"I’ll ask for leave." Bai Yinting hoped that Xia Zhuke would take a day off at home.
Just now, I saw Xia Zhu calling her husband so naturally, and his heart softened. But when I saw her suddenly changing her mind, I was inexplicably uncomfortable.
Think of Lin Hao said those words Bai Yinting looked at Xia Zhu carefully. Did she really have an ambiguous relationship with Qu Lu?
Xia Zhu depressed Wu wear the belly suddenly realized something and then rushed into the health.
After a while, Xia Zhu looked puzzled and looked at Bai Yinting carefully and asked, "I came to my period last night. Who gave me that?"
"Of course it’s yourself. You can’t be me, can you?" Bai yinting covered up and turned over a white eye and said, "don’t you remember?"
"Well," said Xia Zhu by the bedside, "I didn’t say anything last night, did I?"
"No," Bai Yinting replied. Although Bai Yinting of Xiazhu carpet still felt inappropriate, he gave way to a place next to him and said, "Go to sleep after work in the afternoon."
"Oh," Xia Zhu slowly climbed into bed and tried to remember last night.
"Nothing to ask me?" Bai Yin Tingshi waited for a long time. Xia Zhu should not even forget that he was having an affair with her woman last night, should he?
Xia Zhu’s reaction was slow. Looking at Bai Yinting for a long time, he didn’t speak.
Bai Yin court simply take the initiative to attack "what did you see last night? What about the woman next to me? It’s pretty, right? "
Xia Zhu lip-pursed, she didn’t really want to deceive herself as a dream, but now Bai Yinting still pulled her back to reality.
"Good" Xia Zhushi saw the side face and long hair. She didn’t know or want to know.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Will invite humiliation
Bai yinting didn’t expect Xia Zhu to be so calm as telling other people’s things, which made him very angry, but instead of sending it, he continued to stimulate her.
"Before, I always thought all women were the same, but now I finally know that different women have different tastes. I really missed too much for so many years." Bai Yinting sounded like Lin Hao.
Of course, this is also because he deliberately learned from Lin Hao to see when Xia Zhu can endure it.
"You are not only her, but also many women?" Xia Zhu also understood Bai Yinting’s meaning as soon as he said.
"We are an agreed husband and wife. You don’t really expect me to be honest, do you?" Bai yinting is somewhat sarcastic.
Gherardini Xia Zhu hanging eyes corners of the mouth, she saw Bai Yinting seriously but let go.
"Why don’t you talk? Wronged? " Bai yinting wished that Xia Zhu could yell at him.
"If you indulge yourself to get back at me, I advise you not to let a woman like me ruin herself." Xia Zhudi said.
Is it true that Bai Yinting rolled over and pressed Xia Zhu? She’s really surprised?
"I slept with other women and you can really accept more than one?" Bai Yinting is a little crazy. "Do you still want to say that after we have fun?"
Xia Zhu looked into Bai Yinting’s eyes and smiled inexplicably. "I guess you have no feelings for those women."
Bai Yinting didn’t expect to be seen through his mind by Xia Zhu, which made him a little embarrassed, but soon he calmly said, "A man can sleep with a woman without feelings. If we levy and vent our desires."
"You won’t" Xia Zhu’s eyes are so firm.
"Have you forgotten the first time we met?" Bai yinting specially emphasized that they did not have feelings at that time.
Xia Zhu was speechless for a moment. Bai Yinting said yes, and she was not qualified to ask too much, no matter what Bai Yinting did.
They stared at each other silently for a long time. Bai Yinting liked these eyes so much that they were still so bright and clear. Unfortunately, she didn’t love herself.
Xia Zhu really wants to hug Bai Yin’s neck and tell her that she really loves him. Is it ridiculous that she loves him very little?
Bai yinting didn’t leave Xia Zhu’s body until he heard someone knocking at the door. he went to the door, opened the door a crack and took the secret and handed me the clothes.
Xia Zhu sat up and took a deep breath. I don’t know when this depressed feeling will accompany her.
"Change the clothes to accompany me to dinner" Bai Yinting threw the clothes to Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu is obedient, but it is also happy for her to stay with Bai Yinting in this way. After all, this day is not permanent. Maybe one day Bai Yinting will be bored and will completely drive her out of her world.
After a change of clothes and washing, two people walked out of the room and walked in this familiar corridor. Xia Zhu somehow hugged Bai Yinting’s arm.
Bai Yinting didn’t dislike him. He could see that Xia Zhu remembered something not so good.
They had breakfast together, and there was almost no communication. Both of them were cold-faced and had their own worries, which might become their later mode of getting along.
Bai Yinting missed Xia Zhu before, wanted to see her smile, looked at her coquetry, and now found that her nagging turned out to be beautiful.
After breakfast, Bai Yinting took the call and left in a hurry to ask Xiaowei to come and pick up Xia Zhu.
When Xia Zhu was waiting for the bus, her mobile phone rang a strange number, but she didn’t want to answer it, but it kept ringing.
"Hello, who are you looking for?" Xia Zhu still answered.
"Hello, are you Ms. Song Yumei’s daughter?" The other party is a man’s voice
"Yes, and you are?" Xia Zhu feels strange.
"I’m Master Daoxian of Qi Temple. Your mother suddenly fainted and has been taken to the hospital," said Master Daoxian.
Xia Zhu was one leng to ask which hospital it was, and then she rushed to the hospital without waiting for Xiaowei’s car to stop a taxi.
Che Xiazhu was so anxious that she began to cry. Her mother was afraid of recurrence, and if it recurred, it would become more serious.
When I was about to go to the hospital, Qu Lu called her. Xia Zhu answered Qu Lu in tears and was scared. "Xia Zhu, what’s wrong with you? Did he bully you? "
"My mother fainted and was taken to the hospital." Xia Zhu helped.