Lisa looked around behind him and perceived her physical condition.
Her magic was exhausted before she fell into a coma. After a day of coma, there was no meditation, and the magic sea was still swinging.
A mage’s greatest reliance is his magic, but now Lisa doesn’t have enough magic to support a spell, which makes her no different from ordinary people and can’t feel safe.
Fortunately, after these days’ experience, her psychological quality is much stronger than that of the previous pampered one, but she didn’t collapse and her face didn’t change much. She followed Rowley closely and watched the surrounding scene intently.
Suddenly her eyes stopped at the left front.
The place is surrounded by two buildings, and there are three people. One of them is wearing a robe like Randolph, and the two of them are wearing this clean two-stage style like Raleigh, which is somewhat different.
People here seem to like tattoos very much. It can be seen from the naked skin of the three people there that all three people there, including the robe man, have tattoos. Of course, these are not the reasons that attract Lisa’s attention.
Lisa’s eyes froze over there because the robe man was waving his hands slightly in front of him consciously, and as the robe man moved the land in front of the three men, a stone wall slowly rose!
The stone wall broke open, and the ground was shaking a little. Even Lisa’s feet could clearly feel it.
With a few inaudible weak gas vibrations, Lisa suddenly had a faint white light on her body and wrapped her whole person inside. At the same time, the green jade pendant hanging on her chest was constantly emitting mild light.
Lisa is born in a noble family, but she is always a little unusual, which is why she can escape here when everyone is dead. However, this white light is not from Lisa’s will, but she can react and stimulate it, and it is not good until she reacts.
Although all she has seen so far are human beings, she can’t understand the situation. She had better hide her identity until she sees the situation clearly before deciding whether to reveal her identity, but now it is exposed.
It’s all because the experience these days has made her so sensitive.
Although the mage cast a spell, it was not aimed at her, but she still overreacted sensitively, which made it impossible to hide her identity as a mage.
Lisa blamed herself and put the spell away, but it was too late.
The mage in front of the left turned around and looked at Lisa, but he seemed to find this woman he didn’t know, which made his eyes puzzled, and so did the other two people around him.
There are only six or seven pedestrians on the street, but if you come forward, your eyes are turned to Lisa, and most of them are puzzled.
Rowley also turned around and stared at Lisa.
What will they do to themselves? What should I do? Whose power do these strangers belong to in this strange place? Are they dragon people? It is possible that the level of ancient dragon language is generally much higher than that of human beings, and it is probably only they who can build such a place, and these shameful traitors …
Lisa has already opened a small theater in her mind, but Rowley’s reaction is greatly unexpected.
"So you turned out to be a mage."
Rowley said that and then turned around and "let’s go" and then stepped forward again.
Is he going to pursue the question of being a mage after all? !
Not only Raleigh, but also others. Those people in the street looked at Lisa’s footsteps with puzzled eyes, but they didn’t stop. Two guys who seemed to know Raleigh approached and asked Raleigh, "Can I help you?" But after hearing Rowley say, "No, I’m sending her to the statistics bureau," the two men just walked past.
Not far from the left front, the mage quickly put away his puzzled eyes and turned to look at the piece of land in front of him again. The two of them pulled out a piece of paper, and three people chattered around the paper, and they didn’t know what to say. The three hands kept pointing at the piece of land in front of them.
Look at the buildings around you and think of the conversation between Raleigh and Randolph that I heard before. Lisa is gradually waking up.
That mage is building a house with stone wall technique!
Those stone houses around are also made of stone walls!
No wonder those houses don’t have obvious accumulation traces like those castles she has seen, but they are very complete and highly integrated. It turns out that their roots are directly created by magic, the greatest force!
My goodness!
Lisa exclaimed in her heart.
How extravagant these guys are to build a house with great magical power, which is unimaginable in the kingdom!
Lisha Yu was so shocked that he didn’t pay much attention to the scene all the way after, and he came to his destination unconsciously.
"Here we are"
As Rowley called Lisa in front, she suddenly came to see the surrounding scene.
They are in front of a building.
Like the surrounding buildings, this building is also made of stone wall technology, and its integration is very high. There are five floors on the first floor, and there is a plaque hanging on the door. There are several words written in the old saying. Lisa can recognize the word "meter", which should be the statistics bureau mentioned by Rowley.
Rowley led Lisa in, but there were few people in it, and there were not many furniture. Looking at some swinging, there was a big counter in the middle of the hall. There was a man sitting in Rowley and taking Lisa directly.
The man behind the counter is also covered in tattoos, just like Rowley, and his tattoos are also mixed with many old sayings.
"This is the way the troops came back from the forest belt the day before yesterday. She cast a spell and should be a mage. Now I sent her."
Rowley leaned against the counter and stopped talking. He looked at the man behind the counter.
The man took an account, wrote something up, and finally opened the drawer, took out two silver coins and put them on the counter.
Lisa can see clearly that they are two very old silver coins, not the ones in the kingdom, and she doesn’t know what dynasty they were made of.
Raleigh put away the two silver, seems to be some dissatisfaction with the pie mouth, but also didn’t say much directly turned around and went away.
After Rowley left the back counter, the man took out a piece of paper to Lisa and was about to open his mouth when he suddenly asked, "Master?"
Lisa hesitated for a while and finally crustily skin of head nodded.
The man nodded his head, his face relaxed a little, and then looked at the paper and read it out routinely. "Hello, outsiders, this is the statistics bureau of the Stars and Seas. The land you have set foot on now belongs to the people’s government. The people’s government does not hesitate to express goodwill to all races. You don’t need to worry about yourself. Of course, if you want this land, you must also abide by the laws of this land."
"For outsiders, the people’s government has always been generous in giving you the greatest freedom. You can choose your next trip. First, we will send you safely out of the city. Second, we will no longer be responsible for your safety after you leave the city. Second, if you choose the second one, we will provide you with sufficient food in your living place. A bright future includes but not limited to teaching and training opportunities to train you into a strong mage and a strong knight. If you are not interested in this, we can give you more development opportunities, including but not limited to great blacksmiths, experienced pharmacists, excellent carpenters …
This man’s words are mixed with several old sayings from time to time, and ordinary people really can’t understand them. No wonder he has to ask Lisa if she is a mage first.
And Lisa listened, her mouth unconsciously gradually widened and her pupils dilated.
If Randolph hadn’t told her that she was still in Thorn Valley, she would really wonder if she had come to heaven.
Living places are full of food, and these things are chaotic. It is already something that several people dream of outside, but people here want each other to be willing to live here and become a part of it!
But compared with those things behind, these two things are nothing.
These guys even promised to help outsiders like themselves become wizards and knights!
You know, no matter where you want to become a mage or knight, it takes a lot of resources, and every such opportunity will be broken, but people here treat these as wild vegetables for free, which is even more frightening. These guys are not just talking about it.
Lisa has told her since she woke up that these guys really seem to have the ability to do this, because as far as she is concerned, the mage here really doesn’t seem to be very valuable-one is a baker and the other is a builder.
It’s hard to imagine putting it anywhere else, but it’s come true here. In disguise, there are so many wizards here that they can be so extravagant. Wave Master’s great power!
This is heaven.
The man said these things were so tempting that Lisha Yu, who had seen the world, was moved after hearing them, not to mention the ordinary people.
If a normal brain seems to choose the second one.