Mu Yun naturally knew whether she wanted to care about what she thought or not, but Queen Nai specially arranged all this in order to make Mu Yun stand up in public, so Mu Yun was disrespectful.
In fact, if it weren’t for bullying Mu Yun, a male chauvinist would definitely not make a woman with a very different strength into this picture. Now she has achieved her goal and this jade phoenix attitude is so humble
Mu Yun heart suddenly raised a sense of guilt some embarrassed smile "jade burn at the head is my hand is too heavy, still hope don’t bear grudges".
Mu Yun this polite jade burn the whole person was flattered and quickly knelt on the ground "dare not dare jade burn to bear grudges Buddhist everything is jade burn deserve it".
"Alas, it’s really troublesome to kneel on a woman easily." Mu Yun sighed in his heart and hurried to help the jade emperor up, but the jade emperor was hiding and respectful. "Buddhist adult jade emperor has one thing to ask you to promise jade emperor before you dare to get up."
Mu Yun see jade burn somberly eyes firm heart suddenly rises a bad feeling.
Strong squeeze out a smile light way "jade burn and over what you want me to promise you might as well let’s hear it first"
Jade burn looked up a face of serious expression seriously said a shocking words …
"Buddhist adult Yuhuang wants to worship your teacher."
Indeed as expected jade burn when’ tis once spoken Mu Yun feel headache a face of wry smile said, "jade burn, let’s talk about it after you get up first" said is to stretch out his hand to help jade burn again.
But Yu Huang is stubborn and firm, saying, "Buddhist, you dare not get up until you promise Yu Huang."
Mu Yun looked at the great feeling that Naifu was not unwilling to help or sighing in his heart that "women are indeed the most troublesome animals" so he could turn around and ask for help and look at the Queen Suzaku who said nothing and smiled.
See Mu Yun embarrassed the queen is not good to continue watching and get up with a smile.
"This queen is still fighting righteousness. Fortunately, she didn’t sit still." Mu Yun was grateful to think.
But who knows that the queen’s position turned out to be saying something that almost made Mu Yun fall
Seeing the queen with a long smile on her face, she said, "Buddhist, since Yuhuang is so sincere, you have accepted her in large quantities, and it is much better for her to learn some fur with you than to stay high in this palace all day. Buddhist, don’t refuse."
"What?" Mu Yun couldn’t believe his ears stare big eyes looking at the queen to see the queen was never like a joke.
At the moment, Mu Yun will look to the side for help, gloating at the moment, but bells will blink at themselves as if to tell you to show off. It depends on how you end up.
Linger, after all, is always going to make a statement with Mu Yun and his gang. He molested Mu Yun and watched Mu Yun sweating for a while. Linger’s funny heart also got a little satisfaction.
See bells and the queen bowed their heads and said, what the queen is nodded slightly.
Mu Yun naturally doesn’t know what Jingle said, but look at Jingle’s appearance. Mu Yun knows that Jingle naturally speaks for herself.
"This bell is always strange and confusing, but it is still very kind to me when it can be clicked." Mu Yun once again naively thought.
Listen to Queen Rou saying to Mu Yun, "What the words of Sister Linger, a Buddhist, may mean to you?"
Mu Yun listened to hurriedly nodded solemnly.
I can listen to the queen’s hearty laughter. "So the king thanked the Buddhist first, and Yuhuang didn’t thank him?"
"Jade burn thanked the master …" Jade burn also came over in an instant and was pleasantly surprised.
"And so on" Mu Yun hurriedly shout a want to stop but that jade burn is ying ying "what is the situation? Bell, what did you say? " Mu Yun blunt bells urgent way
While Linger pouted and said something innocent and heretical, "Well, I’ll promise for you because people are so sincere. Didn’t you say that I can represent you?"
The queen, the princes and ministers, and Xiahou Ziyan couldn’t help laughing anymore, and the whole square suddenly turned into a sea of joy.
Mu Yun naturally knew that he had been fooled by bells again, but what could he do? It was all over. Worship was all over. Mu Yun shouted at Yu Huang and said, "Get up."
"Thank you, Master," Jade Burn respectfully said.
MuYun is bad complexion mercilessly stared at bells, bells are sipping small mouth zheng big eyes want to stare back, but the eyes are not big enough, finally it is fingers with eyelids toward MuYun a crazy stare.
Looking at the innocent and lovely appearance of bells, Mu Yun can’t be born even if there is more atmosphere. He only shakes his head and sighs with a wry smile. "It seems that this little girl will eat this life."
When people saw Mu Yun’s terrorist strength, it was, but it was fear with a little bit of fear. Now, after such an episode, people feel relaxed and suddenly feel that Buddhist is not as terrible as expected, especially that kind and simple smile on his face makes people feel so approachable. Gradually, people have changed from fear to respect.
After the first world war, Mu Yun’s prestige in Suzaku was completely established, and no one dared to make any objections …
Before the successful end of the "Imperial School Martial Arts", the goal was to achieve everyone’s happiness. The Queen was naturally in a good mood, and the soldiers who performed well today were rewarded. At this moment, when the meal was over, the Queen also came to Yaxing, but it was directly in this square. Everyone was laughing and thinking about the future …
You princes and ministers show their respect, and Mu Yun raises a glass to show kindness. Mu Yun naturally comes to the net. At that time, this banquet turned out to be in the middle of the night, and everyone was still wanting more …
Mu Yun also got up and just wanted to go back to the palace when she listened to the soft voice behind her, "Buddhist stay."