As soon as Zhenyuan arranged everything, there was a sound of Taiyi outside the Wuzhuangguan.
Zhenyuan went out with Hongyun after telling the Terran people not to take the initiative to leave the Wuzhuangguan after what happened.
Zhenyuan and Hongyun came out and saw that the demon race had surrounded Wuzhuangguan with Taiyi Kunpeng in Di Jun.
"Di Jun Taiyi, you have gone too far. Do you really want to exterminate the Terran?" Zhenyuankou avenue
"Hum, it’s not your turn to take care of this. I advise you to hand over the Terran if you are sensible, or don’t blame us for being rude!" Too a face of pride said
"You are delusional!" Hongyun is really don’t like too one that arrogant mouth way
"So we don’t need to mention it! All the sons and daughters listen to the order! " Di Jun spoke.
Soon three hundred and sixty-five demon gods in the demon family were laid out for a while. This array is really the most famous congenital star-studded array of the demon family.
After the law was laid, I saw that Taiyi waved his hand and suddenly the stars fell all over the sky towards Zhenyuan and Hongyun, who were in a large array of congenital bentonite.
When the starlight was about to touch Zhenyuan and Hongyun, a flash of brilliance flashed and those falling starlight disappeared.
"Congenital e soil large array! No wonder you dare to confront us because you want to rely on this! But today I want to see how long this tortoise shell can protect you! " Taiyi shouted
With that, Taiyi sacrificed chaos clock.
Knock on chaos clock one by one. Although chaos clock didn’t make a sound this time, he shot several pale blue lights from the bell body. The light was filled with a chaotic breath and went to the place where Zhenyuan Hongyun was. chaos clock was also followed by two people.
At this time, Di Jun also offered a sacrifice to Hetuluo and flew into the large array of congenital stars.
After Di Jun entered the array, he immediately prompted Hetuluo to pull the congenital large array of stars to send out more power, and suddenly several stars fell from the sky. This time, these stars were much thicker than those just now.
With a burst of Guanghua Wuzhuangguan, about a hundred miles around the earth trembled sharply.
Guanghua cleared the large array of congenital bentonite, but it was destroyed by a strong force. Even the main array Zhenyuan had a pale face and a little bloodshot corners of his mouth.
"You are deceiving others too much!" Hongyun drank a lot and offered a gourd that was scattered in the past nine years and left for Taiyi.
"Red cloud man, our cause and effect are also together today!"
Haven’t seen hands-on kunpeng see hongyun attack to stop him.
It’s true that when an enemy meets, he is particularly jealous and doesn’t answer, which drives the 99-year-old scattered gourd to spray a mass of red sand and attack the past.
When Kun Peng saw that Hongyun was fierce, he didn’t confront Hongyun head-on. He fought and retreated.
Hongyun and Kunpeng are famous for their speed in the middle of nowhere. Now, they are in a hurry to retreat and chase, and soon they disappear into the sight of everyone.
"Zhenyuan, I’m giving you a chance to hand over the Terran. I promise to spare you!" Too bad to ruthlessly to town yuan way
"Bah! You don’t want daydreaming! "
"Well, since you are bent on dying, don’t blame me for being cruel!"
Too a say that finish will hand chaos clock foaming at the mouth to throw up to see that chaos clock rose to half after the transient big toward the town yuan smashed.
Town yuan strong urging force will sacrifice on the top of the head to resist the chaos clock blow.
Seeing that chaos clock was about to hit Zhenyuan, a colorful light came out of the sky to face chaos clock. When chaos clock was brushed, it deviated from the original track, turned upside down and fell into the hands of too many people.
Colorful light dispersed to see in Zhenyuan and Taiyi. It’s really a pity to come alone.
It turned out that Luoya was tricked by the old trick that day, which made his mind fall into a chess game. The old man figured out how Luoya could get rid of his mind for fifty years. At that time, Terran things had already passed, so the old man was relieved to go into Sumi Mountain to find the lead.
However, Luo Ya’s mind got a little enlightenment by chance. After thirty years, his mind was out of the chess game, and other repairs seemed to have increased.
After his mind broke away, Luo Ya, a saint, naturally knew what had happened before the Five Zhuang Temple, and he teleported without caring about what the direct saint avatar was.
He heard what Zhenyuan said to Taiyi just now, which made his view on Zhenyuan change, and it was convenient for Zhenyuan.
"You’re ruining my good things!" Too one nu way