Ji Xiang looked at Donghua Fairy. "It’s not surprising that the golden strike can make the Lord realize the Tao, but it unexpectedly makes my fairy method soar. I realized that he never realized many things in the world of Heaven."
"Everyone has a different level of understanding. Some people are stupid, some people are persistent, some people give up halfway, some people are surprised, and some people stop at the middle."
"He is not as simple as me!"
The sound was as loud as thunder, which shook the hearts of Donghua fairies, and Ji Xiang drove the sound of Xianxia around Tianyu Tai.
"This is fate. It is unpredictable but everything in the real world is so dense that even the strong heavenly heart will exert the magical power of reversing cause and effect. This is precisely because they also have regrets or can’t do things."
"The so-called heavenly heart … thieves who only want to gain other people’s achievements and impose them on themselves."
"It’s a thief!"
There is an image but no entity in the real spiritual map. The two "eyes" of Lingbao Tianzun staring at a certain direction seem to have broken through the world in this painting and arrived at a mysterious place.
"God is very safe."
"It’s … the key to understanding heaven, which is not good."
"Take this rock and you can perform’ Yuanyi’."
Lingbao Buddha’s voice echoed and gradually fell silent.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen White-coated day ghost
I learned about the changes in the map of the true spiritual position. Ji Xiang, a fairy from East China, sailed around the sky with fairy light and chased the sun and the moon to the vicinity of Shu.
The mountains stretch across the mountains and the mountains, but after these mountains form a barrier between heaven and earth, the real land of abundance will be revealed.
The fairy light drops her image, but it’s not very nice.
The clouds in the distance are like a thick fog.
"That’s …"
There is a bad omen in Ji Xiang’s frown. Before the imperial court, a large number of grass-headed gods were recruited to harness monsters, and the order was made to promise them to go to Shu instead of ordinary soldiers to fight against the enemy, and it was said that if there was danger, they could retreat without fighting.
Bozhou lies between Sichuan, Guizhou and Lake, far from Wanghua, with mountains and rivers and deep obstacles. The terrain is dangerous. The largest of Fiona Fang’s 2,000-mile southwest yi people are fierce and rich. This rebellion invaded Sichuan, but at this time, I didn’t see Bozhou rebels all the way …
And even the monster and the grass head god formed an army and didn’t see it.
"How can there be no people? From the sky, it is rare to see where the Bozhou army has been ravaged and repelled."
"Former Zhang Tianshi also said that he met a group of evil practitioners in Shu, who seemed to be practicing the ancient five-bucket rice method, but now let alone the monk … there is no ghost."
No one can be said to have fled or retreated. After all, the people were displaced by the war, and maybe they got into some ravine or were taken away by the army.
No animals can be said to have been killed and eaten. The army is so hungry that it can eat bark and grass roots to eat people. It can be said that it is to eat some game.
But … how come there are no ghosts?
"Not so good. If the army of Bozhou still caused this change, the situation has been …"
At that time, the future vision saw that the huge monument had come out?
All beings here will not be transformed into ghosts and gods, will they?
"You said that there is a kind of ofuda that can transform the living into ghosts, soldiers, ghosts and gods? And it is a condition? "
"Brother from jade qing? No. Day? "
Donghua fairy heard some not so careful inquiry is also face upheaval.
Combined with the so-called "Qing Qiang worship", "huge evil things", "Qingcheng witch ghost road", "Zhang Xiugui", "Wawu Mountain is enchanted" and "a certain demon fairy is locked in", what great changes have taken place in the depths of Shu at this time?
Moreover, it is not easy for the sky to refer to the name itself. There are many names. If it is said by others, I am afraid it can be recognized as the arrogance of the other party.
But from the mouth of Ji Xiang, then this is …
"You can’t be wrong. Monty can’t go against the will of heaven. This day is the’ heaven’ that we monks hope to get from the echo of heaven and man. It is higher than the fairy level, and even the heavenly heart can’t dream of it. It may also be the source of heaven and the rule of the whole world."
"On behalf of Godsworn Jade Qing, I tried to reverse what I saw, and the future was stopped by heaven, which means that what I saw in my eyes will definitely happen."
Ji Xiang pondered and stared at the distant piece of thick gray fog like a cloud.
I didn’t operate according to what I saw in the future. Is that future bound to happen, but hasn’t it changed?
No …
Brother Jade Qing is stronger than the average heavenly mind, and the heavenly heart can reverse the cause and effect and modify the historical traces in the years. Brother Jade Qing can even trace back the history himself to make the ancient law strong in the present, such as Mr. Gu’s future. The Yuan emperor used to be like this, but he can choose to be in the past and the future is in the present moment.
If the inscription is a jade Qing monk … but who would it be? Or is that inscription a kind of "ceremony" made by a jade Qing monk?
"Wait a minute. I’ll take a look."
"Wangqi Lingtai"
Donghua Fairy’s eyes are blooming with a halo of brilliance and a magical power. The spread of this world in her eyes makes all kinds of eyes and eyes different.