Gu Jingke’s eyes flashed before the woman.
"The deceased is your boyfriend?"
The woman cried with red eyes and nodded, "He’s my boyfriend, police officer. We ate well, but as soon as he did, his boss must have poisoned him in dessert, and my boyfriend would die!"
"What’s your name?" Gu Jingke directly crossed the topic and asked with a cold look, "Why do you come to this store to eat? If you follow the outline of lunch, you should not eat sweet."
"Qin Xue" Qin Xue reached out to wipe his eyes and slung his face. "We came here to talk about business, but we didn’t know it was like this!"
"Talking about business?"
"I said, Miss Qin, don’t be a dirty lie. The food in our store is so good that it won’t be toxic. You should keep your mouth shut, but you can’t wronged us because we don’t want to accept your acquisition."
The speaker is the owner of the shop. He is wearing an apron and a hat, and his eyes are cold. "Miss Qin should pay attention to her conscience when she speaks. You can’t live without her conscience!"
Section 397
Qin Xue eyes slightly narrowed light hum a light way; "When I don’t pay attention to my conscience, you must have killed Xiaoyu. You don’t want to be bought by us, so do it!"
The boss’s face changed slightly. I don’t know how to refute Qin Xue’s aggressiveness. He is also a little bit. But an employee in the store also came out and snorted heavily. "Miss Qin, we will never poison your boyfriend. I think what’s wrong with your boyfriend’s success …"
The words were severely interrupted by Qin Xue before they were finished. "I can tell you that my boyfriend can eat sweets without any problems or heart disease. There must be something wrong with your cake!"
Cheng Man slightly one leng didn’t expect Qin Xue to look so cute and lovely that he was such a terrible person.
Speak so fast as if there is reason to say so.
"You give me silence first and tell me one by one what it’s like to quarrel!" Cheng Man pointed at the boss with a cold hum and said, "You know the deceased. Tell me what you and the deceased are?"
"We have nothing to do with him …" The clerk interrupted Cheng Man’s cold eyes and directly let him shut up and laugh a little stiff and dare not look at Cheng Man again.
Cheng Man turned around with a cold eye and said, "Boss, do you still want to answer my questions yourself instead of your staff?"
The boss nodded, "Officer, I don’t know the deceased very well, but the deceased will buy our sweet shop recently because our business quota is not very prosperous recently, but I don’t want to be bought. He pesters me every day!"
Qin Xue sneered at him. "It’s not that we like entanglement, but that you don’t know which road is best for you. I tell you that your store will be bought by us sooner or later. If it is bought by us now, you can still get a lot of money."
This woman is as strange as if her boyfriend is not dead.
Gu Jingke frowned at Qin Xue and lowered his eyes.
You!’ The boss was so angry that he didn’t want to be entangled with Qin Xue again. He waved his hand and said, "I don’t want to say one more word to you. We are not poisonous or poisoned by what you said. We are not interested in buying!"
This is still true, but Qin Xue refused to let go. "I tell you that Xiaoyu is dead now, and you can’t get away from eating your cake!"
Many customers left the store in a hurry because of this, but there are only five customers in this store, which is similar to what Qin Xue said.
At this moment in the cold got up and said
"Sister Cheng asked me to tell you that poison was detected in the cake, and the cause of death of the deceased was indeed death after eating the cake."
How can the boss be really poisoned when he says this?
"Well, you are really poisonous!" As soon as Qin Xue was angry, his mouth shook a few times. "Even if you don’t promise to buy, you shouldn’t harm anyone. But what did you do that actually went to the point of killing people? Boss, you are waiting to go to prison now!"
The boss’s mouth moved weakly and spit out a sentence, "I have no poison, not me!" "
"Ah, isn’t it you or us? We are not stupid enough to commit suicide like this! " Qin Xuechao took a few steps in front, reached out and grasped the boss’s collar in a low voice and asked, "Even if you don’t agree to the acquisition, there is no need to kill Xiaoyu. Tell me why you want to do this!"
"The boss also asked you to give our police an explanation."
Cheng Man looked at the boss with cold eyes. "This poison was found in the cake …"
Without thinking much, the boss retorted, "I’m not poisonous!"
"If you are so sure, why don’t you tell us about your dessert making steps first?"
"Okay, you come with me!" The boss walked to the front of the stage and his voice was slightly cold. "We are doing it now. Everything the deceased wants has not passed through my hand. I can never get poisoned."