Mother nest evolution
Of course, the weak energy of a mutant borer is not enough to promote the evolution of the mother nest, but the borer lives from the fluctuation of the destruction curve. The zerg’s strong vitality and adaptability to the environment make its body surface fluctuate with the law of time, which is handed over to the mother nest to control the law of time.
In the violent fluctuations, the evolution of the mother nest has finally been completed, and the surface layer by layer is still like a tower. From a distance, it looks like a mountain terrace, layer by layer.
It took hundreds of years to complete the change of the huge mother nest, which is hundreds of billions of light years high.
When the change is completed, the insect nest is still for a moment, that is, it makes a loud noise like an explosion, and countless eggs are instantly ejected from all sides of the whole tower.
Like the tide, the eggs are scattered and overflow in the void.
Click, click, click
In the crisp sound, these eggs will hatch automatically soon, and there will be a butterfly, a medical aphid, a chain worm, a Explosicum worm, a common borer … several insects of all arms.
At first glance, these insects are no different from the original ones, but every individual surface fluctuates with strange time laws.
Howl, howl-
These insects fly back and forth, and their numbers are so huge that the surrounding virtual space is affected, which resonates with their laws and fluctuates at the same time.
The moth nest has eject another tidal wave of eggs.
Powerful energy is sent in at all times and then transformed into zerg fighters … At the same time, the mother nest is also pregnant with ordinary insect nests …
Zerg people are soldiers, just like a huge arsenal that never produces tides.
Zhang Yang in the distant virtual reality is another wave of destruction curves.
The curve fluctuates from near to far in the center of Zhang Yang, and all the insects are turned into dust at once, but a large number of insects are not turned into dust at a little distance. Some limbs are damaged, but they are alive, and there is no damage to their limbs. It is a body shock and then they continue to flap their wings and fly towards Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang immediately discovered this situation.
Mind move
Mana condenses a huge palm and directly grabs several insects in the distance through the virtual space.
Ji Ji Ji-
This a few insect Zhang Yang hand still screaming ferocity than want to break free.
However, the difference in strength between the two sides is really too great. Compared with Zhang Yang, this stem borer has a bigger gap than ordinary mosquitoes and mortals, so it is impossible to break free.
Zhang Yang’s palm is wrapped in mana, and it’s also escaping by flapping its wings with insects.
Mana is formed through the thin film, and Zhang Yang can clearly see every minute of the worm.
"This is … when the law fluctuations? Very similar to my perception of the times, but much weaker. "
Zhang Yang eyebrows a clot.
"No wonder these insects can live in places where the influence of curve fluctuation is weak. They have mastered the law of time?"
Zhang Yang was surprised that the mind moved mana to crush the worms in the palm of your hand and immediately turned to dust.
Zhang foreigner is a flash in size, and there are still many insects around another virtual place not far away.