Hehe, darling, I’m Perena, the god in charge of the earth elves. Just call me grandma with them. I’ve heard a lot about you. Now just sit there and let me check your health.
God said, slightly raised his crutch toward the dragonfly, gently waved a soft and powerful energy, and the dragonfly was pressed back to the ground. When the dragonfly sat firmly on the ground, God approached the dragonfly and immediately sent a soft yellow light from her hand. In this light, she was sleepy and immediately asked the dragonfly to fall asleep again.
However, after hypnotizing the dragonfly, God didn’t inspect the dragonfly as everyone imagined, but turned to the four main gods with a dignified look and said, Listen, there may be other protoss or inferno behind this little thing.
The myth of the earth just took a bite, and the four gods were amazed. When Fengshen tried to speak, he raised his hand and then said, I have already known his body structure since his activity. Although it was not surprising to find it, it has not been the strange phenomenon of absorbing magical energy. Now you don’t need to constantly emit magical energy to him. You still continue to go, then he will become superior to the two realms of gods and demons or soon die because of the victory of magical energy. I thought it was not the protoss or the inferno who had not been around for a long time. Hands and feet, then he can never change like this, and I have sensed his mind. His deep memory seems to be locked by a powerful force, and even I can’t know what happened during the period when he lost his breath of life. You have confirmed this, but I believe you must be the same as me.
Grandma, what do you think we should do after that? His change will affect our plan. It’s not the wind myth. God’s face has changed dramatically before he finished. He said that he is not worried about planning things. You should have found that he can move here when the wind blows, which means that his potential power is already very strong now. Therefore, you must never let him untie other seals for three years, otherwise it will always be bad for us. Do you understand that God seems to spill the beans, but in the end he reacts to cough to cover up?
Grandma listened to the myth that the water god seemed to want to say something, but the earth god turned his eyes and looked at the water god’s face. After listening to it, the earth god said with a little harshness, Grandma Shuidrip has said many times that you are a protoss and you must never be emotional about a human being in the future. This is very important to us. Are you white?
Grandma, I’m in tears, and the water god wants to excuse me. I’ve always been kind to God. Suddenly, I completely shouted "White" and didn’t drink so much. I immediately scared the water god to talk back to my stomach. When I saw the water god, I bowed my head and said something with bitterness.
Well, that’s lovely. When God saw that the water god had bowed and slowed down, he immediately said to the other four main gods, now I will lift the hypnotic magic. Remember never to speak to him just now. Looking at this god who seems to have a high position in the main gods, the other four main gods can nod and say yes.
A moment later, God solved the magic on the dragonfly to restore consciousness. When the dragonfly dimly opened his eyes, God smiled in front of him. Hehe, you are awake. Don’t worry. You are in perfect health now. I guarantee that you will be sick. God carefully lifted the dragonfly and said softly.
Oh, that’s great. Hehe, I didn’t expect to meet the first Lord God. It’s a great honor. The seemingly friendly appearance of the earth god makes dragonfly feel very comfortable and a little more casual unconsciously.
Hehe, seeing that you young people are full of vigor makes me feel much younger as an old woman. Oh, God continued along the dragonfly topic. By the way, Grandma, you said that my body is fine. So what makes me have a headache when I think about what just happened? Dragonfly suddenly wondered and looked at God and said
It doesn’t matter. It’s a common phenomenon. Maybe you accidentally bumped into your head just now in the battle. As far as your human structure is concerned, a brain impact will cause short-term memory loss. I don’t think it will take long for you to recover. It seems that God Chang has long expected that Dragonfly will agree on the answer to Dragonfly, and Dragonfly is convinced of this point. They have been sincere and kind for a long time, and they have long let Dragonfly be good to every God. What’s more, this kind-hearted God is even worse.
Oh, when I came here, the dragonfly suddenly shouted, Oh, by the way, I’m here. It’s the golden toad. That guy ran there. How long has it been before I was in a coma? Don’t say that the water moon is finished, and the sky must be ruined. The dragonfly must look around anxiously.
