"Good housewife" Xiao Li took the teacup and put the tea in the cup with his back to Sue’s late love.
In a short time, Xiao Li came up with a teacup and respectfully sent her "housewife, you have tea"
Sue reached out and took it. "Thank you!"
Xiao Li was a little scared and hurriedly said, "Little housewife, this is all I should do."
"I’ll tell my wife to give you a raise another day if you are practical."
Xiao Li looked at Sue excitedly and said thank you in a row.
Sue came downstairs with a teacup.
Staring at the teacup for half a day, Sue gently took a sip of her love. Sure enough, there is something wrong with this tea and it tastes wrong.
Sue walked into her hands and spit the tea in her mouth into the toilet, then emptied the water in the cup and still found a bag to put the tea in.
I made a mark on each bag for fear of confusion.
After all this, Sue came back to the balcony with her heart in her hand and danced in Pingping.
What should she do if there is something wrong with tea?
"What are you looking at? Are you frowning like this?" Liu Yichen just walked in and saw Sue’s tangled expression.
"Nothing." Sue looked at Liu Yichen at night, and her expression had returned to nature, or it was always cold.
Lu Yichen took it from her hand and smiled when she saw that it was a novel. "You women always like to believe that there is not so much true love in love. It is a lie to you little girls."
"Yes, there is no reason to love in the world." You are good to me. Wen Yiting is good to me.
Men are more thick-skinned. It’s like Sue’s love affair at night.
Pulled up her little hand and toyed with "I’ve been bored at home for almost a day. Do you want to go out for a walk or … go shopping?"
"No, I’m too tired. I want to sleep." Sue broke away from his hand and got up and walked towards the bed.
Liu Yichen breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she said she wouldn’t go shopping. He really didn’t go shopping with women. Thinking about that picture is suffering.
Sue turned around and saw Liu Yichen relieved, sarcastically pulled the corners of his mouth, and he was just saying that he would take it seriously again.
Sue was lying in the night. Actually, where did she fall asleep? She just didn’t want to face Liu Yichen.
Liu Yichen took off his coat and was lying in. It felt good to sleep in with her early.
"What are you doing?" Sue sat up from the bed and looked at him in horror.
"Sleep," said Liu Yichen naturally, lying in bed and watching her smile.
Sue’s late love is caught by her fingers. Sooner or later, you have to get used to it, don’t you?
The body slipped slowly.
Liu Yichen crossed her arm and let Sue rest on her face. She held her waist and sniffed her light body fragrance and said, "Go to sleep."
It was a long time before Sue relaxed slowly.
I came to avoid him and made an excuse to sleep, but I really fell asleep.
She was alone in bed when she woke up.
Sue was shocked when she saw her eyes. She slept for three hours and was busy getting up.
Come to the building and see Fang Nuo Nuo still frowning. This woman hasn’t gone back yet.
Wen Yiting saw her coming as busy as a savior, holding Sue’s hand tightly for fear that she might run away, like "Evening Love, come and chat with Mom."
"Mom, I’ve been chatting with you all day today." Fang Nuo Nuo was dissatisfied with Du Zui Su’s late love and left her behind when Wen Yiting appeared.