This healing light can quickly restore healing even if it is injured.
Some people who are proficient in auxiliary ability display various kinds of psychic powers to increase strength, defense and speed to help their companions enhance their combat effectiveness.
With the help of "Nanjiang Alliance", a group of monsters who just rushed into the square were immediately dispersed, and in the blink of an eye, more than 100 monsters were killed by them.
Gean looked at Su Li, but these people stopped.
It seems to him that these people are in a mess, and almost all of them are fighting independently, but they have to admit that these people have strong individual combat power, and many of them are by no means weaker than his four deputies in pure theory.
"These are good seedlings. If we can train them, it will be a team with unimaginable combat power."
Gean silently thinking and then holding the Yan shura fork again.
There is an endless stream of monsters in the city wall, and they continue to rush towards the square for 500, 100, 1000, 1500 …
Chapter 345 Special monster
In a short time, at least more than 3,000 monsters rushed into the square, and there were two-level beasts, the blade beast, the third-level beast, the fire-breathing beast and the armored beast, and the second-level elite beast, which evolved the magic radium beast into the third-level magic radium beast.
The third-class magic radium beast has a bigger body and emits more powerful laser light, which can’t be resisted by general defense.
The secondary rare pterosaurs also rushed into the square and issued a powerful dragon breath, which blasted off towards human beings in the distance.
The whole square is full of flames, and many people almost kill monsters in the fire with protective armor, and sometimes they need to guard against the laser light coming from everywhere, and they die immediately if they are not careful.
The whole square has been completely plunged into a bitter melee.
More than 1,000 "Nanjiang Alliance" strong men and Ge An unified the "Lion Male Brigade". Together, nearly 1,000 strong men have more than 2,000 soldiers who rushed into the city to fight all kinds of monsters in close combat.
At the moment, long-range attacks have been difficult to play as big as before, and those who have powerful long-range attacks have also taken out their weapons and fought in close combat.
Su Li holds a red crescent dragon to cut the figure, such as these monsters.
You can gain one spiritual source by killing a blade beast, two spiritual sources by killing a first-class fire-breathing beast or a third-class armored beast, and four spiritual sources by killing a third-class elite beast.
However, this three-level elite beast will kill the magic radium beast with strong defense means.
Soon Su Li had more than 250 effective spiritual sources.
"At this rate, there is hope to hit level 3 tonight."
You need 1,000 spiritual sources to be promoted to level 3 Holy Knight, which is a bit surprising. However, there are too many monsters tonight, and the weakest ones are the second-class beasts. Every time you kill one, you will get an effective spiritual source, which makes Su Li a little excited.
The original city wall double-headed pterosaur finally rushed into the city with several secondary pterosaurs around it.
This kind of rare beast is very powerful. They rushed in, and immediately they were invincible. The strong root was not their opponent.
Soon Zhang Hao escaped an angry roar and blocked the secondary pterosaur.
The wing scales and African claws are caught in a scratch.
Zhang Haohao’s body suddenly broke like a mirror, and he actually appeared. The long sword in both hands behind the pterygoid dragon was chopped off with earth power.
Gong Xiao held a spear with his left hand and launched a "storm shield". The six-sided shield instantly blocked the other wing scale dragon. When the right hand spear was shaken, it stabbed at the wing scale dragon.
She saw that this pterosaur was a rare beast. Killing this rare beast would give her spiritual source equipment.