Doctor rounds
Mo Yifan came to a ward and saw that there was no stranger except a fat patient, so he shook his coat badge in front of the bodyguard and then pushed the door and walked in.
The two bodyguards outside looked at each other and muttered to each other, damn it, I just finished checking the room, but I can’t see how they cured the boss. Hum is an idiot.
Mo Yifan pretended not to hear and asked these two idiot bodyguards not to stop him from entering the ward. Go ahead and say whatever they like.
There is a man in a hospital bed who is about forty years old, at least 300 kilograms fat. Mo Yifan has seen fat before, especially in Heifeng Island, but he has seen that super fat before. But now he is lying in a hospital bed. This big fat is too characteristic. Generally, his belly is particularly big, and a lot of fat is piled up in his abdomen, while this one is mostly in his ass. It is estimated that he will have to weigh it at least 100 kilograms, and his legs are close to each other like two cones. The butt is as thick as an elephant’s leg, but it gets smaller and smaller, and the calf is often almost the same thickness. It can be said that this guy’s center of gravity is mainly in the butt. I’m afraid he can’t climb up without help when he sits on the ground while walking.
At this time, the fat man is sleeping, and the snoring is shocking everywhere. Even the window glass is trembling, and the fat man lies sideways. Every time he breathes, his fat ass will tremble like a sea wave.
Mo Yifan pretended to walk to the front of the bed, and the folder in the thugs copied the figures displayed by those instruments to the front of the bed. He looked out at the corner of his eyes and saw the probes of the two bodyguards and then turned outside. Obviously, he had no doubts about him.
Mo Yifan breathed a sigh of relief and quickly went around to the other side of the bed. He was first examined for his fat body and thin body. However, it was said in the news that his belly was covered with blue and purple spots, which looked shocking. It seems that this fat should be one of the 17 poisoned people in the weight loss club.
Mo Yifan pricked the fat head twice with a needle in his finger to let him fall into deep sleep, and then took a pair of fat shorts and glanced at the fat super-large and ultra-white ass.
Of course, Mo Yifan will never be interested in this dead fat ass. Even if Xiao Mo is really a comrade, it is impossible to molest such a wretched fat.
Mo Yi, who thinks that this fat ass is so exaggerated that he wants to lose weight, will never forget that the skin color of this fat white ass is slightly brighter than that of his legs. This is the phenomenon after Shennong slimming liquid. In fact, this difference is very small, and Mo Yi, who has far superior eyesight, can tell it with the naked eye.
It’s really hard to imagine that this fat slimming liquid has done slimming for his super big ass, and now it’s so exaggerated. That was before the slimming liquid. Mo Yifan couldn’t believe that the world would be so fat if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.
However, it is obvious that although the fat ass has been treated with slimming liquid, there is no blue spot on the face. Seeing this situation, Mo Yifan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. From this point of view, it is not really because Shennong slimming liquid was poisoned, which shows another mystery.
In fact, it is very easy to be certified whether poisoning is caused by rubbing Shennong slimming liquid. It is necessary to test the poisoned blood to see what kind of substance causes poisoning, and then compare it to see if the content of this substance is in Shennong slimming liquid. No one is more familiar with the content of Shennong slimming liquid than Mo Yifan. He believes that even these people are really expired and deteriorated. At most, it may cause infection. Red rashes should be washed and rubbed with some anti-inflammatory drugs, so it will be OK. It is absolutely impossible to cause such a serious situation, not to mention death.
Generally speaking, even if the external medicine is used now, the adverse reaction will not be too serious. I haven’t heard that rubbing some medicine on my belly in the past can wipe people to death. It is said that French hospitals or forensic doctors can’t even make such a simple problem even if the level is shallow. Obviously, there is a tricky conspiracy.
Mo Yifan doesn’t know exactly who is trying to harm himself. Supposedly, he doesn’t know anyone in France, let alone an enemy. How can anyone trip him up? Is it because people see that their Shennong regiment is thriving and jealous that they deliberately play such a trick to hurt themselves? But this motive is not impossible. Red-eye patients or adults are here, but Mo Yifan will believe it, but it happened in Hong Kong or Paris, France, and suddenly it was set up by people. This is incredible. Mo Yifan now has more financial resources than Forbes rich list.
In any case, Mo Yifan decided to find the real cause of these people’s poisoning first, and then he will be washed away because of his suspicion. Then he can act in France and investigate what it is to murder him.
Touching the fat wrist and listening attentively to the fat pulse for a moment, Mo Yifan was already aware of it. Just after putting the fat wrist, he heard a series of rapid steps in the corridor, and then he heard people clamoring to catch gangsters posing as doctors.
