Wan Fazong stood in the way of Bai Xiao Yin’s front, and my right hand drew a virtual picture in the middle. I took a smile and sent it to the party to see a huge light beam foaming at the mouth and scattered a white cloud in the sky. This game counts as that we lost everything. After calming down, I sink a way
Qing Ming sword fairy dream drifted away and smiled. Those dying eyes looked at my sword and he returned it to the scabbard, so that you could pick me up easily. This seems to be a positive tone, but it’s ridiculous that God can pick you up. I’m afraid that you already know that it’s ridiculous.
The senior and junior are also very reluctant to pick up. Although I look like an innocent person now, who knows that my injury is not light? I look pale for a few minutes, and my hand is on Bai Xiaoyin’s shoulder. Dude, help me. I’m dying.
It’s good to laugh. You’re so small that it’s fun. Come on, don’t pretend that I can’t afford to lose, but although you obviously beat me, this victory is still me, right?
That’s when I nod my head again and again. At this time, my hand just shouldn’t be missed by my predecessors. It’s lucky that this game should be regarded as the victory of my predecessors.
You can talk when you are young, and you go to the stage with a big smile.
Dream brother, thank you so much just now. Pay a smile and give me a Bai Xiao Yin. Then he quickly thanked me.
What’s the matter? Aren’t we friends? Friends, don’t say this. It seems unfamiliar to say this. I remember who said that people’s hearts are here to buy such a good opportunity. I’m stupid not to buy two pounds.
My friend Bai Xiaoyin froze and laughed again. He is a friend to us.
I just put a Suya claw in my forehead and my eyes are not right. Why don’t you have a fever?
Beat his paw. I’m out of breath. What have I done? I’m tired of living, aren’t I?
It’s not big brother. Why do I feel like you’ve changed sex? You were crazy before I remembered.
People will change me, so they will be deep.
But it’s a little too fast, Sua. Low track
Go and kick him aside. I won’t change. What’s wrong with you?
Zhuge Meng came over and stared at me with a pair of beautiful eyes, which made me shudder. Where have you been these days? Why didn’t you come back now? If you had come back earlier, the Oriental family would have won now.
Ah, it’s Zhuge girl. I started fighting. Haha, I haven’t seen the girl for a few days. It’s no wonder that people say that if they don’t see each other every day in Sanqiu and Sanqiu, if they spend their time, let’s finish our feelings and find that everyone wait for a while is looking at me and stuffing an egg in my mouth. What’s wrong with this? Didn’t I just tell the truth or two? Do you have to be so surprised?
You can’t be possessed by a dream, can you? No one here will tell me to listen to Oriental Snow like this except Oriental Snow. Everyone looks at me with questions.
It’s Cher. Oh, I’ll be a man and a beast. Don’t talk nonsense, children. Have you heard the story of the wolf coming? It doesn’t matter if you don’t come at first sight. Let’s go and tell you slowly.
Tell it to your agarwood. Don’t bother me here. My little girl is quite angry. Let’s see if she’s jealous. I’m not as attractive as usual.
Cher, in fact, I have long wanted to say a word to you. I made a tender picture and leaned into her. When she was at a loss, she bit her eardrop. In fact, you are so kind. After I drank in her ear, I immediately ran to the ring in the crowd. Who is that one? I’ll fight. Come on.
Dreams drift away, I’m going to kill you. I can’t help shuddering at the furious voice of Oriental snow coming to Taiwan.
Haha, you’re really windy, you’re the only one. Now you’re here again, and a white-haired old man is slowly coming.
It doesn’t seem appropriate for me to hook three and build four, does it? Grandpa, if you are old and have a bad brain, don’t want other people’s idioms. Can you hook three and build four days? Didn’t you teach your mother who to go to?
Your old man is obviously dissatisfied with what he said to me, and his hair is floating with anger. Wait, what are those falling from his head
Wow, dandruff is flying. I dumped everyone in one sentence
You little bastard, you want to die. The old man is angry and looks at a black sword in my hand.
The Sword Fairy took the idea at the same time. Where did this Nangong family come from? It seems that this Nangong family is really hidden. This time it seems to be something interesting. At the moment, Nangong righteousness is dark. Haha, I can’t think of it. Don’t mention you. I can’t think of this. The old man actually has the strength of Sword Fairy. Although he said that he never knew him, he cares so much. Such a good thug doesn’t make me stupid.
Sword fairy, I look puzzled and look at this old man, Jian Dan. It is indeed a sword wonderland, but what happened to him when I felt a bad breath today?
Do you know, the old man came here specially for you? The old man laughed and a chill spread. I practiced in Yunshan that day, and I saw the green mountain full of firm but gentle waves. I knew that people were bound to die, but the evil ancestors gave it to me in those days, and it was absolutely impossible for people to die again. Today, when you died, the evil sound did not directly enter my ears through air broadcast. I know that I can hear it.
You are a sword evil, and I cried out, not because of fear, but because of surprise. After all, sword evil is more rare than sword fairy. The master told me that evil is caused by the delusion of all things, and sword evil is often caused by the delusion of thousands of swordsmen. He has great strength and strange swordsmanship.
Yes, I am the sword evil Yunshan bodhi old zu yin with a firm but gentle shot at me.
Many people don’t know the fiend, Buddha, fairy, demon and evil in heaven. Here I will explain to you a magical attitude, but I don’t stick to one pattern. I never think others will think that the mind is changeable and elusive. Do they think they can control the anode products of heaven and earth? Of course, the strength is also strong. The Buddha follows the hope, but the creature walks in the middle. However, it is always a god’s life. When the immortal practitioner reaches the high realm, he can completely transform himself into the anode gas and step into the god’s order. The demon is yin gas, which gives birth to a The root cause of chaos is evil, which is a mysterious product that can’t distinguish strength from weakness. Besides, it is also a strange ghost and so on. It involves too much inconvenience in heaven, and you will know it when you see it clearly