Out of about ten miles, even the frost stayed at the head of the village, and the worm warned someone to come out, because this is the only way, and out of ten miles away from the village, even the frost sneaked into the car, and even the cockroach slowed down and continued to move forward, and out of thirty miles away, even the cockroach and Shelley heard that the roadside was just a piece of land, so they made a fire directly here.
There were Shelley and Jing Zhe who made a good fire, took out dry food by the fire and hung up the stove to prepare for a wick of incense. When they waited for a wick of incense, even the frost returned and followed them. One of them was not particularly concerned about mosquito bites, but was ambushed by the frost. Even the frost checked around and found no second person. The feedback of insects around here was more accurate than that of others.
"Just one person? That’s really dangerous. It can be sent by a person to say that he must be a master! "
"No matter how good the master is, he will capsize in the gutter!" Even the frost was very happy to throw this man by the fire.
Lianjia was teased, "How can I form a sewer? Is there a bug that can make people tell the truth?"
"No, but I’ll give him this psychedelic drug for a while and then I’ll detoxify him."
"No, we’ll just discuss how to deal with him. Since we’re here alone, if something goes wrong, we’ll take this road now, which is the only way, so it’s easy to be stared at and it’ll be dangerous."
Lian Frost thought, "There is a poisonous insect around here, but I don’t want to stay here for a few days now."
"Saint’s adult! We have a way! "
This elusive national guard used to hide in the forest next to this place, and now he has come out, frowning. "Have you always been by my side?"
"Report back to the Saint. We’ve always been there."
Even Frost nodded, "Because it has always been that there are no new people around the elder sister, and I have remembered their smell."
"It’s nothing to be in the dark all the time, but if you let the pursuers find out."
"Report back, Saint. Your husband always knew we were here."
Lian Jia suddenly doesn’t want to ask this question any more. She always ignores this question, that is, the hand of Hai Guo is too long. "What do you think is the way?"
"There is a kind of puppet Dan, which is the name of Dan medicine. We will all carry it with us. The Saint has told us that if the Saint is attacked, we must catch these people and ask the truth, but every time your husband catches the criminals first, or these people are not assassinated aboveboard."
"What does this puppet Dan have?"
After that, we have two hours to induce him to tell the truth, but unlike LSD, we don’t ask him, but change some of his memories, which makes him confused by induction.
Lian Jianji nodded. "Since you are all out, let’s have dinner together. It’s hard for you to sleep in the dark."
"Saint adults dare not." The leading woman with a blue mask put Dan medicine bottle in her hand and quickly left.
Chapter 49 False secret
When Lianjia and Lianhan frost have been discussed, such as asking what to ask, after all, no matter what drugs have a certain time limit or need to be guaranteed.
As soon as the insect poison was solved, the man regained consciousness, but he was paralyzed by the insect poison and could not move.
Even the frosty psychedelic drugs are common in rivers and lakes. Although some of them are resistant and a little dizzy, they are still rational. "What are you doing! You sure enough … "
Even when Jian Jian saw something was wrong, he immediately took out this puppet medicine of Hai Guo and stuffed it into his mouth. It was different from LSD. After this medicine went, the man immediately became quiet. After a while, his pupils were a little distracted.
"What are there in the false branch?"
"brain, bone and blood"
"What are these divisions responsible for? Which part does Tanjiacun belong to? "
The man still seems to be somewhat resistant to silence and hesitated for a long time. "The false brain is the whole false successor, and everyone belongs to their commander-in-chief. We belong to the false bone, and we are responsible for protecting the peace and dimension. Although they are now in the records of some small rebel countries, they are still my shun people."
Even as he grasped it, he continued to ask, "Are you spies in all countries in charge of people?"
"False blood is the brain directly in charge of the eyeliner."
"What is Tanjiacun’s position in the false bone division?"
"Tanjia Village is the place where the leader of the false bones is located."
Even with his eyes wide open, it seems that he can’t leave before he reaches a city. He has to find a way to get rid of this place so as to get the most evidence, but …
"Frost, will you be easy to operate?"
"I will teach her everything, and I will!" Startled immediately mouth way
LianJianJi nodded. "Where do you go in and out of Tanjia Village without taking the road?"
"There is a path in the village woodland with a row of white stones."
"Who are you, who are you, what have you done recently?"
This person seems to be a little out of this drug. Although it is short of time, he even immediately said, "Tell me that I am your master!"
This puppet drug will make people feel trance, similar to neurasthenia. If the sound is loud, it will make him fall into a headache. This person’s face is very bad with his eyes closed. "My name is Zheng Hu, and my right wrist is responsible for managing everyone who belongs to my right arm, mainly everyone in the southeast."
"What have you done recently?"
"Except for someone who suddenly broke into the village today, I believe that I practice at home. This village is not allowed to walk around except the skull."
"The name of the skull and what you call him, you call yourself in front of him."
Even the sound is a little lighter, and Zheng Hu’s reaction is a little weaker. "The skull name is Tan Chaoyang, and we all call him Chief Tan when outsiders are present. Similarly, when we claim to belong to outsiders, we will call ourselves or not."
"such as distinguishing between one’s own people and outsiders"
"Before outsiders come, they will write a letter and send it to Lancheng."
Lancheng is the nearest city now, but it’s a pity that it’s in the north of the village, where they came.
"Is there any other place besides Lancheng?"
"Seventy-nine miles out of the village, there is a place called Golden Hook Town where Yue Wei Xuan can also be used."
LianJianGang ready to continue to ask if there is more information, even frost there received a bug alarm "someone out of the village and a lot of people! Less fly back forty worms. "
"Take him to give him cold moon centipede poison. He is a wrist bone, so it depends on people!"
When people in Tanjia Village noticed the vision, they even left the dead of night, and they finally arrived in this city at noon the next day. It was not only a mistake to get to the city, but also the sea country shouted out directly. The guards of this sea country followed them to the stronghold of this sea country in this city.
Like the store in Beijing, this store is also selling sea treasures.
Even with this Poseidon Order, Jia Jian directly asked to see the person in charge here. No one knows their opponents better than anyone who has harmed them. Here, the steward of the sea country is high and the pace of Fiji is out of sync. The position of Fiji is also high, but the city is small and there are very few things he can be responsible for.
Lun Gao immediately sent someone to link up with the compatriots in the capital of this country, and by the way, he reached the secret of Tanjiacun.
Even though she still has this opportunity to eliminate the imperial guard, since there is such a better chance, she must not let Ruyan Qimu go there immediately after receiving the news, and let Yaoguang take the twenty-four guards there.
Lianjia asked the people of the sea to copy the map. This Tanjia Village is definitely not the only one. We must find more news and evidence.
Staying in this stronghold of the Sea Temple all day is not effective, or there is a move. Even the frost says there are thirty or forty people out, so these people either guess their identity or want to kill them. They must want her in this city now.
Lian Jia planned to make Lun Gao responsible for continuing to ask secrets from this Zheng Hu mouth to help her make a Zheng Hu again, and she was responsible for attracting these people.
Lianjia wandered around the shops and visited all parts of the city. Even the frost could detect that someone was following him, but there was no way to follow him back. He could continue to wait for the opportunity.
Even Jianji is a little tired, but there is nothing else she can do to make herself feel nervous about going out as usual, but this time she didn’t choose a place too far away, but just drinking tea and chatting with Lian Shuang in the front building of the opposite inn.