Mo Yifan’s heart secretly called bad, but I didn’t expect to get caught so quickly. Although he already knew that someone was setting him up, it was impossible to get rid of the charges in this stranger’s foreign ghost territory. Now he is caught by these foreign ghost policemen, and even if he can get rid of the charges after a while, it is always illegal to attack that Dr. George today. He doesn’t want to go to jail in this country and it is impossible to kill all the policemen.
Bang rang before Mo Yifan stood guard at the door. The two tall Ma Dayang ghost bodyguards had rushed in angrily. They probably heard the police greeting and became suspicious of Mo Yifan. When they entered the door, they immediately turned their hands and reached for their guns, pointing to Mo Yifan and shouted, Don’t move. Put your hands on your head and pick your mask.
Mo Yifan’s smell speech almost made the two foreign ghosts happy. At first glance, they were too nervous to listen to them. Then how can you put your hands on your head and put your hands on your head? What’s to take off your face mask? This logic is chaotic enough. It is estimated that these two guys can be bodyguards. Chengdu is a place where they have no decoration and have never really faced any danger before they can speak incoherently. One guy has a gun root in his hand and another guy has a gunman in both hands. Mo Yifan is really worried that this guy will go off accidentally if he is too nervous.
I heard that the footsteps outside were not far away. Mo Yifan didn’t have time to play games with these two idiots, smiled slightly and raised his hands. Then with a flick of his hand, the two idiots immediately went straight in front of their eyes, dizzy in their heads and rushed to the floor. The guy with a bad hand suddenly pulled the trigger, but he was so nervous that he just put two fingers into the trigger hole of the pistol, but one finger was in front of the trigger and one hand was behind it. He pulled the trigger gun so hard that it didn’t sound, but he almost broke his own finger.
Mo Yifan’s figure has flashed, pulling out the fingertips of two idiots, and then he came to the window to pull the window sash and looked out. This is the twelfth floor. Although it is not yet the ninth floor of Jinlong Building, it is not much different. The main side belongs to the backyard of the hospital. It is a lawn flower, and almost no one can be seen. So Mo Yifan immediately hesitated to hold his hand on the windowsill and float up smartly than jump straight from the roof.
From the second time in Heifeng Island, after practice, he took a new and strong man with him. It is easier for a big man to know that the height of the real isolation layer is no longer a threat to him than to jump from a high altitude.
The height of more than ten floors was just a blink of an eye, and Mo Yifan made sufficient preparations. After several times of slowing down gravity and accelerating, he didn’t even shake up the dust when he landed.
After landing, Mo Yifan suddenly heard a rush of flowers not far in front of him. His heart was slightly curious and stepped forward, but before he got to the front, he saw a man and a woman drilling in the flowers. The two men were naked and naked. The man’s head was still tied with two bandages and the patient was unified in the hospital. The woman’s age was not too small, and her face makeup seemed to be blown white. Obviously, she had been in the hospital for a long time to find a prostitute to vent her life. I don’t know whether it was to save money or to look for excitement. Mo Yifan didn’t see this pair of dog men and women in the building just now, but Mo Yifan was completely seen by them in the process of jumping from the building. Both of them were not very devout Christians. At this time, he saw a man dressed as a doctor falling from the sky, and when he saw the man fall from the building, he was not far from them. Both of them were startled and hurried to get up, but they didn’t know where to take off their clothes in the madness just now. There must be many people who have passed through this life. Can’t they just see people naked?
Anxious, I saw that the jumper landed on the lawn and then walked in this direction. Two people suddenly blindsided.
It’s not a person. It’s definitely not a person who fell from the sky.
It’s the right day. It must have come from the sky to save these depraved people. Well, although the sky is a little strange, who said that the emperor sent heaven will be a bird with wings and a doctor?
So two less devout believers immediately filled with admiration for the Almighty Emperor and shouted, and they came out of the flowers to welcome them to heaven for baptism, but forgot that they were still naked.
Mo Yifan was really startled by the dog men and women, and he didn’t have time to pester them, so he immediately flew up unceremoniously and let the wild mandarin ducks fly back to the flowers to continue their habitat. He accelerated his pace and quickly took off his white coat hat and mask while running to the hospital fence.
When he jumped into the hospital with one hand holding the wall less than two meters high, three seconds later, the police in the ward on the twelfth floor remembered that they were looking at the building with their windows lying prone.
Although they also saw that the window hit the ground before, two idiots were as callous as bodyguards, but the murderer was nowhere to be seen, but no one thought that the murderer would jump from the window. After all, this is the twelfth floor. Wow, falling from here will turn 100% into a pool of mud, as miserable as it is. Even if people want to kill, they will not choose this way to die.