No, my heart is clear. The big hat is ready
Emperor Wanli thought from the bottom of his heart that Nurhachi was a bit of a buffoon. In this case, Li Chengliang will reopen and send him to Liaodong for strong suppression.
And the same thing makes Ji Xiang think big at this time!
"This old slave will never leave it at that. They don’t know about Lao Zhang and Wanli, but I know that this must be an attempt to find Wanli before the combination, hoping to win him over as a running dog. Nurhachi’s strength is not weak, and it is possible to be stared at by the master of Lishanhe to find the door!"
Since you want to catch the other side, you must use the court’s general trend!
Ji Xiang directly confided her conjecture to the Wanli Emperor Lao Zhang.
"This person may have a betrayal! Master Li Shanhe may have wooed him! Peeking at the national movement is by no means something that a loose official of the Second Army dared to do. Nurhachi came to the court three times. This is the fourth tribute. Does he not understand the rules? "
"It’s the identity of a foreign military commander that makes the court treat it well. I think this person is a little dangerous!"
It is strange that Ji Xiang has such a strong hostility that even Emperor Wanli can feel it. "Ji Xiang, what do you have against him?"
Ji Xiang laughed. "I’m not a minister. What’s wrong with him? Is there anything abnormal in Nuerhachi’s trip?"
"Want to own identity to make up for the lack of national prestige. He is loyal to katyn, but he is not loyal to this point! In the Tang Dynasty, An Lushan was respectful to Emperor Xuanzong before he rebelled! "
A word awakened the dreamer Wanli and suddenly realized it again after a little thinking!
"That makes sense! An Lushan is Zhang Shouxuan, Yi Nuerhachi is Li Chengliang, and even his early resumes are similar. Both of them have lost their fathers … "
Lao Zhang eyes a clot at this time.
"Does he also want national prestige or national luck?"
Wanli emperor Dao
"National luck! That’s with the road to forgive the gods! Day also suddenly appeared to make up for the national luck spell. My national luck is also a fire king’s chaos and suddenly rose again. Although this may be hard for me … "
Emperor Wanli praised himself and nobody was interested.
Lao Zhang is very flattering.
"If you can be energetic and devote yourself to governing the country and face up to the mountains and rivers, you will be able to shine!"
Emperor Wanli was very satisfied with Lao Zhang’s flattery, saying that he was calm. Don’t preach too much. Just know that I am awesome. Keep a low profile.
"If I don’t keep a low profile, I won’t know what ghosts and gods covet! Moreover, according to Ji Xiang, if Nuerhachi was valued by the people of Lishanhe, did the Tatar Department, Japan, and North Korea, Annan, who were tiny, who had emperors and respected people, be … "
Emperor Wanli suddenly felt that he seemed to foresee the future and felt a shock and cold sweat!
These things are all around! In the mountains and rivers people this wave of exercise is to … The world attack!
What ring attack zone!
"So it is good that we know this matter! However, whether Nurhachi is the peak of the military officer of Zhenger Longhu General, I am afraid that if I rashly touch him, I will be criticized by the court officials. "
"This guy is not a ghost, is he? If you move his ministers, they won’t believe that Nurhachi will rebel!"
"Of course, I believe that Lao Xu and the three cabinet elders and Tian Yi must be me and two powerful helpers."
Emperor Wanli said that when he saw Bian Liu Mengyin, Liu Mengyin immediately bowed down and said that he was a staunch imperial party! Even if you refer to deer and horse, I won’t frown. If you don’t have a horse, I’ll be a horse myself!
Who needs to go back to North Korea now that the joke is in a big compilation?
Promotion and wealth!
"Good after you are my royal fountain pen, I will be interesting to see where Emperor Jiajing valued you and told you a two-night story."
Emperor Wanli was very satisfied with Liu Mengyin’s refuge and said that if necessary, you should also go back to North Korea to keep an eye on your king and tell him not to do anything stupid.
If the Korean king dares to do anything stupid and raise the anti-flag, I can send him to see the kings of Song Tingdi.
Ji Xiang thought about the mouth of a pair of Wanli emperors
"If Nurhachi’s idea really wins national prestige or national luck, he is likely to go to Dongyue Temple and Fire Temple, because you have personally sealed the … the country is the god!"
"The country is a part of the great power!"
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Simple and rude
Emperor Wanli did not summon Nurhachi for the first time, and deliberately left a day for Nurhachi to bring a message that he would appear before the noon gate as soon as possible.
Several people speculated that Nurhachi would visit the temple during curfew, and he would always go if he didn’t go for one night or two nights.
Ji Xiang is begging Lao Zhang for firearms and magic.
"There are still a few days before I tell my senior brother the mantra of Beidou Great God, and then I will tell my senior brother in detail when things are over here. Although it is a contemporary emerging method, there are many mysteries in it."
Lao Zhang’s talk here was a burst of laughter. Obviously, after learning the magic of firearms, he was also happy. He asked Fox about his spiritual progress and Ji Xiang smiled.
"The Golden Mantra is copied 250 times a day."
Lao Zhang was very happy "very good! Only a strict teacher can make a noble apprentice! Xiao Shi, this is your chance. Don’t slack off and copy carefully! "
There is a little fox injured in the world, but this is also what every student should do.
Emperor Wanli received news from Nurhachi about the temple.
However, something weird happened.