Dull roar pierced the depths of the heart, and the battlefield burst into violent fluctuations. Ten thousand monty worms burned a dark blue flame, and then all blue light was interwoven into a sea of light.
"Boom …"
"ah! No, the energy shield defense number is dropping rapidly. Damn it, what kind of attack is this? How so powerful? " The crew are a little scared, and the defense force of the Tenchu fleet is already ridiculously high, but blue light can still cause a severe impact on the fleet. If these ten thousand monty worms are strong, they will suffer greatly.
Just as the ship’s shadow was about to be submerged by blue light, the bow of Phantom of the Opera suddenly unfolded, and the negative energy was condensed into the blue light ocean around the entity and collided with each other.
The lack of energy in the wave and light is eliminating the crisis, and the head of the crisis is shattered. The species Duo Duo finally made a move. The negative energy accumulated for many years pressed the other side, effectively preventing the defense number of each ship from falling.
The top-class shattered species can achieve far more than these dark black spears. The incredible pattern disappears, and thousands of monty worms have a hard shell on their heads, and then many crazy insects come to an abrupt end.
There was a strange scene on the battlefield, and ten thousand monty worms suddenly stopped charging. They floated like a machine suddenly shut down, and all the breath disappeared.
It seems to vent the pain of being trapped for thousands of years, and it seems to announce to the Zerg that the majestic golden-winged Dapeng bird in the bow of the Phantom of the Great Power has come alive and raised its head to make a long sound of implementing the spiritual level.
It’s primitive and overbearing, and the spiritual storm swept away. Ten thousand monty worms felt threatened and rushed forward, but the zerg wouldn’t be afraid of his situation. Life worms rushed forward and backward.
After Harley’s bombardment, the momentum of ten thousand monty worms was slightly frustrated. It was precisely because of this fleeting opportunity that the Phantom of the Opera’s ten insect turrets popped up in the fleet, and the insect turrets of other ships had also hovered near the hull, followed by the strongest firepower explosion, which belonged to the Tianzhu fleet.
"Let’s go! Let the worm see that we are so powerful that the out-of-bounds galaxy will always remember this moment. "Lin momo nodded at the screen and said forcefully.
Previously, the worm turret also attacked, but it was not the power of the Ministry, nor did it push it to the extreme. Now, it is not Aotian Long’s sinking blade, Daqing Mountain, Winter Plum, Daqing Mountain, Summer Boss, Qingshan Spring, and five peerless masters began to infuse the source force.
Nearly 100 top experts in the fleet, nearly 1,000 top experts, Qi Xin Xieli Worm Turret, have actually produced various attribute forces, and those gunners who specialize in artillery attack technology have been influenced by Harley to come up with the strongest strength.
Around the Tianzhu fleet, a strong color cannon light suddenly emitted, which eclipsed the whole universe. Brothers like Athena and Cletina, who are rich, relied on their powerful weapons to bless them, and were slightly inferior to the peerless masters. They were assigned to the wise man Li Haitao of Obsidian, who closed his eyes and gazed at his mouth and muttered something to himself, which actually simulated Harley’s cannon attack stunt.
"Boom …"
The zerg is fierce, but the attack of the Tenchu fleet is even more fierce. Even if the defense ability of ten thousand monty worms is amazing, there is always a limit to bear. After the peerless master and the peak master pour the source power, the destructive power of the cannon light is extremely abnormal.
Ten thousand monty worms roared, and some insect shells were melted red by terrible heat energy, and some insect shells were damaged by terrible decomposition, and the situation expanded several levels.
Whenever matter is beyond the scope of energy scrubbing, the gunners of the Tianzhu fleet can destroy hundreds of thousands of monty bugs in an instant even if they only achieve 1% lethality of Harley’s artillery skills.
Lin momo’s heart is excited, and the number of casualties of ten thousand monty worms is soaring. This is the ideal hindmost. Even in the face of the strongest zerg in the universe, everyone is not afraid and can win perfectly.
From the beginning to the present, the performance of the Tianzhu fleet is perfect. More than half of the deaths and injuries of ten thousand monty worms have dropped from fifty thousand to twenty thousand, but the cannon light has not stopped because of this and still maintained the maximum firepower output.
Tenchu fleet tried its best. Lin momo tried his best. The crew also tried their best. Occasionally, a bug shadow rushed to the crowd and was quickly blown away by the cannon light. The body was kept intact.
