After listening to this, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but feel relieved that it turned out to be a low qualification. This kind of problem won’t be a problem when it comes to his own hands.
At this time, Fat Boy also ate the seven robbers’ ghosts and brought back all their things by the way. This was specially arranged by Zhang Xiaotian. Now Fat Boy is shaking his little tail at the foot of Zhang Xiaotian’s foot and waiting for Zhang Xiaotian to show his merits.
Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look at the seven robbers ghost repair fell to the place, every place is left with a mass of black, there is no refining mind, which is unique to all soul beasts. It can refine the mind from the soul force and throw it away, but Li Fugui can’t be absorbed by Blackstone in Zhang Xiaotian here, otherwise the secret of Blackstone dripping black liquor will let him know. Zhang Xiaotian can’t help but feel distressed. These minds are thrown away like this.
"A family of three to five will be a problem? Shit, that almost ate me bankrupt! Is this still not much to eat? " Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help muttering after thinking of what Li Fugui said. This hell is too rich. It’s not much to eat! Zhang Xiaotian, the fat boy, is going to put it in the basket.
"Oh my God! Why does it eat so much? It doesn’t make sense! " Li Fugui looked at the fat boy and muttered that he also noticed this problem at this moment. This dog and beast ate nine ghost repairs back and forth, and most of them were in the late stage, and there was even a peak period. This … I’m afraid that ghost repairs in the general ghost period can’t absorb so much?
Li Fugui suddenly had a flash of inspiration and thought of a way that might make him feel a little excited. "Wait! Brother Zhang, you … Let me see this … How’s Fat Boy? "
(flower flower? )
Chapter sixty-five Day abandon beast!
Zhang Xiaotian hesitated, and finally handed the fat boy to Li Fugui. He also wanted to know what made Li Fugui so excited. He knew that the fat boy was not ordinary and smart. He was smarter than those dogs and animals.
At the moment when Li Fugui announced the answer just now, Zhang Xiaotian was disappointed. At the same time, he was a little lucky. Fortunately, Fat Boy is not a god beast that everyone knows. Otherwise, I am afraid that I will have to hold Fat Boy forever and never see the light of day. Maybe I won’t be able to come out until they become strong, but that is to say, I don’t know the date.
Li Fugui said that after Zhang Xiaotian’s heart, there was actually a glimmer of hope. Maybe … Maybe Li Fugui was mistaken. Fat boy might be a beast that looks like a dog!
Hearing Li Fugui’s excitement, Zhang Xiaotian knew that he saw a clue. Did he guess the identity of Fat Boy? Zhang Xiao, as thought
At the bottom of my heart, I suspect that Fat Boy is a beast like a dog and a beast. Zhang Xiaotian wants to know Fat Boy’s identity and is afraid that Fat Boy’s shocking identity will cause great disaster! Suddenly, an ambivalent mood rose in Zhang Xiao’s heavenly heart. In this ambivalent thought, Zhang Xiaotian handed the fat boy out.
Big deal … Big deal to kill! Zhang Xiaotian eyes flashed a malicious determined.
But Li Fugui didn’t see Zhang Xiaotian hesitate. He was shaking his hands and took the fat boy.
The fat boy is not afraid of life at all, looking at Li Fugui with a curious face.
Li Fugui hand touched the hair dog beast forehead immediately took a deep breath.
"Why? Brother Li, what’s the origin of this fat boy? " Zhang Xiaotian see Li Fugui expression light asked the in the mind is a little excited.
"There is a lot of check? Simple is a big deal! " Li Fugui sighed with emotion.
"Well? How do you say? " Zhang Xiaotian hesitated to ask. He knew that Li Fugui had identified Fat Boy.
"This beast has always been a hell. It is said that there are not many ghosts who have seen it. I didn’t expect that I could see it here." Li Fugui said with a smile
Zhang Xiao, as shocked as I was, didn’t expect Fat Boy’s identity to be so severe that he said it in his mouth but didn’t say anything to signal Li Fugui to continue.
