Chapter one hundred Day spirit grass
Qin wan heard Zhang Xiaotian words couldn’t help face a fall back "don’t you dare! If you touch me, my dad will kill you when he comes! "
"oh? If I don’t touch you, will your father let me go? " Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick asked with a smile.
"If you let me go, I’ll plead with my father and let him give you the grass at home!" Qin wan face with pleading color said
"tianling grass?" Zhang Xiaotian has some doubts.
"Yes, yes, my dad loves me the most. Lingcao came that day to prepare for me. I asked him to give it to you. He will definitely give it to you." Qin Wan saw that Zhang Xiaotian was hesitant and he was tempted and busy.
"What is the grass of the day?" Zhang Xiaotian asked.
"You … you don’t know what grass is?" Qin wan was choked by Zhang Xiaotian’s question and asked with some surprise.
"Yes! Is there anything strange? " Zhang Xiaotian asked curiously.
"Hell ghost repair all know day spirit grass! How could you not know? " Qin wan asked some doubts.
"I haven’t been in hell for long. I don’t know what’s strange about Lingcao this day!" Zhang Xiaotian immediately light said.
Qin wan opened her mouth to say something, but she didn’t say it.
"Everyone knows that the natural qualification of ghost cultivation is determined by nature, which determines an achievement after ghost cultivation. Unless there are any special opportunities, the day after tomorrow will be promoted by Fa, but there are some natural talents and treasures that can be changed, and this day Lingcao is one of them." Qin Wan thought about it and said.
"Can Tianlingcao change its life against the sky?" Zhang Xiao, as a move export asked
"Yes! Lingcao can definitely rank in the top three on this day! " Qin wan see this black kid some enchanted not satisfiedly say
"How does it change its life?" Zhang Xiaotian continued.
"Ghost repair qualification lies in how much his mind has! On this day, the increase of Lingcao is ghost cultivation! The more the mind, the more the frequency of mental attacks. The higher the qualifications of the theorists, the more the mind can make the frequency of mental attacks more than 500 waves! That is, the qualification is higher! " Qin wan said slowly
"On the level of qualification, can the spirit attack frequency increase by 500 waves by increasing the mind?" Zhang Xiaotian asked in surprise.
He had heard from Li Fugui that all the natural talents and treasures that increased the mind searching in hell can only make an ordinary ghost practice reach the level of gold qualification, and the gold qualification mind can only produce two thousand waves of mental attack frequency. If Lingcao can really increase five hundred waves this day, wouldn’t it be said that the natural talents and treasures that increased the mind searching in hell were just equivalent to four Lingcao trees? If so, Lingcao was really extraordinary that day.
"Yes! How’s it going? Look at you, a black kid has reached the peak of ghost. I don’t know what good luck you have left, but you can’t always be so lucky! I’m afraid you’ll never enter the ghost phase again in your life. If you let me go, I’ll ask my dad to give you grass and you eat grass, then you can repair to the ghost phase! " Qin wan saw Zhang Xiaotian a face of surprise and caught a glimpse of him and said
Qin Wan has already judged Zhang Xiaotian as topped, even though he has never heard of Tianlingcao. Just now, Qin Wan really wanted to ask him if he had heard of the Ghost Emperor. Otherwise, it would be impossible to hear that the daughter of the Ghost Emperor, the owner of the Ghost Door, had no feeling. But after thinking about it, Qin Wan forgot that people didn’t know anything. No matter how severe you were, others didn’t feel anything.
"How many grass plants are there in your home?" Zhang Xiaotian asked.
"Day spirit grass how many more do you want? It would be nice to have one! Besides, you, if you eat one, you will increase your mind. If you eat another, you will increase your mind. " Qin Wan couldn’t help but roll her eyes and say ..
"Isn’t it?" Zhang Xiaotian asked strangely.
"Of course not. When the grass eats the first tree, it disappears when it eats the second tree! It’s not just the natural grass that talks about what kind of natural materials and treasures are like this! Effective for the first time and effective for the second time! " Qin wan is still patiently preaching.
"oh? So! " Zhang Xiaotian is considered a white one. Li Fugui said that the earth treasure king searched the hell to increase the spiritual talent and treasure, which can also make an ordinary ghost practice reach the gold qualification. At that time, Zhang Xiaotian was still wondering how this hell was so lame that the whole hell just increased the spiritual talent and treasure a little. There are natural materials and treasures that can’t all be the Lord. Let the earth treasure king just leave. Isn’t there any ghost repair to resist? It turns out that each kind is the same!
"Yeah, think about it. If you let me go, I’ll let my dad give you the grass and you’ll be able to repair it to the ghost stage. Isn’t it a happy thing?" See Qin Wan Zhang Xiaotian some conation sample continue to seductively said.
"Ha ha! Still not working! " Zhang Xiaotian smiled and said.
"Why? You don’t want grass? " Qin Wan was anxious at the sight of Zhang Xiaotian disagreeing.
"Day spirit grass? I want to die more than it does! " Zhang Xiaotian said lightly, to tell the truth, Lingcao Zhang Xiaotian is also a little conation on that day, especially the sentence that the increase of qualification can make the mental attack frequency more than 500 waves! From this point, we can see the magic of tianling grassland. You know, blue ghost can produce 500 waves of mental attack frequency, red is 1000 waves, purple is 1500 waves, and gold is 2000 waves! However, this does not mean that the mind of red qualification is twice as blue as that of gold qualification is four times as blue. Every time the frequency of mental attack is 500 waves higher, the power will increase several times, and the mind needs to increase several times instead of gold qualification. The frequency of mental attack is four times as blue, that is, four times as blue, but several times. It also means that the effect of Lingcao is different with different qualifications, and the better the qualification, the better the effect. Now Zhang Xiaotian’s mind is no longer increasing. He really wants to try Lingcao this day to see if his mind can be increased again.
