"Ho ho, the exhibition area over there is very lively. We are not in a hurry to go there and watch it first."
Mountain turtle two smile happily said
For the first time, Suzuki magically agreed with himself and nodded.
Hum, bitch, I don’t know what you think.
Mountain turtle two heart dark scold a face did not change the gentleman invited.
"Let’s go"
Suluo did come over there, holding and licking lollipops, followed by a group of people by Senior Sister MengMeng.
"Brother, you are awesome. It’s a good thing we didn’t leave."
"Nonsense, I will ask you if you have learned."
"I learned haha"
The whole exhibition area was boiling, and the reporter aimed his camera at suluo and gave him a crazy press.
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
Waving to enthusiastic fans, suluo sat down on the small stage.
The front seat is full.
Foreign media reporters from all walks of life gathered in the organizer’s leadership, and the leaders of the Modu government joined in one after another, which is so awesome.
The best thing is that fans can’t control it as soon as they see suluo coming out.
"The pit master sings"
"The pit master sings"
Suluo shrugged his shoulders and the scene boiled again, bringing the microphone closer.
"No singing today"
Suluo: "Call me again and I’ll leave. I don’t want to meet you."
Audience "Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
Suluo cut to the chase and went straight to the theme "Today, there is mainly one thing."
The reporters are restless first.
"Haha, the surprise is coming."
"Shh, listen."
The recording pen is at its maximum pitch. Take notes, hold the pen firmly and be ready for battle.
Suluo "Guys, do you like Poké mon?"
The audience "likes"
Suluo "Have you ever fantasized about catching elves in reality, such as catching Pikachu for training and developing a combat martial arts hall?"
The audience "has"
Suluo held out a finger.
"Then you will be blessed. Please see."
The big screen behind him lights up Pokemon go, also known as okéon go.
"Ladies and gentlemen, to satisfy everyone, our DreamWorks novice tour has released the most advanced augmented reality technology called ar, which will take you to the Poké mon world."
Sue fell up and said
I was surprised when I came out with a word.
You know, DreamWorks Dreamland has been announced and settled, and the first project will be started in the new district. Everyone is discussing that DreamWorks will enter the real estate industry.
Now it seems that he will enter the game industry.
"Release the mobile game. This"
"ar technology doesn’t understand what it means."
"How on earth does it sound so high-end?"
be widely discussed
Suluo patted the palm of your hand to suppress the boiling sound.
"I won’t say much about the technology. I’m also an amateur, so it’s better to show it directly."
"Ha ha"
Suluo picked up his mobile phone and ordered the game. The screen of the mobile phone was on the big screen, and the audience were curious and stared at it.
"Poké mon is actually everywhere. There are many cute girls in Pikachu clothes. Yes, it’s you. Do you feel a naughty little guy lying on your head now?"
Mengmei quickly patted her head and the audience looked at her. There was nothing. What do you mean?
"If you can’t find it, look at my side."
The picture in suluo’s mobile phone was received by the big screen, and suluo was facing the cute girl through the camera.
Something amazing happened. Mengmei had a lovely green caterpillar on her head.
Meng Mei jumped up as soon as she "ah".