If we can break through the spiritual realm before we are 100 years old, then spiritual realm cultivation still has the potential to continue to rise, and it is expected to reach a considerable level in the future!
Yue Feijun’s eyes hope that he is old. The greatest hope in this life is that his brother Cao Tianling will break through the spiritual sea as soon as possible!
"Head!" A figure came to the hanging building, and Yue Feijun threw himself into the arms.
"yes?" Yue Fei-jun stared into the distance and never looked back.
"Cao Ketu, the elder of the outer gate, has recruited another registered brother!" The figure said
"This is the third? Life and death have a life. Cao Ketu can’t see it like this! " Yue Feijun said!
After saying this, Yue Feijun felt sour in his heart. He tasted different things himself and couldn’t see them. If there is a way to live longer, he will try his best!
"This time, different Cao Ketu openly recruited a registered brother in front of many fighters when he sent a foreign brother!" Shadow path
"Bold!" Yue Fei-jun drank coldly. "If things are exposed to the public, won’t it ruin my reputation?"
"Master, shall I talk to Cao Ketu and let him let people go?" Shadow path
Yue Feijun didn’t speak and closed his eyes.
"Forget it, Cao Ketu took the risk of accepting this person’s registered brother in public. It must be very sure that if he succeeds, there will be one more true Dan!"
Yue Feijun thought for a moment and said, "If Cao Ketu’s road to survival is blocked, he can’t break through the true Dan environment, and it will be a big deal if Tianling impacts the spiritual sea environment! Let him go! "
"It’s the head!" Shadow retreat
"Go slowly and tell Cao Ketu that although his registered brother doesn’t belong to the Luo Sect, he can’t do anything wrong in the Luo Sect. I, the Luo Sect, are noble and decent!" Yue Feijun waved and said
"It’s Cao Ketu, it’s Congding’s white head!" The figure retreated and disappeared.
He sent the outer gate!
Chen Ziyi flew to a detached wooden house and said, "Brother Han is not good!"
Han Chen walked out of the wooden house and said, "Is Chen Shimei in such a hurry?"
Chen Ziyi said, "Yun Fan listened to our meaning and came to pick a disciple, but he didn’t get started. Instead, he was accepted as a brother by Elder Cao!"
Han Chen looked surprised and asked, "Elder Cao Ketu?"
Chen Ziyi nods, "It is the elder Cao who once received two registered brothers and finally disappeared. Will Yun Fan also disappear? He is recommended by both of us to come to Luo Pai! If it’s gone, isn’t it our fault? "
Han Chen frowned and clapped his hands. "Ah … how did you get registered as a brother by Elder Cao? It is more than enough for him to enter the outer door with special qualifications! "
Chen Ziyi said, "Now I don’t mean that Brother Han can save Yun Fan at these times?"
Han Chen closed his eyes and shook his head after a long time. "If the performance of our outer door is ordinary, the Presbyterian Church will sell us noodles, but Cao Ketu is no ordinary outer door elder!
I don’t know what he wants to do when he accepts Yun Fan’s registered brother, but judging from what happened to his first two registered brothers, it’s definitely not a good thing. It’s very likely that the two of us will disappear if we intervene! "
Chen Ziyi was shocked and said, "We are qualified elite brothers, and even the elders will note that the Luo Sect is also a noble family. Can he make us both disappear?"
Han Chen said, "It’s true that the noble family is decent, but who says there is no dirty thing in the noble family?" Think about what Cao Ketuer is. We don’t have a strong background. If we really want to disappear, I’m afraid it will be a big deal! "
Chen Ziyi worried, "What should I do? Do you watch Yun Fan disappear? "
Han Chen said, "I’ll think of some way to save him directly. We don’t have the ability, but we can wake him up secretly! Well, I’ll go to Elder Cao to refine some medicine. If I see Yun Fan, I’ll give him some instructions to let him escape! "
Every outside elder of the Daluo Sect has a separate mansion at the foot of Qiluo Mountain.
Han Chen first went to Daxiangcheng to buy some valuable medicinal materials, and then went to Cao Ketu’s house to invite Cao Ketu to make an alchemy!