Facing the dragonfly expression, the Lord God smiled at each other and listened to God saying, Hehe, silly, isn’t it there? This time, we will make an exception to help you, so you can directly rely on our magic to take away the golden toad that won’t move. But remember that this is the first and last time, I don’t want us to help you directly. The myth just took a dragonfly and immediately hugged God, shouting, Thank you, grandma, and I will try my best to thank you.
Dragonfly’s way of action and reaction was to confuse God until Dragonfly let go of three steps and two steps to carefully put the golden toad into the bottle he had brought. God just came to his senses and looked at Dragonfly’s innocent smile and felt his sincere feelings. Suddenly, a sense of guilt sprang up in his mind, but this feeling disappeared too fast.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Emperor is the wind and cloud
The United Kingdom of Bassos, the largest country in the human world with an ancient history, was established in the late period of the war-torn doomsday war, so it has become a top priority for the monarch to advocate force from the first kingdom to strengthen military thinking. By the time of King Kane III, this situation is even more prominent. Magic courts have been set up everywhere, and every city must have a military and tactical guidance center, such as the Three-Five Exhibition Tournament Conference, and so on. The Kingdom of Bassos has selected a number of outstanding military talents. However, although the ancient kingdom has the advantages of combat experience, it also has the basis of backward thinking. According to the legislation of the Kingdom of Worship, only the descendants of nobles can become senior officers, while the average civilian can be as long as 1,000 people unless he has made great achievements. Therefore, the identity of a civilian named Dragonfly was suddenly ordered by Kane III to make a sensation in the capital of Worship, and everyone was wondering what the upstart named Dragonfly Kane III was doing. Although the military generals did not oppose it publicly in the first four heads of the Prince of Calante, the right prime minister Liu Jishou’s civilian faction had already complained a lot.
Due to the threat of inferno in the northwest of the northern punk empire for a long time, the number of regular troops in Bezos Kingdom is as high as 2.5 million. In addition, there are tens of thousands to 200,000 local garrison troops in each of the 16 counties and provinces in Bezos. Although the number of troops is as high as astronomical figures every year, these troops have ensured the victory of dozens of wars against inferno in the thousand-year history of Bezos Kingdom. Therefore, although they often have to face the bitter face of financial officials, the emperors of Bezos have ensured that the troops are in place. Because of this kind of regular troops, the local troops are combined with strange military bodies. In the kingdom of Sotheby’s, there are two kinds of military distinctions between professional soldiers and civilian soldiers. Generally speaking, the members of the four legions directly under the command of the emperor belong to professional soldiers, while the members of local troops belong to civilian soldiers, that is, those who form a certain number of troops or join the local army can be called civilian soldiers. However, this distinction is not absolute and special. It is difficult to distinguish higher positions than dragonfly’s.
As its name implies, Nine Doors refers to the officials who are in charge of the nine gates of the capital of Bezos. However, because Bezos is located in the northwest border area of Bezos, it is both a king and a fortress. At ordinary times, it is not only the political center of the country, but also a defense against inferno invading the iron wall in wartime. Therefore, when the war breaks out, nine Doors will lead the army to avoid chaos. According to the general local army, the Guards of the Royal Guards belong to the troops directly under the emperor, while the Guards of the Governor, the Governor, the Cavalry and the Royal Guards belong to the local protection army.
It is also very important and sensitive because the nine-door governor not only governs the king’s capital, China, Japan, and Japan, but also governs the actual combat troops. The candidate for the top nine-door governor must be a member of the royal family or a noble queen. However, this time, Kane III suddenly gave Longfei, a young and well-qualified person, this important position. No wonder the response from all walks of life was fierce
At the moment when several gods chatted successfully, there was also a private banquet in the right prime minister’s house in the city of Byssos. In addition to the right prime minister Liu Ji, the minister of military aircraft, Angjitian, the earl of Wang Du, the guards and the security guards, Sinan Duojue, the guards, the barons of Xiuka, the prefect and the prefect, and other digital civil servants were present.