In the distance, Connor and Damon joined forces to fight, and the discoverer fleet suppressed the light screen to represent the zerg’s life emblem. The blue spots are disappearing in batches, and the record is still quite brilliant. It is impossible for these zergs to turn over the battlefield situation.
After more than ten minutes of shopping, the number of ten thousand monty bugs has dropped to thousands, but Lin momo frowned. At present, the fleet is really strong, but it is equally unusual to rank third in the list of strange bugs. Unfortunately, the information on the list of strange bugs in ten thousand monty bugs is not very detailed, because this zerg has not been seen for two thousand years, and it has been forgotten.
"The closer you get to success, the more you need to be careful to hit this level. You still can’t make a move and let everyone get close to the formation. I have a bad feeling." Lin momo looked dignified and watched the battlefield with a deep and remote eye.
"Momo you also perceive? There is something wrong with these ten thousand monty worm strength seems to rank some discrepancy unless they have other means "destruction blade to connect to the master control room at the same time.
"Yes, I have noticed that according to the data in the database, the adventure guild sent a crusade against the fleet two thousand years ago, but the final result didn’t say the battle scene. For example, several fleets returned home in triumph. Maybe the captain who participated in the operation was hiding something. Maybe the light Federation didn’t want to set up a difficult enemy. They wanted people to see a glimmer of hope. Today, all kinds of possibilities may be able to make a concrete assessment of the situation in that year. Anyway, we are now in the wind and these ten thousand monty worms are very suitable for building heavy insect turrets." Lin momo smiled leisurely.
At this moment, Lin momo is not so nervous and powerful, which comes from confidence and combat power. If the Tianzhu fleet can’t even cope with ten thousand monty worms, then why talk about interstellar space? What about controlling the adventure guild?
This ten thousand cases of monty bug Lin momo’s eyes are a little cute because they are dazzling.
The cannon light becomes denser and denser, the number of insect shadows decreases sharply, and the number of attack targets decreases gradually. It is difficult to think of firepower, and the fleet moves slowly from standstill, which can minimize the risk and kill insects more quickly.
"Boom …"
It is no longer possible to bombard the fleet to take the hindmost offensive. Every cannon light is sharp and abnormal, which makes ten thousand monty worms unable to stand it. Soon Lin momo will know what will upset him.
The ultra-low temperature environment of those ten thousand cases of monty worm corpses is not frozen, but a very subtle fluctuation, which is connected with each other. Then a dozen odd-grade star cruise ships on the edge of the battlefield appear bloodshot, and then these ships flash out the signs of broken silicon crystal cover energy shield.
At this time, millions of remaining monty worms shook their heads, and they actually broke free from the hard shell and gave away their miserable green soft bodies, which directly exposed the battlefield in the universe, and one after another lotus flower gathered and went away. Just a few breaths created nearly a hundred huge things.
It’s bloody and cruel. It’s obvious that some ten thousand monty worms’ blood energy transformation is so gorgeous and self-exploding, but they insist on ten thousand monty worms’ breath. They don’t reach the level of zerg overlord, and their size is even far beyond that of zerg overlord, which devours worm blood and makes their cells swell to the point of multiplication.
"Damn, these big guys are very unstable. The root is bombs." Lin momo scolded 1 and shouted at the wave frequency. "Lilith forced Purgatory Violet to limit them and couldn’t let them succeed."
"Okay, leave it to me!" Lilith simply responded that her voice did not fall and she set off a surging flame. Thirty-six star cruises were separated from the Tianzhu fleet. The first odd star cruise ship was like a red-violet.
Purgatory violet war is a trump card in Lin momo’s hand, and the whole fleet is escorted by the super incineration power of black lotus to deal with ten thousand monty bug mutants at all times.
Thirty-six ships rushed very fast. Before Lin momo and the sinking blade were suspicious, Lilith had already prepared that no matter how difficult the ten thousand monty worms were, they would burn them thoroughly before they dared.
The black lotus comes from Taikoo granary, where the accumulated fire energy of hundreds of millions of years is unusually fierce, and the battle of Purgatory Violet has reached the level of comprehensive ship warfare. This is the light that rises from the mighty universe and shines in all directions.
"Thirty-six ships in the Heavenly Infernal Purgatory Violet War" Lilith exclaims that the shadows of one or thirty-six ships are quickly superimposed together, and the fire energy is also superimposed together.