Cao Fu’s servant, "Princess Han is already strange in Luoshan. Please find him to make an alchemy and come back in a few days!"
Han Chen "didn’t Elder Cao just accept a registered brother? How come it’s so bizarre? Where have you been? "
Cao Fu’s servant, "The master left with the registered brother. I don’t know where the villain went! “
Han Chen’s heart thumped badly!
Yun Fan was puzzled by Cao Ketu’s taking him to Luoshan.
Cao Ketu said, "You all practice martial arts by yourself. Without the guidance of a famous teacher, you must have developed many wrong habits. Master will take you to a place for special training for one month to ensure that you can improve your skills and benefit from poverty!"
Isn’t it the same with the special training?
Although Yun Fan felt strange, he didn’t ask Cao Ketu more. He had his own reasons for doing so!
On the way Yun Fan unconsciously touched the 21 mecha bracelet!
Cao Ketu’s fire on his experience is extraordinary. Yun Fan is not stupid. Naturally, I can feel that things are a bit strange!
No matter if Yunfan has 21 hands, Cao Ketu belongs to the peak of Yuanjing. If there is really any bad result, Yun Fan has the strength to resolve his fears!
"I hope I think too much!" Yun Fan andao
If you can be accepted by Cao Ketu as soon as possible, your brother will enter Da Luo Pai and learn Da Luo Bao Dian safely. This doubt is the most desirable result for Yun Fan!
Cao Ketu took Yun Fan to a mountain peak dozens of miles away from Luoshan, which happened to be the place where Yun Fan buried the Jasper Lingguo.
There is a Caoketu Courtyard on this mountain. On weekdays, there is a servant here who is responsible for cleaning.
After arriving at the other hospital, Cao Ketu was a little too kind to Yun Fan, but he didn’t instruct Yun Fan to practice. Instead, he took out many precious elixirs and pills to Yun Fan to mend his body!
"This is the 120-year-old elixir of Ju ichor Zhi, which can strengthen your qi and blood!"
"This is a traditional Chinese medicine refined from Tianyuan Dan’s old husband. Zhongdan medicine can strengthen your vitality!"
I took several kinds of Jean Yun Fan.
Over the past few days, Yun Fan has really felt that her physique is rising rapidly, and her body is strong and powerful, and she is full of strength!
In addition, Cao Ketu refined medicine every day and asked Yun Fan to help the thug Cao Ketu Dan Jing Yao Yun Fan watch it casually.
These pills for alchemy are not ordinary ones that can be bought in shops, but remember that the real alchemy is very valuable.
This made Yun Fan learn a lot about alchemy and distinguish many kinds of pills and herbs!
More than half a month passed in a flash!
Cao Ketu refined several furnaces of Dan medicine, and Yun Fan repaired it and Cao Ketu supplemented it, which further promoted the later stage of gas condensation!
Chapter 51 Anti-killing Cao Ketu!
Yun Fan just rose in the middle stage of condensate gas environment, and it was not repaired for a month, and it rose again in the later stage of condensate gas environment, which is amazing!
These speeds are not much different from the direct ascension of Jasper Lingguo!
But the more Cao Ketu treats Yun Fan well, the more strange Yun Fan feels!
I’m afraid those elixirs and pills are so valuable that they won’t be cultivated like this even for their own brothers!
And Yun Fan is Cao Ketu’s younger brother. That’s it. The blood is abnormal!
And as Yun Fan’s physique grows stronger and his qi and blood surge day by day, Cao Ketu looks at him and his eyes shine day by day!
Cao Ketu’s eyes don’t seem to be looking at a person, but at an excellent treasure!
Every day, Yun Fan is vigilant!
He has 21 fears of returning to the peak of Yuanjing and having a’ time crystal’ to return to Earth at any time, and he is not afraid of Cao Ketu’s plot against him.
July 24th!
Yun Fan came to Cao Ketu clause on the 24th day!
Cao Ketu finally showed his minions!
In the alchemy room, there is a high-altitude Dan furnace with more than one person. These days, Cao Ketu cultivated various precious liquid Dan pastes.