Players have mixed feelings. Losers will naturally feel lost because of their inferior skills, and they will work hard for it. Winners will be happier because of their victory. It is meaningful to win or lose.
Li Xiangkui walked on the stage and looked at the 99 players in front of him and said with a smile, "Congratulations on getting into the top 100 and successfully entering the second round of competition."
The players who watched around the table applauded, and they were shocked by the confrontation between these players, as if playing root was not a game.
"The second round of competition is to test the cooperation ability of each partner in a team match by two people. The scoring method wins two points according to the group score. The more times each group chooses their opponents freely, the higher the score will be. The score of one round will not be counted in the round."
As soon as the voice fell off the stage, the players fell into a chaotic crowd and hurried to find their companions.
Yixuegang wanted to walk towards Li Xiangkang, only to see Lin Mo running towards his heart faster than her. She bit her teeth and turned towards Yanfeng.
Finally, the tiger and Li Jin are a group of Liu Yao and Gu Shu, a group of Yan Feng and Ai Xue, a group of Li Xiangsui and Lin Mo, let alone.
It’s strange that the sword fly actually got together with the fan spirit, probably because they were all rejected by other players, so two people were forced to get together.
Li Xiangkun took the number plate from a soldier and distributed it to each group. This time, he was assigned number 35.
"The first game of the second round of competition officially started!"
With the soldier’s order, Team One has arrived in Taiwan, a male engineer and a female doctor.
They closed their eyes and prayed and shouted out the number "1"
See two strong man jumped into the ring, a twisted wrist, a twisted neck evil smile at the sight of a man and a woman.
"I’m afraid the two of you will be embarrassed to send you away so soon." The big fellow twisted his wrist and pulled out a sniper rifle from behind to open the red laser line to aim at the forehead of the male engineer.
"Don’t underestimate us!" When the female doctor finished speaking, she installed a protective cover that could support two people.
Another big fellow smiled contemptuously and took out a Grenade from his bag and threw it in the direction of the protective cover.
"boom ~"
The explosion sounded and the protective cover was forcibly shattered. Two people inside were overturned by air billow.
The woman looked in horror at the two men approaching towards them hugging the man beside her.
The male engineer summoned the little robot, and then a digital light shield appeared in front of the two men, and then he began to input a long code.
Two big fellow face is still disdain smile still took out grenades from the backpack and threw them at the light shield.
However, to their surprise, there was no way to break this digital light shield, and only a few cracks appeared.
"damn it! If you don’t believe me, let’s try again. "A big fellow gestured to another person that one or two people threw grenades again. As a result, the light shield didn’t burst, but the crack was deeper.
At this point, the male engineer’s code has been entered near the end, and everyone pressed the last button in expectation.
"e battle battery UP!"
After receiving the order, the little robot spun at a high speed, and then built a battery with all kinds of guns and artillery installed on it.
The two big fellow saw this sudden Tathagata ju pao after smashing the light shield, and they were also surprised.
I saw the male engineer pulling the female doctor to sit in the battery, and then the whole battery began to rotate 36 degrees. At the same time, the muzzle burst into flames, and shells bombed the two big men nearby, drowning them in the fire and finally disappearing.
"In the first game, the player in Group 1 won the blue sky and the blue sea! Score two points. "
The whole competition subverted everyone’s cognition that it was a big fight against weak chickens, but it was directly killed and there was no ash left.
Li Xiangkui nodded thoughtfully, and the corners of his mouth raised his smile again.
Chapter one hundred and four Don’t lose a bet (Amendment)
The victory of group 1 made many other groups notice them, and at the same time, they also noticed the failure of group 1.
Otherwise, Group 2 shouted out the number "1" once again.
"hey! Are you bullying people like this? " A bystander shouted discontentedly, wouldn’t it help them to score points if all groups played Group 1?
"That’s it! Exactly! " People around you have responded.
Dissatisfaction is getting louder and louder into the ears of players.
Group 2 felt a little stressed. I just wanted to change the number of another group, but I found that two big men in Group 1 had already taken the stage.
"Does everyone think we niggers are easy to bully?" A man named black-faced ghost scanned a circle of places, and some people were excited.
One player shouted disdainfully, "Yes! Isn’t it easy to bully you for losing to such a weak group? "
"Oh?" The black-faced ghost frowned for a while and then pointed to the man with a smile and said, "So do you dare to make a bet with me?"
At this time, the player who was pointed at was speechless. He just followed the crowd on impulse, but now the man who is so caught by the other side can’t recognize the coward
So he summoned up his spirits and shouted back, "Good! I’ll bet you how you want to bet? "
Some players around him have also played a part in the fun, and they are moving towards joining the gambling game.
"It’s good to be a man." The black-faced ghost nodded and laughed. "If I win, each of you will kneel and apologize to me. If I lose, I will call you dad."
"good! It’s a deal to deny your father when the time comes. "The player left the pie mouth as if the big man in black had lost.
The black-faced ghost turned his eyes back to two people in front of him. Both of them are melee players, and I’m afraid there is some difficulty in flexibility.