A jade arm stretched out from the quilt, and the bed groped for it and got through.
"hello? Who ah ….. "Lin foam muttering said sound lazy than.
"Did my little girl sleep late again?" Opposite to the gentle girl.
"ah! Sister Lin? " Lin Mo suddenly opened his eyes and said with some surprise
"You ah you! There will be no day to come to work on time! " Sister Lin is kind, but there are some complaints that Lin Mo is the last thing she can do, which really makes her love and angry.
"I’ll be right there! Horse! " Lin Mo kicked off and was rushed into the bathroom, then dressed and rushed out of the door, just like a power girl.
Also lying on the bed, Li Xiangkui felt a cold body and touched it wildly, but she was not opened her eyes as expected and found that Lin Mo had disappeared from the bed and her residual temperature.
"This girl is really getting lazy. She must be late for class again." He shook his head and smiled naively. He went to the window sill and stretched himself out, feeling better than Shu.
"shout! It’s a full day. "Li Xiangrui took a deep breath and sat in the game room after washing up.
When the white light flashed, Li Xiangrong appeared in the game.
He looked around, and there happened to be a home improvement shop with all kinds of clothes in it.
Li Xiangkun just had nothing to do now, so he pushed the door and walked into the home improvement shop.
A beautiful shopping guide lady in the counter is lying on her side chatting, mumbling while grabbing potted leaves on the table.
"Eat noodles tonight"
"Eat rice tonight"
"Eat noodles tonight"
Every time she pulls a leaf, she will make a choice until the whole potted plant is pulled out and she has not made a choice.
At this time, she heard the sound of pushing the door and looked at the door with a smile and said, "Welcome. What can I do for you?"
Li Xiangkun was a little flattered. He remembered that he was humiliated by a clerk in a luxury store once, and his young mind had been cast a shadow.
"Nothing, you are busy, you and I are just looking around." Li Xiangkang waved and said shyly.
I didn’t expect miss shopping guide to come out from the counter directly and run to him and say with smile, "Nothing! Nothing! Feel free to ask me if you have any doubts. "
Finally, there was a second person in the store who stopped chatting so much himself. How could such a good opportunity be missed?
Li Xiangkun pushed it off several times, but I didn’t expect the shopping guide to leave at all or to smile steadily around him.
I can’t help it. This girl is just like plasticine. I can’t get rid of it, so I can leave her as air.
The style of clothes in the store is quite good, and there are not some strange design styles, which are all supplemented by innovation.
The shopping guide has been around, but it’s no fun for two people to get along awkwardly. She’s still chatting!
So he took the lead in breaking the silence. "So … did you eat today?"
"Ah?" Li Xiangkun was puzzled by this puzzling question and asked, "Why do you ask this? Are the shopping guides responsible for diet now? "
"ah! No, no,no. "The shopping guide quickly denied that she was embarrassed and said," I’m just asking! Don’t want to do. "
"Oh … I’ve eaten." Li Xiangkang casually said and continued rummaging through the clothes.
"So …" The shopping guide leaned in again and asked, "What do you eat?"
Li Xiangkun was annoyed when he met such a strange person for the first time. "Why do you have so many questions?"? It’s really not peaceful to buy something. "
"The somebody else also chat! Try staying alone in one place to see if you are bored! " Shopping guide is no longer hiding directly said angrily.
"I’m sick, so I’m alone." Li Xiangkui’s interest in shopping was ruined by this annoying shopping guide, and she simply turned around and stared at her.
The shopping guide knows that he has screwed up his business, but even so, if he has no sales performance, he will be fired. His living resources are very tight. How can he live without money in the last days?
She hurriedly said to Li Xiangkui with a smiling face, "I’m sorry, I’m not kidding you!" Don’t be angry! "
Lee sang-soo can’t get angry and take cold violence to deal with her pitiful sample.
Although the shopping guide is strange, the quality of the shopkeepers is surprisingly good and the cost performance is very high.
He chose a black tight-fitting shirt to highlight his slightly lean muscles and not be regarded as a small body by others.
After a turn, he saw a pair of black trousers, which were comfortable to the touch, slim and fit well when repaired.
"I want this one, too!" Li Xiang said to himself, folding up his pants, suddenly touching a trademark in his pants and hurriedly turning it out.
Seeing that the trademark marked the price of the trousers, a string of four digits made his eyes wide open.
"I go to 3! Is this robbing money? " Li Xiangkang instantly exploded and the earth cried out.
Although it can be said that the 3 joint currency game is very cheap, it is simply too expensive for tens of thousands of people in total.
This is called "I can give you a discount if you make me happy" when the shopping guide behind me heard it and ran to him in two steps.
"Oh …" Li Xiangkang responded lightly and took his pajamas to the counter.
"Quick coax me! Coax me quickly! " The shopping guide danced around him playfully.
"Check out. I have things to do."
When I heard this, the shopping guide pulled his face and muttered, "You are really chatting!"
"You are really noisy!" Li Xiangkun walked to the door with two bags after paying the money and turned to say with smile.
"ah!" The shopping guide kept bumping into the counter, thinking that he had just behaved foolishly and wanted to see his hometown again after his death.
After buying new clothes and changing them, Li Xiangkui feels that it is much more convenient to move and can hold a wave of B.
Gradually, there are more and more players on the road, and some people are shouting to form a team to brush the variants around, and maybe even meet Bss.
A player pulls Li Xianglu, who is passing by, mysteriously and says, "Brother, I see that your bones are amazing and you are a powerful expert. Why don’t you come with us to find the secret treasure?"
Li Xiangkun looked around at four people, two men and two women. This team is interesting.
Chapter one hundred and thirty
"I wonder where you four are going?" Li Xiangkun asked curiously.
The player who grabbed him looked warily around his ear and said, "I accidentally got a good brush strange area, where there are six variants everywhere, which are very dense, and it is very likely that I will encounter seven variants."
It is said that Li Xiangkun, a seven-variant, has some interests. The more advanced the variant, the higher the level of crystal nucleus will be. Now his weapon is five-star, and it takes at least six-variant crystal nuclei to be effective. I have never tried to strengthen the system.
"good! I don’t know how to distribute the explosives when I join? " Li xianglian asked doubtfully.