"Can you control his hand?" Ye connected all the instruments according to the method that ham sausage told her, and then looked at the right hand of the hammer for "about a minute"
Bai Fei nodded. "I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee success."
"Try your best" Ye En said "I’ll count to three, two and one"
Ding hammer is also full of curiosity, looking at his uncontrolled right hand. When the number of leaves is over, his vines wither instantly, and then his evil hand suddenly bounces up and goes straight to the nearest Bai Fei alongside of.seem.
Bai Fei, of course, is not a vegetarian. She jumped back a step, and her hands formed a powerful rotary force field to firmly control the evil hand of the hammer. Although the hammer was unconscious of her hands, she could still feel its violent struggle, but there was a feeling of being trapped in the mire that made the evil hand very restless!
Suddenly, the hammer felt a quiver, and a huge specific force rushed into his body and quickly merged into his right hand. Then it was almost a moment that Bai Fei’s reflux force field collapsed instantly, and when Bai Fei didn’t react, the hammer hand had broken through the cage and held Bai Fei’s chest straight …
"Click" the hammer tooth collapsed by himself, and he just watched his hand pinch his goddess Mimi, but his goddess seemed to have no way to resist …
"Fuck!" Fixed hammer denounced a left hand holding his right wrist desperately and pulling it back, but the force was too strong. Fixed hammer’s left hand was almost bald, but his right hand remained motionless and Bai Fei’s face became ugly. His lips trembled and said, "Ye … hurry up … hurry up! It disintegrate my body’s protective force field! I can’t hold it anymore! "
The last barrier is about to be broken, and Bai Fei has become nervous. She never expected that this hand is so powerful, and it seems that the greater the resistance, the stronger the energy it can release. It is not that she can resist tough guys.
At this moment, Ye suddenly came to the hammer, holding the metal arm, and the hammer hand seemed to feel the danger. He bounced from Bai Fei’s body and then pounced on Ye at a strange angle.
Just then, as soon as this hand was stretched out, Ye Yan put this metal glove on the hammer hand, and then stood by at any time. The ham jumped high to the connector, and then those instruments changed immediately, which was the glove on the hammer arm.
Several metal gloves have been tightened up like a layer of metal skin, and at the same time, this metal seems to grow naturally. It extends all the way until the elbow of the hammer is stopped
When the metal growth stopped, the demon hand of the hammer was quiet and slowly fell to one side, followed by a terrible pain from the hammer arm …
"My mother yo ….." Fixed hammer clutching his arm a crashing bed "pain … pain …"
But before he could call, his whole left arm suddenly burst into flames, and the air around him turned into a blue fire wall, and the hammer was surrounded by this fire wall …
"Is it burning?" Bai Fei immediately tried to help Ding Hammer.
Ye quickly stopped "Don’t move!"
"It’s spirit resonance! My goodness! It is resonance! " After Bai Fei walked in, he exclaimed, "How much spirit does it take to make all of us resonate!"
Leaf coldly looking at hammer right hand full of strange tone said "god"
Chapter 17 You don’t understand your right hand
Fixed hammer puts his right hand in the sun, and the silver-white hand looks particularly high-end and atmospheric. The light at the beginning can also reflect colorful light, just like playing soap bubbles.
This glove absorbs the hammer arm after blocking the spirit, and it can’t be pulled away. This sequela is that the whole arm of the hammer presents a slightly silvery white color. Although it looks like an ordinary arm at first glance, if you let the sun shine, you can see the metallic luster and amber texture of the head.
"How is this whole?" Dinghammer turned his head and asked Ye, who was having lunch, "I haven’t dared to go anywhere all day."
Ye gently let go of the red teacup, put a finger on her forehead and quietly don’t talk, but the hammer seems to have become accustomed to Ye’s gesture. When she presents such a gesture, she says that she is thinking about her own problems.
Yu Baifei is very busy today, and she doesn’t have time to come and manage the hammer. She also knows that although the abnormal spirit of the hammer yesterday is very strange and powerful, it has never reached the point where Ye said "divine power", and she doesn’t need to stick to him every day to do research.
One more thing, Bai Fei has investigated the hammer. What she didn’t come here today is to ask someone to investigate the true identity of the hammer, because if his identity is not what he knows, the whole thing must be reported to the arbitration commission. Although Bai Fei can help the hammer to hide to some extent, it involves too much talk, but she is really helpless
"I’m really surprised why this force is out of control." Ye took out a paper towel and wiped her mouth after a long meditation. "I thought about it all night last night and thought that there are two possibilities for this situation. First, this spirit comes from your body to seize control of your body. Second, an external force invades and tries to compete for your body, but I think neither possibility is good news for you."
Ding hammer patted his forehead and his face was full of distress. He didn’t know what to say or do. He had already done experiments after he got home last night. Although his hand became like this, it didn’t affect his touch and warmth. That is to say, his hand didn’t change from his usual touch, but this arm not only became very strange, but also was indestructible. Yesterday, Ding hammer stabbed it with scissors, and the blade was cut and put into the fan, and it was also stuffed into the gas stove. How to toss yourself? This arm is the way to be hurt. It is even worse than when the arm is stuffed into the gas stove,
"Can you trigger any body energy now?" Ye stared at the hammer setter and asked, "This kind of metal can replace you to communicate with all kinds of grains. If you have a strong spirit, according to common sense, you should be able to mobilize some grains now."
A few mouthfuls of "No, I tried yesterday."
Ye listened and meditated again. This time, the thinking lasted for a long time, and she even made two chairs grow on the floor and put the hammer hand on her leg to study it carefully.
Doing this … Ye has no distractions, but the hammer is different. I haven’t let go of it for a long time. Ye’s thigh is so flat with one hand. How can Ye be a 3S fighter? But she is always a girl in her mid-twenties. She is almost more beautiful than Bai Fei and can be released than a bag. It’s really a dish. It’s a good thing to follow the spice girl. When I put my thigh on this hand, I can let the hammer stop. I feel that I’m afraid that Ye will kill him. The hammer can restrain myself from holding an impulse.
"Relax, I’ll give you some tests."
Ye is obviously a girl who has never been in love … I’m afraid even men are rare. She turned his hand over and buckled her thigh with her palm …
Her legs are not thick at all, but also very compact. She feels tender and compact when holding them, and it is warm and soft. What’s more, it’s worse because the weather is unusually sultry today, so Ye wears small hot pants like all girls who love beauty, which means that the hammer-setter directly touches her thighs to block her.
"You are in the spirit" leaves a slight force to press the back of the hammer. "Let me help you determine the direction of the spirit."
This press can be counted as a good one. The hammer hand directly clings to the slippery skin of the leaf, which is restless … and it’s still a hair in my heart!
"Can’t you be in the spirit?" Looking at the nostrils, the recliner is panting and hammering. "What?"
Fixed hammer to also can hold my breath fought back by her so ask fixed hammer ruffians broke out again, force Ye Leg caught a and then slipped up "you this let me how spirit! It makes no difference that you seduce me! "