At this moment, the shadow of the room moved a jade operator to fly to Yan Huan’s hand and received a look at it. Suddenly, his face changed and he held the jade operator’s hand straight and trembled.
"Mr. Yan … Any news from the Ghost Group?" See always elegant Yan Huan was so rude Qiu hideous face a nervously asked.
"Ghost group news has five make into our headquarters city yard has not come out yet …" Yan Huan handed jade operator to the high hideous looking rather pale.
After seeing the news in the jade symbol, Qiu’s hideous face turned bad. Five people entered the courtyard of our headquarters and didn’t come out. There were two possibilities without any fighting.
The first one is that our headquarters was originally designed to make children arrange secret teams, and that Lian Yue may be an envoy.
The second possibility is that the five ambassadors were quietly settled after entering the yard.
Either of these two possibilities will pose a fatal threat to Qiu hideous and others. The first one may offend the secret team and make it dead. The second one may offend one who can easily kill five and make people die.
"Ha ha ….. I didn’t expect that I randomly chose two women to have such a complicated background … is it because God won’t let me become a duke?" Qiu grimace of a wry smile feel hundreds of years of hard work.
Panicked, the two men were waiting for the thunderous revenge of our headquarters city, but they were doomed to be disappointed. In the past two days, there was no news in the courtyard of our headquarters city. It seems that Qiu hideous and others have forgotten the assassination of them, but Qiu hideous and Yan Huan dare not get any luck. This kind of waiting is simply a kind of torture.
"Report to me that someone outside the main gate of Shaocheng asks for aged person III, claiming to be our headquarters …" Just when Qiu Ugly and Yan Kuaile were about to collapse, aged person III suddenly visited outside the gate.
Chapter 32 Threats
"How many people did they come? !” Qiu hideous trembling voice asked.
"There is the aged person three one person …"
"alone?" Qiu hideous Yan Huan breathed a sigh of relief, and one person meant that there should be no malice. Although Qiu hideous two people were desperate, they still had some confidence in their own strength. With one person’s belief, even one person did not kill Qiu hideous Yan Huan.
"Please welcome …" Qiu hideous Yan Huan looked at each other and even said.
"Ahem …"
I didn’t see the man first, but I heard that aged person III had not entered the hall, but there was a severe cough first.
"Maybe this aged person three killed five ambassadors and was seriously injured?" Qiu hideous Yan Huan looked at each other. This cough is not like pretending to be an injured person
When aged person III appeared, Qiu hideous Yan Huan more affirmed the speculation in his heart, because aged person III was a little awkward at this time, and his face was obviously sick.
It’s 6 Can. At this time, 6 Can is depressed. It’s less than a moment after the damn injury guardian angel was treated, he was injured again by the tyrannical fairy aura. When the guardian angel cooled down, it couldn’t catch up with the damage of fairy aura to 6 Can.
And this fairy aura is also strange. When 6 Can gave up, the fairy aura suddenly stopped when she seriously injured the guardian angel to a certain extent. But when 6 Can tried to heal, the injury would be repeated again. Finally, 6 Can had to give up the healing plan, so 6 Can is now such a wide range of sallow cough, which is more like a sick old ghost than Yao Guang, the sick ghost.
"Don’t you ask me to be a young master?" See the high hideous and Yan Huan consternation sample 6 can smiled and said
The high hideous a wave of his hand a few people 6 can add a seat to let 6 can sit in the hall.
"Ahem ….." See the high hideous Yan Huan is still like a fool 6 can simply close your eyes and cough up without saying a word.
At this time, the high hideous heart is very complicated. This aged person III is seriously injured at this time. If you start work now, you can easily get rid of this bad person, but you hesitate to think of the possible power behind aged person III.
No matter Qiu hideous or Yan Huan are unscrupulous people, if this aged person third block their way, no matter aged person third or powerful people, they will not hesitate to get rid of aged person third.
However, aged person III took the initiative to visit the mansion in his little city. Obviously, there must be others who know that if aged person III is killed now, the power behind aged person III is likely to show terrible revenge.
Moreover, the arrival of this tuberculosis ghost is very suspicious. Usually, the situation is seriously injured, either concealing the injury or increasing the number of people surrounded by it. And this aged person three who came here alone is not only ashamed and shocked, but also dares to close his eyes in front of his two people, which will give them such a good opportunity to attack. Obviously, aged person three is not stupid. He must rely on it.
Not only that, every cough of aged person III seems like a muffled thunder, and the chest of Qiu hideous Yan Huan explodes, which makes them unconsciously follow aged person III’s breath and breathe. That feeling is extremely painful.
"I don’t know what it’s like for the Chief Jain to come here?" Yan Huan mouth broke the suffocating embarrassment in the hall.
6 Can suppressed a cough and still didn’t open his eyes and said slowly, "I want to ask a little duke if he has any thoughts on us even for months and xiao yue …"
Qiu hideous face a change didn’t expect aged person three would be so directly to go straight to our headquarters city their contradictions.
