Tai Qing Wei Dao Jun Qing Xu Miao Yuan Dao Jun
During the civil war between China and Turkey, the belief of Dayan Taiyi Sect and Nanjin Xuanyuan Sect was these two great powers.
It seems that, somehow, the two deities are fighting for the central government, and they have come to the opposite side.
Both of them are vicious, powerful and powerful. First, they drove away another Sumeru Lotus Buddha, and then they fought fiercely.
Their support for the Buddha has reached the stage of life and death in broad daylight, and you can imagine how chaotic the central government is now.
Buddha still has such a hard hand.
The fairy halls are like fire and water to each other.
Out of bounds, the demon picket department issued an order to make people go to suppress it in person and was attacked by a group of mountain soldiers halfway …
Slumdog House will be robbed for a long time nine times out of ten times, and no one dares to cross the boundary again …
Every fairy city is a mess, and the streets are always busy. All the people in bloody fight are afraid to come out from their homes.
The difference between the north and the sky is that the ancient people on a desert island here are not so beautiful, and they are often plundered by outsiders.
Occasionally, I caught one and found out that it was a fairy officer who robbed with heavenly soldiers …
It is even more unbearable to be in such a world.
Some fairy officials sneak into the world to avoid the chaos of heaven and become old demons that endanger the world.
There are also some privately-run forbidden areas and demon areas, and the means are cruel, even the original monsters are afraid …
The erosion of the three realms is evident.
The news from Xuantian in the north soon came in tandem, and two jade books flew into Tian Shu Hall.
Fighting Buddha, look at each other. The light in your eyes flashes, and the dangers are exposed. Suddenly, Qi Qi moves.
"Please ask Heaven to drive away this evil spirit!"
"The mother tree of the stars helps me to subdue the demon!"
Booming …
In an instant, the whole heaven changes color.
The magnificent sky and the starry mother tree method are even more amazing than the mysterious sky in the north. Wan Li Xiangyun is bloody
Each fairy hall rumbles and trembles, and tiles keep falling.
Many fairy officials fled in panic like the end.
At this time, the mother tree suddenly stopped fighting, and at the same time, the two Buddha were shocked by themselves and fell to the ground with golden blood.
Two people also wake up at this time and looked at each other.
"What is this?"
"Hum, I’m afraid it’s against the taboo of heaven that we are in charge on behalf of others."
"Can the small prison head in the northern heaven do it?"
The Buddha, who is in charge of heaven, took a deep breath and his eyes shone with danger.
Say to dogma slightly hand over.
"Is it possible for Huntian Xiaoyao Emperor to invade the northern Xuan Tian Tian Ting for nine days?"
"How dare you!"
Another Buddha suddenly became furious when he heard the news.
He is the younger brother of Qing Xu Miao Yuan Dao, and he is a carefree emperor. He also has a personal relationship and even received the kindness of the other party.
I wanted to get out of the way and ask the northern heaven for accountability, but I didn’t expect my opponent to be so big and dare to arrest him.
Then he quickly manipulated the mother tree of the stars. "This is a lie and stop immediately!"
However, to his disappointment, there seems to be a higher level of power running the mother tree of the stars, and there is no response.
On the contrary, dogma shines brightly.
Heaven all mind suddenly appeared wanted Huntian Xiaoyao Emperor command.
Well, this emperor is not in the middle of the sky now, or he will reproduce the mysterious scene in the north
"Do you know the consequences if you are so polite?"
Qing Xu Miao Yuan Dao Jun Tian Zun Di looked gloomy.
Another Buddha sneered, "Huntian’s fellow’s whereabouts are secretive and he has no scruples. Anyway, it is better to take the opportunity to kick him out for nine days."