"Fat boy means that Zhongtian abandoned the beast!" Li Fugui said slowly.
"Heaven abandons beasts?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned and wondered why the name was so strange.
"Yes, the abandoned beast in heaven means the abandoned beast in China, regardless of race or species, but our ghost beast in hell is also a fairy beast in the celestial world, but the common beast in the secular world, but the dragon is also a dog beast, but no matter what kind of abandoned beast it is, they all have one thing in common, that is, a protrusion on their forehead," Li Fugui said slowly.
"Brother Li, you are wrong, right? There’s something protruding on the forehead. That unicorn cub’s forehead is also protruding! Are they all abandoned beasts? " Zhang Xiaotian said with a frown that I didn’t expect Li Fugui to judge like this. Although I don’t know what happened to the abandoned beast, this judgment is not too arbitrary
"Of course not something protruding from his forehead! Unicorn protrusions are horns, but the abandoned beasts are different. Their forehead protrusions are seal spells. You can touch the fat boy’s forehead to see if its protrusions are indeed seal spells! " Li Fugui turned reddish and said.
Zhang Xiaotian hesitated for a moment or touched the fat boy’s forehead, and there really was a protruding place. Zhang Xiaotian felt a surprise carefully. The round protruding and winding lines really looked like a spell. He had seen the Ya spell in the secular world, which was similar to this.
After a long time, Zhang Xiaotian looked up and asked, "I don’t know what’s special about abandoning animals this day?" Keep your eyes on Li Fugui.
"What’s special?" Li Fugui looks a bit odd.
"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded his head.
"I’m afraid this day to abandon the beast is the most all the beasts! Even ordinary dogs and beasts are not as good! " Li Fugui see Zhang Xiaotian keeping a close eye on yourself and said with a wry smile.
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little stunned.
"If there is anything special about the abandoned beasts, I’m afraid they can eat them the most, and their appetite is one hundred times that of their kind! Fortunately, Zhang Dage, your pet is a dog and a beast. If it is a tiger or a dragon, I am afraid no one can raise it! " Li Fugui smiled and said.
Zhang Xiaotian is a little wry smile. Is this something to eat?
"Why is the abandoned beast not even as good as the ordinary fur dog beast?" Zhang Xiaotian asked curiously.
"Ha ha, the hair dog beast is so weak because of its low mind and slow practice, but it has no mind when it is abandoned this day! Law practice! " Li Fugui said with a smile, it’s just a pet, and it doesn’t matter to them.
"No mind?" Zhang Xiaotian is a bit odd. This … is that the beasts in the common secular world all contain psychic powers. Why didn’t they abandon the beasts this day?
"Yes, if you don’t have the mind, you can’t practice and actively absorb the soul force. Most of the abandoned animals in Zhongtian can’t live for ten years!" Li Fugui said.
"Most live but ten years? What do you mean? " Zhang Xiaotian surprised way
"Well, it says that Zhongtian will soon eat so much energy by abandoning the animal body, and the strangest thing is that it can digest the mind! It is said that there was a dragon, lion, beast and abandoned beast before our ghost world dominated the earth treasure bodhisattva, and their feelings were very deep. Therefore, the earth treasure bodhisattva vigorously searched all the treasures in hell to increase their spiritual strength and make them eat, but in the end they only lived for 300 years. Now, the beast beside the earth treasure bodhisattva is the child who abandoned the beast the day before, and except for the good luck of abandoning the beast on this day, others said that Zhongtian abandoned the beast and never lived for ten years. "Li Fugui said with a little sigh.
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian was a little surprised. I didn’t expect the myth to say that the earth treasure bodhisattva was really there. I didn’t expect that the truth turned out to be that the animal abandoned that day. You know, in the fairy tale, the god beast is very cow.
"Heaven abandons beasts to produce beasts?" Zhang Xiaotian asked curiously.
"Drink who knows? Regardless of abandoning the animal body that day, it was a near god beast. The dragon and lion beast was the beast that mated with it, and it was also greatly famous. "
"What is it?" Zhang Xiaotian sink a way.
