"He doesn’t have martial arts. Even if we find out who framed him, we can endure it for a few years, and then we will be generous." The abbot smiled again, seemingly peaceful, and his face was strangely colored.
"But …" Ling Yan seems to have something to say. Ling pulled him.
"Brother excused himself"
"Go ahead"
next day
I packed my luggage and prepared for the mountain. When I came to the front of the mountain, I saw Ling Yan and Ling there, and my heart warmed up. "Thank you for seeing me off at the mountain."
In a word, both of them are guilty in their hearts. "We are not …"
"We have been ordered by the abbot to send you to the mountain for routine inspection, by the way." Ling made an expression of eyes and interrupted Ling Yan.
"Check what?" Look blank.
"Well, you didn’t cross the mountain and don’t know the rules, so as to prevent someone from taking the secrets of Shaolin Temple out of the mountain and leaving it outside, all monks should check a luggage in front of the mountain," Ling Wen said.
"Ah, that’s nothing you checked." Pass the luggage to Ling.
Ling and Ling pretended to check it for a while and then touched it. Both eyes were shocked that there was nothing there! !
At this time, I was looking at the mountain scenery and looking forward to the master’s saying that I had read the outside world smoothly. "By the way, when I left this morning, I checked my luggage and I didn’t know when I accidentally took a secret book of the Diamond Finger. I immediately took it and put it in the meditation room."
Lingyan and Lingyan glances at the heart andao. So that’s it.
So he said, "Well, then you stay here for a while, and I’ll come to your place for a look." Then he went to the mountain.
At this time, he made a mistake. He couldn’t practice martial arts by himself. He never borrowed a secret script except the diamond posture. What was he still muttering about when his luggage found the Diamond Finger? It is a person with delicate mind who feels suspicious this time, and I can’t help secretly regretting that I didn’t go back with Ling. If there is nothing wrong with that terrible speculation, Ling should not have found the Diamond Finger. I thought of this and suddenly looked up and saw Ling’s calm face coming, knowing that I was right.
Sure enough, the spirit came and pretended not to know anything. "Did you remember the table wrong? You didn’t say the scriptures." When he said this, he would go back with him to find them, but where can I find them? The scriptures have just been hidden by himself. It seems that this time, fortunately, they have not failed.
Who knows, he actually smiled and said, "I’ll take it as a souvenir if I don’t change it." He even admitted it rudely! ! Say and turn round and then walk. Ling and Ling Yan reacted and prepared to stop it. It was already more than ten feet away. What an amazing posture!
Ling Yan and Ling immediately caught up with each other, but in the dense forest of mountains, there was no shadow for a while. They were surprised and angry, but they were able to go back to the temple to report to me.
In fact, if it takes a long time to go straight, they will be able to catch up with each other, but there are very few people who can compare with each other in short-distance raids.
Abbot Zen room
"What did you say?" Aft listening to that two spirit, Zhiguang could hardly believe his ears.
"How is it possible that he knows martial arts and his flying skills are far away from you?" Wisdom light roared.
Is it because Ling relented and let him talk like that to fool me? It’s impossible, even if the spirit speaks, this bastard won’t lie! But how is it possible to achieve lightness skill with them? At that time, Zhiguang’s mind changed, but he still had no clue.
Wait! That day, when I committed suicide spiritually, I was quicker than that. Maybe it was because spirituality learned some martial arts and gave it the right way. Zhiguang’s mind has come to a conclusion again. Of course, he guessed a large part of it right, but the specific situation is still some distance away, which is unknown.
"Let’s go to Shaolin inverse acts to bring the secret book Shanli to hunt down!" Zhiguang touched his forehead and gave instructions.
"Brother yes! !”
Shan still doesn’t know that Cai Shan is wanted by Wulin.
The fourth chapter strange affairs
After spending sixteen years in Shaolin, the feeling of the first mountain is indescribable. When I came to the mountain town, it was already dusk, and I was simply stunned by the bustling mountains. I saw the pedestrians walking in the streets, wearing flowers and laughing girls, gentle and tired carriages, lights on and quiet houses, and the sunset glow on the street was still at the top of the sky. This kind of scenery may be unexpected to ordinary people, but it must be a huge impact for people who are new to the world. At this time, the mountains must be full of smoke and heavy bells, and the sound of wooden fish mixed with chanting in the evening class is really too boring for a teenager.
After walking a few blocks, he was hungry, so he took out dry food from his bag to eat. It was getting late, and he thought of himself and entangled in where to sleep tonight. It seemed unrealistic to stay in the inn, so he reluctantly left the town and camped out in the Woods next to the town. It was quite cold in late autumn, so he picked up some branches and made a fire to keep warm.
Just lying down, I heard a rustling sound, which meant that someone was close to being busy and sitting up. Sure enough, after a while, I could already see a high-moving shadow. I immediately became alert and picked up the baggage and was about to leave. At this time, the bearer had seen one hand and grabbed the side of the body, so he avoided the blow. "Hey," it seemed that he was very surprised to avoid the fire. The light on the bearer’s face was actually a stunning woman! Seeing her picturesque eyes, Yao nose, cherry mouth and peach eyes are so beautiful that wearing a silk one-piece dress is even more touching as mountains and rivers rise and fall. The slightly exposed leg is as white and creamy as coagulate fat, which makes me think that the naked woman in the Vajra posture was stunned for a while.
For a while, she grabbed the girl and looked at him. It seemed that water flowed out of her eyes and sighed lightly. "It turned out to be a monk. Are you Shaolin Temple?" The sound is as crisp and beautiful as Oriole’s out of the valley.
"I just left the temple today" stammered looking at her delicate and pretty face.
"Of course, otherwise, how could I meet you?" The woman seemed to be trying to endure what a pain flashed across her face.
"Female shi … ah, this girl, are you unwell? It looks very uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do for you and … can you let me go first? "
"In fact, if you are not a monk, you can help me." The woman took a deep breath and her eyes were more blurred.
"Well, actually … frankly, little monk … oh, it should be said that I’m not a monk anymore … I’m a secularized mountain today." When I spoke of this, I remembered the life of the mountain and flashed a trace of disappointment in my heart.
"Really?" Beauty face reveals a smile and looks at him with resentment. His lips slightly open and close, which is crazy. "Can you help me if possible? I have been killed …" I was afraid to look at it again, but I couldn’t say goodbye.