"No, no, my dad won’t kill you and will definitely give you the grass!" Qin wan quickly said
"Hum, if the open ghost ghost emperor’s daughter is kidnapped, the ghost ghost emperor will exchange a heavenly grass and promise not to hurt the ghost who kidnapped his daughter, then I think he will no longer be mixed up in hell! And you will never go out again, "Zhang Xiaotian said with a sneer.
Qin wan opened her mouth to say something, but now she has something to say.
"But …" Zhang Xiaotian said it was a turn.
Qin Wan heard the black kid talking about it in front of him, but the word couldn’t help but brighten his eyes and want to hear what Zhang Xiaotian wants.
"If the daughter of the Ghost Emperor marries and the Ghost Emperor gives his son-in-law a celestial grass, I still believe it!" Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile and reached out to touch Qin Wan’s face.
"Hum, you can’t. If you touch my finger, I … I’ll die for you!" Seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s move, Qin Wan couldn’t help but step back in fear. "Hehe, I’ve touched you. Do you care about touching one more finger?" Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help teasing asked.
Qin Wan couldn’t help blushing when he heard this from Zhang Xiaotian.
"You … you bully me!" Qin Wan couldn’t find anything to refute Zhang Xiao’s weather and couldn’t help crying again.
Zhang Xiaotian saw Qin Wan crying again and couldn’t help some scalp numbness. This woman is really troublesome!
"If you cry again, I’ll really do it!" Zhang Xiaotian see qin wan has been crying couldn’t help scare said.
Obviously, this move is very effective. Qin Wan did not dare to cry again after hearing it.
"If you don’t want me to bully you, then you have to listen to me later. Do you know?" Zhang Xiaotian squinted at Qin Wan, and his eyes slowly came out.
"hmm? Listen to you? Do what? " Hear Zhang Xiaotian Qin wan one leng couldn’t help export asked.
"Rest assured won’t let you do anything too difficult! I just want you to tell me something about the outside world and the common sense of hell! " Zhang Xiaotian said lightly.
"There are these?" Qin wan face is not a happy export asked.
"Well there are these! What else do you want? " Seeing Qin Wan’s happy face, Zhang Xiao’s heart flashed a trace of unspeakable loss, just like a very beautiful girl saying in front of you that I don’t like boys of your type very much. "Tell me honestly that I won’t touch you, but if you want to play any tricks with me, don’t blame me for not keeping my promise! I wouldn’t mind being the son-in-law of the ghost! " Zhang Xiaotian said coldly.
"Uh huh! I will definitely tell you everything I know! " Hearing Zhang Xiaotian threatening Qin Wan, I shuddered and nodded quickly.
"There is a small cave at the rock wall over there, so you can rest there! Today is your day off! " Zhang Xiaotian pointed to a small cave in the cave and said lightly, then he turned and walked to the original stone bed. Just now, he suddenly felt that he had broken through the bottleneck of ghost-shaped period and seemed to have loosened his body, soul and mind.
"When will you let me go?" Qin wan suddenly asked
When I heard Qin Wan ask Zhang Xiaotian, I couldn’t help but pause and think thoughtfully, "When will I be satisfied with what you said? When will you leave!"
"Ah?" Hear Zhang Xiaotian answer Qin wan leng, but dare not say anything to agree with.
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Chapter one hundred and one Four major risks
The next morning, Zhang Xiaotian got up from the stone bed and sighed. Although the bottleneck was a little loose, he still couldn’t break through.
Zhang Xiaotian went to the cave and practiced his posture. If he can’t get high, then find a way to get high.
Seven stars wandering! Zhang Xiaotian put it to use again and again. Although it consumes little energy to put it to use, it can’t be used continuously at intervals. Now Zhang Xiaotian is trying to shorten this interval slowly. It was several minutes before he just studied this posture. Now Zhang Xiaotian has shortened it to more than ten seconds. Although this time is very short, it is still too long for the rapidly changing situation in the battle. Ten seconds is enough for the enemy to kill him. I heard Sanying say this posture for thousands of times. When they practiced at the peak, they could use the seven-star maze step continuously without breaking.
At that time, Sanying was in the solid state of a stranger’s body, so it could be done. But now Zhang Xiaotian’s body is not as stable as a solid state, and some other people can’t do it. Now the Seven Star Wandering is always not perfect.
Alas! From time to time, there are still so many Zhang Xiaotian sighs, and now the footwork has reached the bottleneck. The root of this gait is not much higher. Now practicing is just to make it more proficient in martial arts. If you don’t practice it for a day, you will be rusty. This is one of the reasons why so many family brothers are unwilling to practice martial arts.
After practicing the posture, Zhang Xiaotian took out a long knife again and practiced the knife method.
Just when Zhang Xiaotian was practicing tiger tiger wind, a surprise came from afar.
Zhang Xiaotian turned to look there. It turned out to be Qin Wan who was awakened by a strange cave when she was resting. She came out to see that it was Zhang Xiaotian who was practicing martial arts. She was a little surprised that she had never seen other ghosts practicing martial arts, including her father, the first natural ghost practitioner!
After Zhang Xiaotian is now Qin Wan, he stopped moving his hands and said with some apologies, "Is the sound too loud to wake you up? I didn’t notice before that I went to practice outside the hole! "