"Hell intermediate spirit beast beast hell three-headed dog!" Li Fugui said a little yearning.
Zhang Xiaotian’s words are listening. Is it that his parents are genetically good, this fat boy? It’s just a generation of dogs and beasts. Could it be a god beast? Actually, god beast is powerful not because of its force, but because of its talent. They have unparalleled special talent, just like listening to the heavens and seeing through all the illusions of the world. This is not something that can be owned by a strong force. This is also the reason why Zhang Xiaotian always hoped that Fat Boy was a god beast.
"So if the abandoned beast wants to live longer and have food, it will increase his mind." Zhang Xiaotian thought for a moment and asked Fat Zhang Xiaotian that he would not let it die. Maybe it is rare for other ghosts to increase their spiritual strength, but it is still very easy for Zhang Xiaotian to own Blackstone. But how many questions do you have to know that the Earth Treasure King and Bodhisattva searched for the natural treasures of hell?
"Hey, who is willing to give them food if there is an increase in mind and talent? Their bodies have been digesting their minds, and they eat for nothing at most, but only when they live more. Who else would be so stupid as the rich man like the old man, the earth treasure bodhisattva, who is willing to give food to the dragon and lion? You don’t know. I heard that the dragon and lion beast can raise a kid’s qualification to green qualification by eating natural materials and treasures. Oh, my God, you know that the top ten Yan kings in hell are only purple and gold, and the ghost emperor is only green. Just let the dragon and lion beast eat it and live for 300 years! " Li Fugui sighed as if he had made a big loss.
"gold? Green? " Zhang Xiaotian frowned.
"Oh, my God, you don’t even know the natural ghost repair qualification, do you?" Li Fugui asked in surprise.
"I know the natural qualification of ghost cultivation, but I didn’t know there was gold and green." Zhang Xiaotian said with a wry smile that he didn’t care about increasing his mind. For him, black liquor can get more if he wants to finish. He is a little worried that Fat Boy’s strength doesn’t know whether he can become stronger after his mind increases.
"Well, gold is actually one level higher than purple and green is one level higher than gold." Li Fugui said with a smile.
"is there anything else?" Zhang Xiaotian was taken aback. I didn’t expect purple to have two levels. You should know that the qualification of blue ghost repair is like that of ordinary old ghosts … This golden green has reached the level as its own qualification and belongs to it.
"Actually … green and black!" Li Fugui said slowly here is Gherardini looked at Zhang Xiaotian.
"Black? Natural ghost and black? Brother Harry, don’t you think I’m that green and black? " Zhang Xiaotian leng one is this called back to basics? See Li Fugui Gherardini looked at himself again and said with a smile.
Chapter sixty-six Lock
"Ha ha a joke. I said that nigger correction is your acquired ghost practice. It’s really a strange world. The psychic power of those strangers’ souls can actually increase according to their age. Our ghost industry forgives. The demon emperor is a stranger who is 153 years old and becomes a ghost. Ten percent of the ghost practice is a ghost practice. After passing our highest qualification in hell, green ghost practice and strangers can choose to become Buddhists and Taoists. Alas, I really envy those strangers!" Li Fugui said with envy.
Zhang Xiaotian was surprised that ten percent of ghost practice is ghost period. That qualification is really strong. I just don’t know if I compare with him.
However, Zhang Xiaotian knew that those who were eaten by tigon had increased their ability to read natural materials and treasures, but they could not help but feel relieved. Although they didn’t know how high the qualification of Jin Guixiu was, they were certainly not as high as themselves, and at least they could be two times higher when Fat Boy was drinking black liquor. It was still strange how Fat Boy could drink so much. Now he is a white elephant.
At this time, Hou Xiaotian also knew how much the Blackstone in his hand was going against the fate of the Tibetan King and Bodhisattva. How amazing it was to search the hell and increase the mind. The natural materials and treasures did not have their own Blackstone, and the black liquor refining increased in a few days.
"Is tigon strong after he has the power of mind?" Zhang Xiaotian suddenly asked.