Haha, it’s a great blessing to have you here today. Let’s drink to everyone. In a song and dance, Liu Jigao sat in the main seat and raised a silver cup full of wine and said to everyone. Listening to his words, everyone politely raised their glasses in return for Liu Ji and drank it off. The prime minister there was able to take time out of his busy schedule to feast for me. This was really a blessing for us. Count Anji Tian, the military minister, flattered Liu Ji when he found the opportunity.
Hum, kiss-polisher, commander of the prefect’s army, Lord Lester, snorted gently, and then whispered his words, which immediately made him nervous at the same table. Fortunately, at the moment, the song and dance were disguised and everyone’s attention was on the main table, so no one heard Lester ridicule. Although both of them were military generals hand-picked by Liu Ji, they didn’t like Liu Ji’s flattery villain very much, so they were very impulsive and often offended some senior officials. Fortunately, his good friend, the commander of the Guards, Baron Xiuka, was intelligent. People who are cautious will often cover up Lester and persuade him many times. However, as the saying goes, a leopard cannot change its spots. Although Lester knows his reckless faults, he will still make a few sarcastic remarks when he doesn’t like them.
Looking around, I found that after people noticed, Baron Xiuka took a long breath and immediately turned to face Lester’s novel, saying, "You have made the old habit again, and you don’t look at the occasion. Although you are very dissatisfied with your friends, you can’t refute that you can bow your head and drink a glass of menjiu."
It seems that we don’t like these songs and dances when we are in charge of adults. Anji Tian is an uncle and Ann doesn’t like Lester’s always targeting his uncle at ordinary times, so he will catch his feet at the first opportunity. Then he will immediately attract Anji Tian Liu Ji’s eyes and put his glass on Lester with a smile and said, Oh
Lester, don’t you watch songs and dances?
I just wanted to talk to Liu Ji after Lester glared at Ann angrily. I saw Xiuka quietly squeezing his thigh at the table and pressing him back to his stomach. Lester, what’s wrong with you? We are all friends here. Can’t you say anything? Liu Ji asked with a change of complexion.
Teacher, I’m fine. It’s that people are not comfortable and noisy these days. Lester lowered his head and said, yes, Lester was ordered to inspect the royal hunting ground a few days ago, and he got cold when he came back. Yesterday, I asked him to go to my place to drink, but he didn’t come. Today, it’s not my teacher’s banquet. I think this little boy is still sleeping in bed. Haha, Lester just finished repairing the card and quickly added that Liu Ji’s face immediately slowed down and immediately pretended to say that you two children are really sick. Someone should take a rest at home. Someone
Thank you, my teacher, for giving me a slight illness. I don’t need to get this precious medicinal material back. When I saw Liu Ji, I was going to take the precious ginseng Lester and immediately got up to thank him. However, Liu Ji waved his hand and said that ginseng was nothing. It is better than anything to keep you healthy. You must be so polite.
Teacher, Lester wanted to turn away, but I saw Liu Ji’s face sink and he pretended to be angry. He said that you were turning away, but you just didn’t take me seriously. How can Lester again push back and accept Liu Ji’s precious ginseng?
Haha, well, since Lester doesn’t sing and dance, then you can go. When Liu Ji saw that Lester had done what he wanted, he waved the singer and dancer to retreat, then put down the glass and said to everyone, it’s actually one thing for everyone to discuss today. Liu Ji’s remarks were repaired, and Lester looked at each other and both of them were in vain.
Sure enough, Liu Ji said after scanning the crowd that today is my cousin or relatives and friends, so to put it bluntly, everyone must have known that a young kid suddenly became a nine-door inspector. Although this little dog used to have some holidays, Liu Mouren is not so easy to bear grudges. I want to ask you what position will suddenly take a fancy to this little one.
Well, I wonder if the positions are special. They lead Ann and then seem to want to prove their intelligence. After a little thinking, they immediately said, Who knows Liu Ji, but with a wave of their hand, they don’t care. They said that it’s impossible to look around the city of Bassos with them. It’s too simple for you to think about the one here. Once you see that your opinions have been denied, Ann can praise Liu Jiying again.