"Ha ha ….." Qiu smiled embarrassedly and said, "Leader Mao has offended your city recklessly in the past, so please forgive me a lot!"
This Qiu hideous indeed is quick-thinking, and will make mistakes by cutting Li Wu as the chief culprit of attacking our headquarters city, which is full of sincerity. You can’t continue to complain, can you?
"So good …" 6 Can smiled and seemed to be very satisfied with Qiu’s hideous practice, but immediately 6 Can turned around and asked, "I don’t know if the man who assassinated me was a famous assassin who killed the king? !”
"Kill the gods!" Yan Huan Qiu’s hideous heart jumped. I didn’t expect aged person to come here instead of the contradiction between the two cities, but to kill God.
Since we have this question, our headquarters city must have known the identity of killing the gods. Qiu Yan Yan Huan denied it, but Yan Huan was very surprised. aged person asked what this dead assassination of the king meant. In Yan Huan’s eyes, a dead man is a dead man, no matter what his prominent position was before his death, it was a loess.
"Yes, he is a killer, but he is not sent by us …" Yan Huan hesitated and said.
6 Can waved his hand and stopped Yan Huan to explain that he coughed for half a ring again before saying, "The purpose of my coming here is to kill the gods and what will take refuge in the beast city …"
"He didn’t …" Yan Huan tried to deny the problem of killing God.
6 Can suddenly opened his eyes and kept a close eye on Yan Huan until the resourceful old man was overwhelmed. 6 Can just said softly, "I’m a patient who doesn’t have much physical strength. If we continue to deny it, our contradictions will be adjusted by law. It’s hard to have a larger foe …"
"Don’t have much physical strength? !” Hear 6 can slow whisper Qiu hideous condescension unceasingly this aged person III seems to be sick, but the eyes in his eyes are very terrible. Although aged person III didn’t focus on himself, just out of the corner of his eye still gives people the illusion that everything is under control.
And 6 can gaze at Yan Huan even worse. At this time, he has been soaked in cold sweat for a few days before he knew that a person’s eyes could be so terrible.
"Killing God is killing God Hui’s descendants, which makes us sworn enemies. He will never take refuge in us …" 6 Can glanced at the two men again and said, "You can threaten him only if he has something to hold by you …"
Qiu hideous Yan Huan Qi Qi discolored because what 6 Can said is the truth. They really gained a handle to control killing themselves.
See two people face 6 can sigh a also don’t they answered is one-way said "kill the descendants of god fai is definitely not afraid of the threat of the dead is definitely not in his body … not even his family … I want to honor their ancestors, their family would rather die than be threatened by you …"
"Then there is a possibility …" 6 Can said, "That is the seed of Yunnv! You found the descendants of Yunnv, and then the descendants of Yunnv threatened Yunnv to be the most loyal. With the descendants, he can choose to sacrifice his honor and you can hold Yunnv’s life … "
Qiu hideous two people pale than 6 can speculation has been limited to close to the truth.
6 Can Cough continued, "But killing the descendants of Shenhui, if you hold the descendants of Yunnv, he will naturally find a way to find them and kill you …"
"All your blackmail chips include the descendants of Yunnu, but they are not just descendants of Yunnu. If I didn’t guess wrong, you should now meet the descendants of rebel forces led by Yunnu …"
Rock-breaking Qiu hideous two people have been speechless with horror and can’t understand aged person three. What has this collar that can analyze so many things from a god-killing body? This ability insists on some absurdity and some demonization, which makes people unable to raise a little resistance.
"I think you should also put people in their hiding places and warn the slayer not to let the descendants of Yunnu force migrate …"
6 Can’s final blow has shaken two people almost paralyzed. At this time, Yan Huan’s eyes looked at 6 Can’s eyes for a little more horror, as if not looking at a human being, but an unpredictable ghost.
"Well …" 6 Can closed his eyes again and said slowly, "I don’t want nonsense to take me to their secret place, so I will form an alliance with you!"
Qiu hideous and Yan Huan’s face changed several times. I don’t know whether I should choose to form an alliance with 6 Can or slay 6 Can to keep their secret here. I know that the cloud female rebels have not reported this kind of thing. To be made to know that it is a capital crime.
"Crash …"
In the high hideous Yan Huan two people hesitated whether suddenly killed 6 can when a clatter of more than a dozen objects scattered from 6 can.
"It’s so familiar …" Qiu hideous one leng now half of things he is very familiar with.
"that’s our ornament!" Yan Huan changed color nervously and examined his body now. I don’t know when I don’t know, but I was thrown on the ground by aged person III.
Knowing that 6 Can was thrown out as his own ornament, Qiu was so hideous that he almost collapsed in his seat so sadly that he took away his personal belongings, and the two of them actually noticed that this was more terrible than just knowing the prophecy.
"Don’t think about playing tricks. I don’t want to kill you. In my eyes, you are just ants …" 6 Can Leng said.
At this time, Yan Huan is already white, and the aged person three injuries are definitely not those five who caused this kind of strangeness. They are definitely not opponents. aged person three just took away their ornaments. If they dare to take them now, they are already their own heads.