The stars are floating like silver flames burning fiercely!
soon afterwards
The red mans eyes lit up in the school, and the silver flame axe was sprayed out. The layered force field made everything nearby seem a little distorted.
The star’s ability to erupt the ranks of "Silver Wrist", "Fighting Spirit" and "Collapse Force Field" was started one by one, and now Lusen’s murder was bursting out, releasing an aura full of oppression.
He ran the road.
Every time you push forward, your body will become stronger.
When he approaches the Blue Dragon, the momentum will reach its peak!
It’s a pity that Blue Dragon didn’t intend to let him near.
Middle-aged officers raised their hands and flicked their thumbs and forefingers to eject.
There was a sharp roar on the ground, and the blue dragon popped up a finger-sized airflow that kept expanding on the way. When it came to the front of Lucen, it was already a storm!
Lucerne roared that he could not lift the axe and chop it off, but the tomahawk tore the storm with the collapse force field, but it also pushed the explosion impact.
He stepped back a few steps and was about to charge for the second time when his pupil shrank because there were already flames, frost and strong winds in front of him!
Fireballs, ice cones, and wind blades hit Rusen one after another. The Black Star School danced the tomahawk, annihilated the force field, annihilated the energy of these elements, and ran around looking for opportunities to get close to the Blue Dragon.
Get rid of a second lieutenant in the distance. The day after tomorrow, Yang has a dull pain in his right hand.
Although Kaoru’s brilliant ability has improved the injury of his right hand a lot, there is still a long way to go before he can recover. Even today, he has played against a bunch of people in Qianhong Black Star Castle, and now the injury seems to have a recurrence trend.
Tianyang frowned as attention was drawn to the battle between two famous schools. From a distance, the battle on the battlefield there was more fierce than that.
Body element heart blue dragon school stands in the field, hands release a lot of element energy at will to form various abilities. Although Rusen’s body is beaten by pressure, the tomahawk annihilates the element energy every time it swings.
It’s hard to say whether you win or lose at the moment.
Tianyang has seen a lot of strong people. At the beginning, the big family was even more targeted than Yunyuan and other strong people joined forces to fight against the giant tree.
It’s not so new in Tianyang’s eyes as a master of rank 5 like Lusen, but Tianyang, a leading soldier in Black Star Castle, can be sure that Lusen’s strength is far stronger than that of rank 5 like Xie Yuan.
Especially in the battlefield, if Lusen and Xie Yuan fight for life and death, Xie Yuan will definitely die in the end.
Experienced in the war, I am not a master of Xie Yuan’s family background.
However, Lanlong School is calm and idle, and it is higher than Lusen, and it is more than a little higher.
"Better stay away."
Han Shu yin lai
Captain Raven is walking leisurely with his hands in his trouser pockets, biting his cigarette.
"Dragon Blue Dragon School is an apostle of the earth with rank 6. If his old man wants to get serious, he can change the land type."
Han Shu said with a smile, "Although the force field of Mars rank collapse can offset the energy of elements, it is not difficult to clean up a rank 5 butcher if you get serious."
Just finished, the two men felt the ground shake, and suddenly a stone pillar rose and flew Russen "top".
Han Shu hurriedly gave himself and Tianyang a screen of stars, then picked up a cigarette and sank, "the apostle power of the earth."
On this night, even if it is hundreds of kilometers away from the Star City, you can feel the continuous vibration from a distance.
the next day
The precise biological clock wakes you up before dawn.
Want to get up
But when the teenager found himself being held down by something, he couldn’t help but exclaim, "How did you do this!"
The girl holds Tianyang with one arm and shrinks up like a cat to snuggle up to Tianyang.
But the teenager remembers that Qianhong slept in another camp last night!
I woke up when I heard Tianyang Yinqian Rainbow, yawned and said hello to the teenager with a smile.
Tianyang suddenly felt a few hostile eyes in the air.
Next to Kun Lan and Cang Du, he was looking at his teenager with a guilty conscience and ran away with Qian Hong.
After washing, Yang took out a food bar and looked at the girl next to him. "Do you want it?"
Qian Hong nodded "Yes!"
Tianyang tore the outer packaging and handed her the food bar. Qianhong took it and ate it at all.
There is always a feeling of feeding small animals.
Tianyang took out his kettle and took a sip. As soon as he put it, Qian Hong took it.
The teenager shook his head and began to eat again, remembering the battle between the two famous schools last night.
Up to now, Tianyang has seen rank 1 magician rank 2 element teacher, rank 3 flame emissary, rank 4 frost emissary and current rank 6 earth apostle.
Except for rank 5, the storm messenger has not had a chance to witness it, and rank 7 has seen it.
Tianyang also knows that rank 6 means rank 7 Thunder Apostle, rank Angel Apostle and rank 9 Lieyang Apostle.
At rank 1, there is no record of teenagers yet, so I know what the top rank of element heart is