Gu Jingyi looked at the photos sent by Mu Ming, and the photos flashed. The scenery was very obvious. It was not in the city. The hand speed was super fast and a line was typed on the keyboard. "Where are you?" How many people? Who are you with? "
Mu Ming looked down at her reply message and typed "a farmhouse with six colleagues"
Gu Jingyi flew back and had long expected the answer, "Is Gu Jingke that small?"
Silent for a moment, Muming replied "in"
Gu Jingyi’s eyes quickly burst into laughter like a fox’s horse sent a paragraph of words. In the past, Mu Ming saw the words on the screen and there were two smirk expressions: "Are you going to make great progress and go to a place with such beautiful scenery?"
Muming hung a few black lines on his forehead and replied a few words to make there instantly silent "In the cold war …"
Gu Jingyi surprised hurriedly information bombing "how can you and he cold war, did he do something wrong! If you do something wrong, you should be punished, and you should see if he still does it. "
When my sister has already trusted her future sister-in-law without asking why, and my brother has been forgotten by her, it is really good that Gu Jingyi has successfully upgraded her best friend.
Slag abuse, trampling on slag, and fighting monsters. She’s in the way. Muming needs to abuse her own brother in the back. This idea can’t be said. Gu Jingyi smiles like a fox at the corner of her mouth.
Master Gu looked at his baby granddaughter and stared at the mobile phone and laughed so insidiously. Who is going to suffer? It’s really goose bumps to laugh so sly.
He took a sip of tea, but before he drank it, he was scared by Gu Jingyi and spit it out. "Girl, what are you doing? You should pay attention to your image at first sight!"
But the words haven’t finished yet. Gu Jingyi choked him with a move. Gu Jingyi shook his mobile phone in front of Master Gu’s eyes and smiled insidiously. "Grandpa, your grandson has ambition and bullied a weak woman."
Master Gu almost burst out with a mouthful of blood. Why is it so awkward for this granddaughter to speak? Muming came back with the message that "hands and feet will be punished naturally"
To what extent is this unruly? I can’t help thinking about the master’s heart. Come back and get engaged!
"Girl, Jingke, it’s not bullying. It’s a must for husband and wife to communicate their feelings." Master Gu slowly took a sip of tea and put the teacup.
Sighed, "Look at that old man!" Then he got up and walked towards the gate, sighing, "I’m going to the Mu family, so don’t forget to make an appointment at noon."
Gu Jingyi eyebrows mercilessly pick "won’t forget you go"
After that, she looked at the phone and went back to the past. "To what extent?"
There silently looked at the blue veins on the forehead of the mobile phone screen and jumped a few times. Gu Jingke and Gu Jingyi are not the same personality. Gu Jingke waited too long to reply and sent another message, "You won’t be eaten, will you?"
Mu Ming avoided this person and turned to the topic "Don’t you want a blind date without your grandfather?"
Gu Jingyi was quickly pulled back to her thoughts and sighed, "Who said no? Every day, I am forced to have an appointment later. "
When her eyes looked up, she sent a few words to Mu Ming. "You don’t know how wonderful the blind date is. It’s absolutely amazing. When I first came, I said that I was going to get married and scared me enough!"
Even before the blind date got to know each other, he directly said that the visible object of marriage was poorly cultivated. After meditation, he replied, "Is it so bad?" Your grandfather can’t be so bad at selecting candidates. "
Gu Jingyi suddenly wanted to cry. She originally thought that her master would not be so cruel, but this time it was such a pit. She caused her to have the idea of seeing a handsome boy and suddenly fell behind. All of them were extremely extreme!
At this time, she felt that Muming was closer than her relatives and hurriedly returned to "I also felt that the master would not be so pit, but I didn’t expect that this time it turned out to be trying to force me to fall in love. It was really hard to understand the old man’s thoughts."
Master Gu lamented that since you don’t move, I’ll add fuel to the flames and let you experience the regret after a blind date.
Mu Ming returned to "Your grandfather is also worried about you" Gu Jingyi wanted to cry and made a crying expression.
At first glance, Gu Jingyi collapsed from her chair. "I have to go quickly when the time is coming!" What for? Blind date!
The chat between the two ended here. Gu Jingyi hurried to the room and changed her clothes. The delicate car with light makeup went straight to the green cafe. Green is a famous coffee shop in Kyoto. The coffee in it is outrageous.
This time, the man can make an appointment in a coffee shop, which is quite cultured, unlike the time when he made an appointment directly in a hotel … What can the hotel do? Anyway, she just slapped the man.
At that time, Gu Jingyi wanted to cry and accused the master of this line, which was simply to pit his granddaughter to make her feel the taste of blind date, and there was no need to find so many poles!
Here Muming took a good look at his mobile phone. It was almost five o’clock when Cheng Man knocked at the door. "Little Muming asked us to eat barbecue to ensure that it was poisonous food."
Muming went into the bathroom and washed her face to make herself look more energetic. Then she combed her hair again and tied a ponytail to look fresh and clean. She turned around and lifted the door and lifted her eyes. "Go."
I haven’t eaten these things for a long time. Now that I’m here, it’s good to have a taste once in a while.
Several people quickly came to the building and invited them to eat. Originally, they lived in a barbecue grill in their building. They had all kinds of vegetables, meat and seasonings. Vegetables and meat were fresh and seasonings were bought in the supermarket.
At this time, Gu Jingke has been cutting vegetables independently, and the woman next to him is also secretly amazed. "Knife worker is good and often cooks at home?"
Gu Jingke’s eyes glanced at Muming intentionally, and the woman looked at it clearly. Muming suddenly ignored Cheng Man and smiled. "Since your family invited us to eat, what are we going to do now?"
This means to give a hand. The woman smiled and pointed to the vegetables. "These vegetables have just been picked from the ground. Just wash them for you."
"Since you want to make kebabs, you should string them together." The woman said that her expression was very easy-going.
Mu Ming looked at the family a little and found that this woman was squatting in the sink with a tall child of about five or six years old, playing with water and dressing up. It was very cultured.
The woman chuckled, "I’ve lived here for a week and I’ve long wanted to cook a barbecue. Unfortunately, my son and I can’t get it. You’re here today to help."
The second watch is coming together, and it’s also a W watch ~ Mo Mo Da!
☆, 169 tail seventh case messed up blind date.