Think of Maya’s delicate red face, and her face suddenly turned white. Oh, my God, she is only fourteen years old. Last night was really her.
Worried that there was a crisp step at the stairs, I watched Maya lightly frowning and pale in the leaf day, and she seemed to be enduring some pain, otherwise the action was abnormal.
Looking at gradually approaching Maya Ye Tian, I felt a roar in my mind as if there was a thunder, which turned out to be really her.
Get up and walk to Maya in a hurry. When Maya saw this scene, she looked up puzzled and looked at Ye Tian. What was he going to do?
Guilt looked at Maya Ye Tian trembling and looked at Maya’s lower abdomen trembling and said, Are you okay? Does it still hurt?
Maya’s eyes flushed when she heard Ye Tian’s words, and her face was flushed with shame. How did Ye Tian know everything? You know, a 14-year-old girl’s trouble every month is very distressing and needs comfort.
Thinking about Maya, she nodded shyly and said, it’s okay. Although it hurts a little, it’s okay to endure it.
Guilty looking at Maya Ye Tian took a deep breath. Now it seems that it was really her last night. God, this is so exaggerated. She is still a child.
Looking at Maya Ye Tian, I have a little doubt in my mind. Although my memory is not clear, the scene Ye Tianji is still very clear. It’s white and rough. It’s really Maya.
But Ye Tian didn’t doubt it. Now that Maya has personally confirmed everything, what is there to doubt? Ye Tian can smell a faint scent of blood from Maya. How can this be wrong?
Thinking Ye Tianqin hugged Maya and let her sit on her right hand side, and then announced that everyone had a meal. As Ye Tianyi made the maids bring the meals that had already been prepared, they came one after another.
The day before the huge long table, sitting at the end, the left and right sides are Heidi Lenny, and Heidi Lenny, one is slightly Anne Maya.
Although breakfast was still very rich, everyone didn’t eat much. After eating a little, they stopped chopsticks one after another. Just as people were preparing to leave, Ye Tianqing cleared his throat and kept everyone.
After the girl stared at Ye Tian, she looked at Maya apologetically, and then said, something happened last night. I now declare that Maya is my wife from now on.
Wow, when I heard Ye Tian’s words, the girl screamed, and Ann looked at Ye Tian with a pale face without calling.
She just gave it to Ye Tian last night. Although she never expected Ye Tian to marry her, how can she feel better when she just asked for it last night and couldn’t wait to marry Maya in the morning?
Wait, think about it. Wei An suddenly remembered something in Ye Tian’s words. What do you mean, something happened last night? What happened last night is not her Ye Tian?
I smiled when I carefully remembered Ye Tianhua’s slight settlement. Obviously Ye Tianzhen was drunk. The woman he was with last night was Maya.
Thinking slightly, Ann turned her head and looked at Maya. Everything will soon be over. Maya, it’s a coincidence that the moon tide is coming today. Yuzryha Day misunderstood, but what should we do now? Looking at Maya’s expression, can she directly get up and tell Ye Tian that she is the Lord?
Nai shook his head and gave up his plan to expose it slightly. Ye Tian will know sooner or later. After all, Maya is still Ye Tian and will soon find that Maya is not the woman last night.
Thinking slightly and softly, I looked at Ye Tian. This man is really excellent. He dares to think and do, but he is brave enough to take responsibility. But it should be a good choice to be his wife.
Chapter 1 Fairy Guardian
Because the girls who want to move have to pick up their bags and can’t send them directly, I plan to take everyone to Dongtian this time, which is the best training ground to train song and dance music and improve their strength. You know, the concentration of elements in Dongtian is more than double that of the outside world.
After a day of picking it up, everyone finally picked it up, but it was dark. The relocation can be carried out in the morning. Then Ye Tian needs to call a few fairy dragons to send everyone at one time.
Heidi Lenny didn’t sleep with Ye Tian at night, but went into the master bedroom to rest and left the big bed outside to Ye Tian Maya.
Gently holding the delicate Maya Ye Tianxin is full of guilt. Up to now, he is not white. How can this happen? Although he is drunk, he is such a child.
Thinking about Maya, rubbing her head on Ye Tian’s chest, I’m tired of saying, your arms taste so good. Smell Maya’s really talking. Maya is intoxicated and takes a deep breath, and her face is intoxicated.
Wry smile, tight arms, although this is a mistake, but now that the mistake has been born, he can accept it, and although Maya looks small, she is already an adult
Although the memory of last night has been blurred, some things are still deeply remembered. There is no doubt that that woman last night was absolutely comfortable with the feeling that her body was ripe and not as small as it seemed.
Thinking Maya gently raised her head shyly and said, I’m sorry, I probably can’t these two days.
Ye Tian deplores the processing of Maya’s soft tunnel in her arms when she hears Maya’s words. Don’t worry, I know you are in pain and I won’t do anything. Have a good sleep.
At Ye Tian, Maya said naughtily, but I won’t let you hold your breath. I must make you talk happily. Maya blinked naughtily and then slowly shrank into the bed, and Ye Tian gradually breathed heavily in the room.
One night, the next morning, Ye Tian invited the Six Fairy Dragons to help the girls move into the cave, which will be their training ground for the next six months.
After a few days, a house built entirely of bluestone and inlaid with shiny magic stones has been built in the cave. If it is luxurious, the cost of this frozen three-story villa is definitely the highest in the world, especially here, where the environment is more blessed than anywhere else.
The pattern of houses is still the same as that of villas, but the area is much larger. There are only a few places here, that is, Fiona Fang, which is more than 10 kilometers long and has a population of 200,000 to 300,000. Looking at this dreamy world, it is exaggerated enough that all the girls have stayed away from the gold floor, but this is not a magic spar floor, which is more precious than gold. What kind of world is this?
Looking around at the glittering and translucent diamond-like ground, looking at the dreamy building with colorful light, looking at the flat and smooth ground, magnificent walls and roof inside, the girls wondered if this was heaven.
Looking at the girls dumbfounded, Ye Tian couldn’t help but smile. It’s not only a large area, but also a very exaggerated height. I can’t see the top at a glance, and I don’t know that the top of a few hundred meters is a milky white light, but it doesn’t sting my eyes. It’s an eternal day here.
Smiled and shook his head, Ye Tian took the lead and entered the villa. He looked on the mirror-like magic crystal ground and could clearly illuminate the outline of people. Even the hairs were clearly visible.
See Ye Tian has entered the girl finally got up the courage to follow Ye Tian into this huge building than luxury.