After a moment’s silence, Anji Tianyi looked up at Liu Ji and said, "Prime Minister, do you think Prince Calante will be behind the scenes?" At this moment, people at the banquet seemed to be inclined to say this, but Liu Ji nodded and said, "I just thought the same thing, but when I think about it carefully, it is still impossible that it is really Calante who is behind the scenes. Then the post of Nine Doors Supervisor will not be idle for many years. Everyone thought that a few years ago, Calante wanted to let its own flag, Lekedos, the governor of the province, Mills take this position. However, I still thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t give it a seal. Is it true that Calante will work harder today because of a kid who has never met before? In fact, I am thinking that even Calante will probably be surprised by this decision.
Liu Ji scanned the crowd as he spoke, and saw that everyone nodded in succession. It seemed that he recognized the Prime Minister’s words, but when he said that, I really didn’t know why he would suddenly make this important decision. Anji Tian said while flattering.
Hehe, it doesn’t matter. I’m just asking everyone’s opinions, not testing everyone’s ability. It doesn’t matter if I can’t get along. Seeing the tense atmosphere at the banquet, Liu Ji smiled and once again advised everyone to drink. When everyone drank it off, Liu Ji suddenly turned to face the card repair and asked him about it. What do you think?
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine The prime minister conspiracy
Teacher Shu Di’s stupidity is really not white. Seeing that Liu Jikou asked himself, he quickly raised his hand and disguised himself to answer this answer, which immediately attracted Anji Tian and other people to despise their eyes. However, repairing the card was as safe as a dream.
Your intelligence has always been in everyone’s mind. I think there must be something in your heart that you don’t say for everyone to listen to, that is, it’s wrong and harmful. Liu Ji seems to believe in repairing cards very much. It’s easy for him.
Seeing Liu Ji asking himself again about repairing the card, knowing what not to say, Liu Ji will be very dissatisfied, so after careful thinking, he once again respectfully said that since the teacher must say something to his brother, then my brother can think about himself superficially and say that he is not right.
Well, when you said that it would hinder Liu Ji from getting ready to repair the card, he looked at the card and said that the younger brother had repaired the card. After a slight release, he continued, "I want to take the nine-door supervisor because I should have finished my idea, and because it was around noon today, I suddenly decided that my teacher could want to attend the meeting in the afternoon. When I arrived at the temple in the afternoon, I suddenly ordered him to take the position of deputy commander of the city guards. Something must have happened and it is likely that the positions suddenly discovered something strange or something in the Juege." Being able to take this position has not angered me in the imperial court for many years, but today, my teacher objected to Juege taking the post of nine door supervisors and yelled at me. This must not be because someone suggested that the most important thing is to give it to Juege. wang xing Shudi, a presumptuous younger brother, wants to say that his teacher has worked hard for many years and has not won this honor, so it can be said that he loves Jueluo more, so his younger brother thinks that he will do it. I think it may be nothing more than a few kinds of special Jueluo Juege, and Jueluo has some kind of ability to raise eyebrows. Jue Shi has already arranged for an Indiana Jones and four Jeros Jue Shi to reach some kind of agreement or say that he can gain some advantages. Brother En talks so much more than other brothers. It’s really a way to fix the card. Everyone present was dumbfounded. Even his hostile Anji Tian and others had to admire his intelligence secretly.
I’m asking you what you mean by the fourth possibility. Liu Ji asked the teacher again after nodding his head again. In fact, these may all be my brother’s guesses. The fourth point is that Bijue Pavilion used to be a country’s expensive. After coming to worship Sotheby’s at this moment, he exchanged information for senior officials or he brought some agreements to the inferno. This is all my brother’s imagination. Don’t laugh at the teacher. Fix the card again.
Well, although the possibility is very small, this possibility is not absent. We should make a good investigation into this small background. After a slight nod, Liu Ji said, "Look at Liu Ji’s serious expression and fix the card." Suddenly, he said, "Teacher En boldly said another possible word."