The crystal curtain is moving and the breeze is full of roses.
QuYong vaguely saw that the woman’s chest was tattooed with rosa multiflora flower diameter in full bloom and spread to the lower abdomen, but it was a gorgeous tiger. The fierce and fierce tiger was about to pounce.
Tiger rose map
It’s a palace dish
"Is it her?"
Qu Yong has been almost drained of his body after a move of "Lotus in Fire". His endurance has been stronger than that of ordinary fighters since the dark strength was achieved. It is rare for him to feel so exhausted, especially after Dan Jin was achieved, he felt that his skill had doubled, and he had a pinch of heaven and earth, and he was also dressed in black. I didn’t expect such a move to touch his bottom line.
However, it’s no wonder that "Step on the Incense" and those three moves are, after all, one step into the mind, and the martial arts experience written by the great master who has spent his whole life is of no value to those who are new to Dan Jin than "A True Story of a Pulse" and "All Cases Return to Yuan"
Qu Yong was dizzy and barely staggered and rubbed his eyes before he saw the tiger rose picture at the bottom of the muddy river.
"Gong Cai" he secretly called "Gong Cai". It turns out that she is not dead yet, but this trick is almost the same as half of the dead. She has long been in a coma, and if no one rescues her, she will drown in the water for a while.
Those Black Dragon Club members couldn’t wait long on the shore, and some people couldn’t bear to ask the leader, "President, should we …"
"Don’t have to" the leader is the president of the Black Hawk Club. Seeing his broad forehead and a carved back, the black dragon bared its teeth and claws climbed to the back of its neck. At the back of its head, it was full of weather and power.
He raised his hand to block the way, "There is a saying in China that the snipe and the clam compete for the benefit of the fisherman."
Just then, the river suddenly churned violently. "Kaka!" All the departments of the Black Dragon Club aimed their guns. If it surfaced, it was Quyong, but fortunately, if it was others, it would be forgiven.
In fact, if it comes out that Qu Yong has so many guns to his head, it’s also a killing of Wei array, and the Black Dragon Club will also kill Dan Jin’s master down a peg or two.
But when I saw the river churning, no one surfaced.
"You are so grateful to Quyong." Suddenly there was a dull sound behind everyone. See Quyong holding a unconscious woman behind her with a smile.
The president of the Black Dragon Club secretly called it bad. He wanted to give each other some color. I didn’t expect Qu Yong to build a plank road to sneak into Chen Cang and pretend to emerge from the river. Actually, he had already circled behind his back with his martial arts. If he attacked himself just now, he was afraid of being in a big mess.
"QuJun polite" that president is also a homo habilis thought in a flash has stretched out his hand to hold QuYong.
"Everyone has a common enemy, so we should help each other. Mitsui Ning, president of the Black Hawk Society"
Qu Yong was actually a little exhausted. He tried to adjust his breathing and looked at Mitsui Ningdao as a "common enemy"
Mitsui said, "Isn’t Hideki Watanabe your enemy?"
"Hideki Watanabe Black Hawk Club" Qu Yong nodded in vain. The Black Hawk Club has been an adult for more than 100 years. Mr. Sun Wen, once the father of the Japanese militaristic organization, and other revolutionaries conspired to overthrow the Qing government in China. In the early 20th century, the Chinese League was jointly established at the headquarters of the Black Hawk Club in Tokyo, Japan. Later, it was dissolved in name after the defeat in World War II, but it has been lurking on the ground and the Black Hawk Club and the Yamaguchi group have been sworn enemies for decades. I don’t know how many times they killed money and women.
"No wonder it turned out to be a famous black hawk." Qu Yong said lightly, "You almost killed me in the house during the day."
On the strength of the Black Hawk Club, of course, you have the money to kill people with guns in the street and dare to move the master of the Yamaguchi group.
One man said, "Well, if you hadn’t been a stalker, we would have killed the Watanabe dog thief."
Qu Yong said, "Will the Yamaguchi group collapse after killing a Watanabe?"
Mitsui Ningdao said, "There will be no disintegration, and there will be little chaos. I still have a bet with him."
Qu Yong said, "So he also gambled with you. Tell me what you want."
Mitsui Ningdao "I miss Qu Junhe"
Qu Yongdao "How to close"
Mitsui Ningdao said, "We killed Hideki Watanabe together, and I will help your uncle defeat Kotaro in the Valley of God."
Qu Yong said, "This condition sounds attractive, but my uncle can win even without help."
"Really?" said Mitsui Ning. "Do you believe he is still safe after you have been out for so long?"
Qu Yong’s heart has long been extremely worried, but he doesn’t show his color lightly. "If my martial uncle couldn’t cope with this, he would have died thousands of times."
Qu Yong said, "My nephew and I are martial arts and don’t want to get involved in the dispute in your country. I appreciate your kindness."
When he finished speaking, he jumped up and flashed away.
"So fast …"
"It’s terrible that people like them are on the verge of mankind."
It is said that Qu Yong was also worried all the way. I didn’t expect that Destiny had already planned to let the two sisters in the palace draw water with a bamboo basket.