful kit, and carefully showed his knowledge to find the second sanctuary familiar candidate.