"Yes, yes!" Hearing the sound of clairvoyance and trembling with the wind, Nuo Nuo withdrew from Lingxiao Hall.
After being pushed away by clairvoyant eyes and ears, he stood beside the main hall. Taibai Venus stepped left and said to Haotian, "Calm down the dragon’s weight!"
"Now there is a situation in the three realms, but the Lord of the three realms knows that you are not angry!" Staring at Taibai Venus Heaven of Science didn’t good the spirit said
"A clairvoyant eye and a clairvoyant ear are low in mana, and if we can detect all corners of the Three Realms, we can find out without offering a heavenly mirror of science." Taibai Venus laughed.
"Yes, how could I forget this stubble!" Heaven of Science suddenly realized that Heaven of Science was a mirror of Heaven of Science, but when the ancestors gave him a congenital spiritual treasure, he could see the Nine Deep Places in thirty-three days, which was much better than the clairvoyance and the wind.
With a wave of his hand, Heaven’s sleeve saw a flash of golden light and a bronze mirror of primitive simplicity hanging in the center of Lingxiao Hall.
Offering the heavenly sword of science, the jade emperor of heaven immediately urged the magic to read the mantra and probe the three realms. The white Venus looked at him and stared at the heavenly sword of science for fear of not seeing clearly.
After a long time, I heard a sigh from Heaven Science, but I stopped and continued to manipulate Heaven Science.
"Venus, now we are still exploring one side and three realms. Can you find anything wrong?" Stopped to heaven science to Taibai Venus asked
"I am ashamed that I have not found anything wrong!" Taibai Venus bowed their heads and said
"Alas, I failed to find out!" Heaven sighed science
"Do you dare to ask if this heavenly sword can really detect a corner of the Three Realms?" Suddenly asked Taibai Venus.
"That’s natural. I can’t see Hao Tianjian in the chaos of the Saint Dojo!" The jade emperor replied
Hearing the jade emperor’s words like this, Venus naturally replied, "Then it’s up to us!" "
"Nonsense, if the Lord of the Three Realms can let it go?" How to listen to Taibai Venus’s words? Heaven thundered.
"We can’t afford to be offended by the chaos of our heaven’s power theory or those saints!" Taibai Venus seriously said to the Jade Emperor
As soon as I heard the words of Taibai Venus, Haotian’s lofty sentiments immediately disappeared and sighed, "Yeah, that’s it. You should leave first!"
Taibai Venus knew that the problem that had been bothering the Jade Emperor at this time came again and said, "I am excused!" He also withdrew from the dedicated hall.
When the Jade Emperor Haotian was left alone in the Lingxiao Hall of Nuoda, Haotian sighed, "What a worm!" This sentence contains too many words.
"Ha ha ha, how many years have I finally come out, Pangu? Wait till our brothers wake up, and we will definitely repay your hatred in this world you created!" In the depths of chaos, a tall figure stands in the virtual place. "
As soon as the voice fell, the man reached out and grabbed a black light, which broke into his hand and became a sharp sword. He scratched it with a horizontal stroke, and a huge crack appeared in front of him. The hurricane blew out the roots and could not move his skirt.
"Come on, Moro, don’t vent here if you have the strength. Don’t forget that the inferno sent us over!" Suddenly, another figure appeared on the previous tall figure and said
"Hum, Mo Zu, don’t take Luo to press me. You are afraid of him. I am not afraid that sooner or later I will overtake him and step on his foot."
"Oh, really?" The wrong novel network didn’t jump the word, just as the Moro sound fell, another sound came to mind.
Then I saw a young man with a sharp weapon on his face, and then a cold hum towards that Moro was a wave of his sleeve.
"Bang" a tall Moro flew tens of thousands of miles with a single blow.
"See the magic ancestor!" Looking at this young day in front of me, I aroused a burst of terror from my heart and immediately visited it.
"I’ll fight with you!" At this moment, Moro, who was shot out, roared with a sharp sword and quickly split towards the young man from a distance.
Watching Moro attack himself, the young man smiled contemptuously, and then punched him, without a trace of strength, and flew to Moro.
"Hey," this seemingly powerless punch easily penetrated Moro’s chest.
"garbage!" The word "spit lightly" was withdrawn and ran through Moro’s chest. The right hand grabbed Moro’s neck again. The young man said coldly, "If Moro wants to disappear completely, I can be the bodhi old zu. I will give you a warning this time. If there is another bodhi old zu, I will kill you myself."
With that, the young man raised his hand and threw Moro tens of thousands of miles away.
"God, this plan is under your command, and it is bound to succeed in one fell swoop. You can be white!" After throwing Moro out, the young man said to one side.
"The magic ancestor can rest assured that the sky is white!" The day immediately replied
"If those two people hadn’t suddenly appeared, how could the bodhi old zu and I be destroyed by Hongjun and how could we be sealed for so long? We must make them pay this time." The youth sneered.
"Is there anyone in the magic ancestor?" Suddenly day small said to the youth
The young man smiled and stretched out his hand to grasp the chaos.
"It’s not easy to be discovered!" See a big hand toward their side to grasp the Styx bodhi old zu andao a bad immediately launched his lotus flower shield to hurry to escape.
Isn’t the ancestor of Styx in the sea of blood? How did he get here? What’s the reason?
This matter has to start with the carefree saint Zhang Kai.
It turns out that since that day in Zixiao Palace, Zhang Kai was punished by Hongjun Daozu and confined to the Nine Quiet Places for 300 years. Although Zhang Kai was very reluctant, he still dared not violate the will of Daozu and came to the Nine Quiet Places.
This nine-secluded place, the sea of blood and the underworld are connected. When Zhang Kai arrived in the nine-secluded place, he accidentally broke into the blood of the bodhi old zu of Styx.
At first, the two men did not agree with each other, but the bodhi old zu of Styx was a quasi-saint. If so, he was already a saint and had a fight with chaos clock and Zhang Kai, the opponent, but he was severely ravaged by Zhang Kai.
It’s soft to know that you can’t be taunted by the bodhi old zu of Styx.