Parentheses are Tam’s true racial potential after activating blood vessels.
But Lu Yuan speculated that he wanted to activate Tam’s real potential.
Then you need to add the Tam template to 100%.
And Tam’s present formwork adding degree has reached 99%.
This last one percent land source estimate is that Tam has not mastered magic yet.
In other words, when Tam really mastered magic.
Its template addition degree can reach 100%
Because at that time, it had mastered all the capabilities of the Jiraiya template.
If you can’t master the five elements, Tam can’t start practicing magic.
This brings the problem back to the original point.
Thinking of this, Lu Yuan couldn’t help asking, "Master, isn’t there any specific way to bypass the restriction of blood grade?"
Su Meng thought for a while and said, "There is still a way."
Generally speaking, the evolution of pet animals is limited by external conditions and conditions.
"The condition is that we make those animal-royal foods before to help it accumulate enough specific attributes."
"External conditions are evolution in a special environment"
"For example, you want to awaken the two attributes of gold and wood in the post-evolution of Tam."
"then you can let it evolve where its metallic spirit and wood attribute spirit are very rich."
"through the external environmental conditions, it affects the shape of Tam after evolution."
"Of course, there are many uncertainties in this method."
"After all, there may be a situation in which Tam’s physical attributes are suppressed by external conditions."
"Even the original mastery attribute disappears."
Hearing this, Liu Yuan also began to wonder.
Because these two methods are not very safe at present.
The former Lu Yuan has tried and failed.
And the latter does not say whether there will be attribute retrogression.
It’s hard to find a land source that has strong metallic spirit and wood property spirit at the same time.
Now Tam is five stars in silver.
It is far, far and near from the gold level.
If you can’t complete that evolution of blood vein at the golden level.
After that, the difficulty is even higher
However, when Liu Yuan pondered hard, such as solving this problem,
Su Meng sent the news again.
"… if you have enough confidence in Tam’s will, I have another way here."
See this Liu Yuan immediately ask questions.
"Master, what can I do?"
"blood variation"
"Blood variation?"
"The so-called blood variation is a small probability."
"The principle is also very simple, that is, let the pet beast devour the high-grade pet beast JingXie."
"Doing so is also a disguised evolution."
"After all, the high-level pet animal veins will suppress the low-level pet animal veins."
"If you can find a high-grade metal or wood attribute to pet the animal’s jingxie and let Tam swallow it."
"If it can persist for a high probability, it can obtain two properties: metallic and wood."
"But the risk of blood vein variation is very high, and a careless pet animal may die because of blood vein collapse."
"Most pet animals go through the pain of the last stage of blood variation and die suddenly. If you really have this idea, I advise you to be cautious."
"You don’t need two attributes to let your pet beast take such a huge risk."
"If you really think these two attributes are important, I suggest you choose the special environment evolution scheme."
"After all, the five major colleges and universities all have special attribute environments, and your school must have five elements of attributes that are particularly rich. Just ask."
Liu Yuan couldn’t help thinking after watching Su Meng say these words.
High-grade pet animals, special cultivation environment for essence and blood, these things I …
Wait, I think I actually found one!
Speaking of high-grade pet animals, Jingxue World Tree is a high-grade pet animal!
If all the trees in the world are not high-level pet beasts … then there is no pet beast!
Think of this Liu Yuan suddenly flashing eyes …
Chapter 256 Method Challenge Ten Seats!
The world tree can make the dreamland value.
Nature is more precious than body.